Round Table #10 Recap

Hi everyone!

Thank you to everyone who attend our Round Table #10 event. We’re pleased to hear so many users excited about the new Items, Events, and updates!

Here’s a quick recap of everything we covered

PocoAcademy – Join Now!

Our PocoAcademy program has been up and running for a while now, with great success!

We are adding more Poco mentors and beginning a new round of applications for broadcasters. Sign up clicking on the PocoAcademy banner on the home page – it’s live now!

Our PocoAcademy graduates have great results!

During your time at the academy, you’ll learn invaluable skills, tips, and tricks! You’ll also get insights into your Pococha account statistics and analytics that are not available to anyone else!

Here’s a sneak peek at a mini PocoAcademy lesson!

Sign up for PocoAcademy now!

Let’s Talk Items!

One of our favorite parts of Round Table is sharing a sneak peek of new Items. Attendees are the first ones to hear and see which new Items will be arriving on Pococha!

Here’s a quick look at what we’ll be releasing:

A Rose, Cookies, & Music!

Here’s a look at 3 new Items coming in mid-March. A new low-Coin Rose sticker, a cookie Item with falling cookies, and finally a full screen music Item!

Estimated Release Date: March 22

New Challenge Items

Our viewers love Items that challenge the broadcaster to do something!

We’ll be releasing 2 new challenge Items soon in March, the Emoji Challenge and the Name Challenge!

Estimated Release Date: Pending, likely March

New PocoRanger

A new PocoRanger is joining our lineup of super heroes!

This time, she’s green! She’ll use her earthly powers to hype up the broadcast and shout “Can’t stop, won’t stop!”

Estimated Release Date: March 22

New Magic Items

We’ll be releasing a new line of magical Items!

Our first will be a new Magical Wizard Item that encourages supporters to “Riiiiise” to the top of the competition and win!

Estimated Release Date: March 22

Return of a Favorite

You asked for it, we listened. The Magic Castle Item is returning!

We had many users express interest in having the Magic Castle Item return to Pococha. Thank you for letting us know!

The Magic Castle will be returning in early March!

Event Updates

Congrats Grand Championship Winners!

Congrats to our 3 amazing winners of our first Hall of Fame: Grand Championship.

First Place – peacelyse

Second Place – JessicaCymone

Third Place – CKimmoranow

They’ll be packing up and traveling to New York to see their name in lights in the infamous Time Square neighborhood. They’ll also be interviewed for an in-depth winner’s video, receive physical trophies, and awesome profile backgrounds.

We will plan another Grand Championship event soon!

Another LA Time Event

The super popular LA Times Event is returning to Pococha!

Our winners will receive promotion in a full page spread on the historical LA Times’ homepage.

Keep an eye out for this event!

Update: Event Passing Line & Sharable Prizes

There is a new Event rule for the POCOSPOT events, we hope you will read & understand it!

Now, competitors for this Event will need to reach certain Event Point milestones at points during the Event in order to continue competing! Those who are not able to reach the Event Point thresholds by the specified date/time will be removed from the Event.

We are also adding a prize for 4th & 5th place for this Event!


Read our recent blog here for an in-depth explanation of these updates!

Item Counting Reminder


Items take time to be registered & calculated by the Pococha app – especially larger Items!

If Items are tapped too quickly, some may be cancelled any Items that are not counted by our server will be automatically refunded to the user.

Since all users experience the same mechanics during Events, there is no disadvantage to any one user.

Pro Tip: Be sure to prepare plenty of time to send Items, especially at the end of Event. Strategize with your Family to determine the best way to win!

Product Updates

Pinned Family Messages

We’ve added a new feature to Family chats!

Now Family owners & admins can pin important messages inside of chat rooms. To pin or unpin a message, hold down on the message.

Family members can access all the pinned messages in one page by clicking on the three dots in the top right of a Family.

New Core Fan & Fan Noise Levels

We heard from many passionate viewers that they wanted higher Core Fan & Fan Noise levels, so we are creating them!

In March we will create a new 50K Core Fan level, with the ability to reach Fan Noise levels every 2K after that up until 58K!

Now broadcasters’ hardest working supporters can be rewarded with this special exclusive level.

