Pococha Arrives In The US!

One of Japan’s biggest & most popular live streaming apps, Pococha, has finally launched in the US. The app, created by DeNA, has flourished overseas and is ready to change what it means to “go live” in the states. Get ready to create your account, build your community, & grow your fanbase!

Unlike other streaming apps, Pococha focuses on putting power into the hands of its creators. Exclusive features such as Time Diamonds (a kind of hourly wage just for live streaming) and Broadcaster Report (a detailed analysis of user’s behavior) give Pococha broadcasters a leg up on other apps and the ability to take control of their career.

Additionally, Pococha will host it’s first competition events this month! These events offer opportunities for users to rally their fanbase and compete to win huge rewards, exclusive perks, VIP experiences, and more.

“Live streaming is wildly popular in Asia and we couldn’t be more excited to bring Pococha to the United States,” says Daisuke Mizuta, Executive Producer of Pococha at DeNA. “We believe the live streaming space is about to explode in the U.S., the same way it has taken off in other parts of the world. We’re looking forward to entering this new market early to help drive the live streaming phenomenon in the United States with Pococha.” 

Pococha brings it’s cute & quirky Japanese style to the US, and offers US creators a medium to turn live streaming into something fun, efficient, & event profitable. You’ll quickly fall in love with Pococha’s cast of characters, interactive gifts, & compelling broadcasters. Whether you’re looking for new friends, an online community, or just to talk with others – Pococha has you covered! 

While other social media channels have live streaming capabilities, Pococha’s entire platform is dedicated to live communication, and does so in a safe, positive and effective way that also helps drive revenue for content creators. Pococha offers its content creators a path to success through highly detailed and immersive reports, goals, challenges, and more. The Pococha app’s capabilities allow audiences to support their favorite creators via a gamified experience with interactive items, live events and contests, Family Chat Rooms, and more.

New to Pococha? Check out our FAQ website here, and make sure to follow our socials for all things Pococha.

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