Round Table #9 Q&A

Hi everyone!

Thank you to everyone who attend our Round Table #9 event. We’re pleased to hear so many users excited about the new Items, Events, and updates!

In this blog, we will provide a review of the Round Table event and answer questions submitted to us from the community.

Here’s an overview of the topics we covered:

Rank Meter Ranking Overview

The new Rank Meter Ranking feature was released in December, but we were finally able to discuss it with our users at this Round Table!

This new feature allows users to see more details about the Rank Meter including which broadcasters they are competing with. It also helps explain the mechanics of the meter by showing how other broadcaster’s activity can increase the amount of Support Points needed for each border level.

For the best overview of how this new feature works, read our more in-depth blog here!

Once you understand how to use the Rank Meter Ranking, you can utilize it to create improved goals and find success!

Rank Meter Ranking Tips:

  1. Incorporate the feature into your daily goals. For example, tell your supporters things like “We only have 12 more broadcasters in front of us until we reach +1, let’s do it!”
  2. Assign Family Members the important job of watching your activity on the Rank Meter Ranking page. Have them report back in the broadcast chat or Family chat!

New Items

We always love to announce new Items during our Round Table. But first, let’s look back at all the incredible Items we’ve released since the last Round Table! Which one was your favorite?

We also released 5 new Items this week! We hope you enjoy them.

Now time for the coming soon Items! Drumroll……

New PocoRanger

Our next big Item is the…… Purple PocoRanger!

Here’s a sneak peek at what the final Item might look like.

We’ve heard that everyone loves the PocoRangers, so we decided to make more. What better way to hype up the Family than with our very own Poco superheroes! Stay tuned for other kinds of rangers coming soon to Pococha!

Purple PocoRanger will be arriving to Pococha sometime in February.

Friendship Items

Next up, we announced 3 brand new friendship Items. Perfect for viewers to celebrate the amazing connections they have with the favorite broadcaster.

Which one do you want to send?

The new friendship Items will also arrive sometime in February.


Finally, we announced another new Item – It’s Pizza Time.

Treat your Family to a hard earned pizza party after a competition well-won. They’re sure to love this tasty new Item! Coming soon in February.

Event Updates

Hall of Fame: Grand Championship

Congrats to all 9 of our recent HoF winners who are eligible to compete in our first & largest event yet – HoF: Grand Championship.

Broadcasters will battle to see who can take home the title of Pococha Grand Champion, win a trip to New York for an interview, and see their name in lights in the Broadway neighborhood.

Round of applause for all our competitors!


Our local billboard Event, POCO Spot, is getting an upgrade!

First, we have an all-new design that is sure to capture the attention of all. Check it out!

Additionally, we will now add the names of the top 3 supporters of each broadcaster during the event.

This is a great way to motivate viewers to support – they can appear on the billboard right next to their favorite broadcaster!

Merch Events: Viewers Can Be Sent Prizes!

We heard feeback that A Rank broadcasters also wanted to participate in merch events. So we have created new divisions!

Additionally, A Rank broadcasters will receive extra copies of the merch they win. They’ll be sent a URL link which can be given out to anyone they like – including their favorite viewers.

The chosen recipient will then be automatically shipped the matching prize! This is another great way to motivate viewers to support during Events! Imagine matching Poco merch for the broadcaster and the viewer!

Feature Updates

We’re excited to announce two new product updates that will help improve the Pococha experience!

New Effect – Meter Result!

Recently we added a new effect to broadcasts that displayed whenever a viewer reached a new Core Fan level. We were excited to hear this effect was well-loved by the community.

So, we’re introducing another new effect for broadcasts – the Meter Result!

This new effect will be displayed a few minutes after End Time closes, when the results of the meter are calculated and decided.

An exciting new animation will appear, and announce the result of the meter to all the viewers in the room.

This is a great chance for broadcasters to share an exciting and memorable moment with their viewers. Encourage viewers to join your broadcast right before End Time!

Estimated Release: February

New Broadcast Widget – Rank Meter Ranking

We’ll also be introducing a new widget to the top right section of broadcasts.

The Rank Meter Ranking Widget will show all the important information about the Rank Meter. Now the broadcaster and viewers won’t have to leave the broadcast in order to see all the info!

Strategically use the info to create new goals with your Family.

Estimated Release Date: February

Join PocoAcademy!

Have you heard about PocoAcademy?

It’s the best way for broadcasters to learn the ins & outs of Pococha, Rank up, and find success!

PocoAcademy is a weekly 1 on 1 meeting with a Pococha mentor. If you haven’t already, sign up now! The sign up banner will be periodically posted inside Pococha.

Not convinced? Read these articles from recent PocoAcademy graduates.

All three of these POCO ACADEMY graduates are now Rank A5!

If you want to rank up, maintain a high Rank,  increase your Core Fans, and build a bright community with ample support, then these articles are for you!

Here’s some more confessionals from our graduates!

Reminder – Broadcaster to Broadcaster Support

While we do not prohibit broadcasters from supporting each other, we encourage broadcasters to do it in ways other than sending Items.

Pococha defines two types of users on the app:

Pure Viewer = Viewer or broadcaster under C1 Rank

Pure Broadcaster = Broadcaster C1 Rank or higher

Items received from Pure Viewers are worth 100% of their value. While Items sent from Pure Broadcasters are subject to a drastic & exponential reduction in value.

Recently we have heard more broadcasters engaging in mutual gifting or “core for core” behavior. We have also heard of broadcasters attempting to bully or threaten others into mutual support agreements.

We discussed this topic in detail last year, but we’d like to remind users why this behavior is strongly discouraged.

Items from Pure Viewers are always worth 100% in Support Points!

Items received from C1+ broadcasters will be subject to a drastic decrease in value of Support Points as more are received during the End Time period.

Please note: Pococha actively investigates & takes action against any improper usage of multiple accounts.

Pococha strives to be a platform that creates the next generation of creators & influencers

We have observed communities of broadcasters supporting each other, and these communities tend not to be sustainable or good for the broadcaster in the long run.

Therefore, we want our platform to be a place where authentic communities of a creator and their fans are able to find success!

So, we devalue Items sent from broadcasters.

Broadcasters have many other ways to support each other that does not have to involve using their own money to maintain the success of others.

Q&A From Round Table #9

We spent the last hour of the Round Table allowing users to submit and vote on each other’s questions. Here are the top asked questions and our discussions with users!

Q: Will the invite codes be rolled out again with more control ? They were great for new pure viewers to learn the app & buy more gifts.

We’re glad you enjoyed the invite codes. We were seeing some malicious use of this program so we suspended it, and we’re thinking about ways to combat that malicious use. We want to bring this program back, and when we do get it going again we hope you will all let us know if there are people out there using the program in negative ways.

Q: Can all broadcasters have blue and red boxes for consistent viewers ???? Maybe higher combos?

These boxes are for new broadcasters who are struggling to get their first fans, to help them get their viewers. We are not considering making this available to existing broadcasters. We plan to create a functions and a culture that celebrates viewers in a continuous way.

Q: Can y’all bring back the castle Item back?

We’re so happy to hear the users loved this Item. We will take this feedback and look into the possibility of bringing back the Castle Item if it is really popular with users.

We’re currently prioritizing increasing items and create communication between the broadcasters and viewers every day in a fun way. If you have other thoughts about the items please let us know in the surveys!

Q: Can Pococha consider bringing in more large items? There isn’t any 4,444 items, and there is only two 5,555 items. I feel this would incentivize larger gifting as well and be fun for all.

We are not planning to add higher coin amount items now. First we are developing items with various designs and contexts that viewers will have an easier time using and that are conducive to allowing the family to support the broadcaster. Of course we appreciate that feedback, and we’ll explore options.

Q: Can you please add a “exit mode” button, where when ready to log off, can close the stream so no new people come in?? I feel rude cutting people off as soon as they enter.

That’s really considerate of you, and we totally understand where you’re coming from. But, instead of not letting new viewers in, maybe try getting to know the viewers and inviting them to come back next time you are online! We understand that it may not feel great to log off right away with them, but please let them know that you’ll be ending soon if they do come in.

Q: Can we add a feature where we can purchase freeze pass with diamonds?

We currently are not planning to allow users to purchase Freeze Passes. But we will continue to receive feedback from the community and explore ways to improve user’s time off and mental health.

Q: Why can’t we hashtag when we have no one the rm so we can get views?

The hashtags are an important role that the fans can take, and a great way for fans to contribute. But we also understand that you may want to put a hashtag yourself, such as when there aren’t viewers there. One first thing you can do is let your family know to disseminate information to your fans, and get creative with your broadcast title.

Q&A From Round Table #8

Hi everyone!

Thank you to everyone who attend our Round Table #8 event. We’re pleased to hear so many users excited about the new Items, Events, and updates!

In this blog, we will provide a review of the Round Table event and answer questions submitted to us!

Here’s an overview of the topics we covered:

  1. Recap of Family Feature
    1. New Family Abilities
    2. Why The Changes?
    3. Tips For Using The New Family
    4. Family Notification Settings:
    5. Family Permission Settings:
  2. New Items
    1. Yellow PocoRanger
    2. Holiday Items
    3. New Family Items
    4. Let’s Talk About Items!
  3. New Events
    1. Hall of Fame: Grand Championship
  4. Other Updates
  5. Updated Core Fan Effect
  6. Pococha Blogs
    1. Blog – Why Should I Broadcast At End Time?
    2. Blog – How Can I Increase Support From Viewers?
    3. Blog – How To Enjoy Pococha & Support Broadcasters
  7. Q&A From Users
    1. Q: More A rank events with less repeat winners.
    2. Q: Can we get more stable meters?
    3. Q: How long do you expect the changes put in place this summer to last?
    4. Q: How do you expect us to build more support when 90% of our support comes from other broadcasters?
    5. Q: How come we as broadcasters don’t benefit at all from the PocoChallenge, towards our meters, we get no extra diamonds or even more coins.
    6. Q: Can we have the green boxes reward up to 20 coins instead of 10?

Recap of Family Feature

The new Family Feature was released in October!

But we have heard from some users that they still do not understand it. So, we would like to provide a quick recap of the changes and also offer ideas on how to use it well!

New Family Abilities

  • Converted up to 3 old Families into 1 combined Family.
  • Up to 20 chat rooms can be created, each for a different purpose!
  • Users can now directly reply to messages, react with emojis, and also tag other users.
  • Set who can view & post in each chat room.
  • See Category Rankings for up to 300 members.
  • Set notification settings for each chat room.

Why The Changes?

Having users create up to 20 chat rooms allows for more focused and deep discussions. New chat features allow for more ways to engage, increasing interaction.

Plus, having an active & interactive Family is important for creating a sense of unity across supporters!

Tips For Using The New Family

Create topics for each chat room, including Pococha topics! Having each chat room serve a different purpose will provide users more things to chat about.

Here’s some ideas for chat room topics:

Different topics of conversation

  • Main Chat Room/General Chat
  • Motivation Quotes
  • Pet Photo Sharing

Pococha Topics!

  • Event Strategy Talk
  • Broadcast Schedule & Announcements
  • Broadcast Screenshots
  • Top Supporter Thank You Shoutouts!

Chatrooms For Special Members

  • 1K Core Fan Chat Room
  • 20K Core Fan Chat Room
  • Admins Only Chat Room

Family Notification Settings:

Please note, automatic message notifications for Family members have been turned off after the update. These were turned off due to the high amount of new channels that were created, which may have overwhelmed users with too many messages.

Please ask your Family members to turn on automatic notifications and select which chat room they want to receive updates from!

Family Permission Settings:

Family creators can also decide which members can post or view each channel!

Permission settings can be created for groups of users (like Assistants or Core Fans) or they can be created for individual users.

Use these settings to your advantage and get creative with the types of chat room you can create. For example, create a chat room were everyone can see the messages, but only 1K Core Fans can post!

New Items

We have some exciting new Items coming out soon, but first, we wanted to look back at all the awesome Items we’ve released since the last Round Table.

Which is your favorite?

  • 2 PocoRanger Items
  • 3 Combo Items
  • 3 Halloween Items
  • 3 Thanksgiving Items
  • 1 Tell Me You Love Me Item

Yellow PocoRanger

Now, onto our coming soon Items.

First, we’re announcing a new PocoRanger Item – the Yellow PocoRanger!

He’s lightning fast and ready to rumble up the Family. Use the yellow ranger to hype up your crew to battle for victory.

Estimated Release Date: Tue Nov 22

Holiday Items

Winter is upon us, and that means it’s time for holiday Items! Get in the holiday spirit with our 4 limited-time holiday Items – created by users at the PocoLab!

From the small PocoMint heart to the huge PocoPresent, these new Items are sure to warm up any broadcast.

Estimated Release Date: Mon Dec 5

New Family Items

Looking for a way to hype up and congratulate the entire Family?

We’re creating 2 new Items that will do just that!

  • “We Can Do It!”
  • “We Are Winning!

More details coming soon!

Expected Release Date: Dec 20

Let’s Talk About Items!

We would like to keep the number of Items around 100.

Remember, the purpose of an Item is for communication between users and for broadcasters to show gratitude to their supporters with an Item reaction!

If the amount of Items is too high, it becomes hard to remember all of them. So we plan to continue introducing new Items that promote conversation and remove Items that are not used often or do not promote communication.

We plan to remove around 15 Items around the end of the November.

If there are beloved Items that are removed, we would like to bring them back on special occasions!

New Events

Now, here’s some updated information about a new Event coming soon!

Hall of Fame: Grand Championship

We announced this event at the previous Round Table, but now we have information about the prizes!

The winner of this new Hall of Fame will win:

  • A trip to New York.
  • An interview and shoot from a professional videographer.
  • Their face on a billboard in the Times Square neighborhood.
  • Special profile background for their top supporters.

Other Updates

We have one other exciting new update!

Updated Core Fan Effect

We want to help users congratulate those who become Core Fans. So we are improving the Core Fan effect!

The effect will now be shown to all users in a broadcast, not just the new Core Fan. The effect is fancier with POCOTOMO characters.

The effect encourages everyone to congratulate the new Core Fan.

Estimated Release: December

Pococha Blogs

Recently we have been releasing lots of new articles on our blog site –

These blogs are a great resource for Pococha users looking to learn about the app and discover top tips.

We suggest reading these blogs in their entirety!

Blog – Why Should I Broadcast At End Time?

This blog covers the ins & outs of End Time, and explains why it is so important!

Pococha is an app where broadcasters compete against each other with their Families to celebrate victories together. In order for competition to take place, there must be a set of rules that everyone abides by.

End Time creates a 24hr period in which all users can compete, with a clear group of winners at the end.

Some users say they do not want to compete. In this blog we also discuss why Pococha thinks competition is the best way for communities to grow bigger and stronger.

Blog – How Can I Increase Support From Viewers?

This blog offers great insight into some of the best ways a broadcaster can increase support from viewers.

Most importantly, a broadcaster must ask for support and explain why it is important to the viewer.

We cover this topic and more in this blog!

Blog – How To Enjoy Pococha & Support Broadcasters

This is a blog directed at viewers on Pococha, but anyone can read it!

Throughout this article we explain the role of a viewer on Pococha. Viewers are kinda like the fans at a sports match. They cheer for their favorite player. Through victories and defeats, the viewer stays loyal to the fan community they have joined.

Unlike sports, however, the viewer’s support directly effects the outcome of the competition!

Most importantly, we cover the types of benefits a viewer can expect to receive as a result of their support towards a broadcaster.

Q&A From Users

During the Round Table, we help an open Q&A section during which users could ask questions, vote on which questions were the most important, and then receive an answer from the Pococha team.

Q: More A rank events with less repeat winners.

We have received feedback from some users that they would like more types of Events for A Rank broadcasters. We hear you!

Currently, our Event team is looking into new types of Events that can be created for all Ranks.

However, the amount of Events and the amount of divisions in each Rank is a result of the amount of competition occurring in events. If more users begin to compete in Events, we will be able to create more chances for winners. Currently we see many broadcasters entering Events but not actually competing in them.

We plan to post a blog soon that discusses the top tips for how to win and enjoy events, keep a lookout for it!

Q: Can we get more stable meters?

We tend to get this question at every Round Table, but we are happy to answer it again!

Those who ask this question tend to have a misunderstanding of the Pococha Rank system. The Rank meter movement is not controlled by Pococha. Instead, it is a direct result of the behavior of competing broadcasters.

The Rank meter is like the score of a sports game. When one team scores more points, the competing team must work hard to gain even more points.

Some users say that this is unfair because it makes broadcasting worthless if the goal is not achieved. But we hope users understand that the broadcaster still earns 100% of their normal Engagement Diamonds, Time Diamonds, and Performance Bonus regardless of how they perform on the meter.

The meter is merely the daily competition that determines which Rank each broadcaster should be in, based on the size of support their viewers can send.

We cover this topic in great detail in two of our recent blogs, we encourage all to read them!

Q: How long do you expect the changes put in place this summer to last?

In July 2022, some changes were made to Pococha to address some problems we had been seeing.

First, comments and claps were changed to no longer effect Support Points. Originally, we wanted to reward broadcasts that had high engagement from viewers. However, we found that this type of feature began to be abused and used to cheat. Instead of promoting real and genuine conversation in broadcasts, many viewers would “spam the chat” to try and create as many Support Points as possible.

This lead to a majority of chats being in-authentic conversations. Then, broadcasters who were not abusing the feature would feel left behind because they were not spamming. This kind of behavior was beginning to lead to most of Pococha focusing on spamming and not genuine conversation – which is what Pococha is for!

At this time, we do not plan to bring back this feature. However, we are researching alternative methods that may reward broadcasters for high engagement broadcasts but that do not allow for cheating behavior.

Secondly, we reduced the number of Ranks as well as the amount of Time Diamonds for each Rank.

Previously there was not enough support and competition for additional Ranks to make sense. There were not many broadcasters in each Rank, and many broadcasters had difficulty reaching high Ranks and staying there.

So we redesigned US Rank system to be a better fit for the current number of broadcasters and supporting viewers. Since the average amount of viewer support for each Rank was lowered, the amount of Time Diamonds for each Rank was also lowered.

Time Diamonds are not a “payment” from Pococha. Instead, they are an alternative way that broadcasters earn rewards from their viewer support. Instead of all support turning into Engagement Diamonds, Pococha turns some of that support into Time Diamonds that can create a more stable kind of reward for the broadcaster.

In the future, the amount of Ranks and size of Time Diamond rewards can increase if the amount of support on Pococha increases.

Q: How do you expect us to build more support when 90% of our support comes from other broadcasters?

Pococha is a platform that rewards broadcasters for getting support from their viewers – not other broadcasters.

In our opinion, a community that is primarily broadcasters supporting each other is not one that will benefit the broadcaster in the long run.

The current functions and rules of Pococha are intended to encourage and reward the communities in which broadcasters earn support from viewers. So we want our broadcasters to focus on these types of relationships.

If you are unable to maintain a certain Rank without support from other broadcasters, then we do not think that is the correct Rank for you. Remember, Rank shows the size of support a broadcaster is getting from their viewers. Try focusing on tips and techniques that will increase your support from viewers, not broadcasters!

Q: How come we as broadcasters don’t benefit at all from the PocoChallenge, towards our meters, we get no extra diamonds or even more coins.

PocoChallenge is an event where broadcasters can work towards common goals with their viewers.

By doing these activities, broadcasters can deepen the emotional connection between their viewers. Also, they can teach new viewers how to use Pococha features such as commenting, liking, opening PocoBoxes, etc).

Finally, broadcasters and their top supporters can both earn Coins each time they complete the missions together.

We hear your feedback that PocoChallenge activities used to contribute to a broadcaster’s meter, but no longer do. We do not think this change effects broadcasters meters really. This is because previously, all broadcasters could earn Support Points from the meter which made the rank meter more competitive and move more.

If you earn say 1000 points from PocoChallenge, then all other broadcasters could also earn those 1000 points and this would negate any advantage you had.

Q: Can we have the green boxes reward up to 20 coins instead of 10?

We think the current number of coins and amount of boxes is the correct amount to serve the purpose of the PocoBoxes!

PocoBoxes are a reward to attract new viewers! They are like a stepping stone for new viewers, to make it easier for them to begin supporting the broadcaster.

We see a behavior where some viewers act like bots and only try to open the boxes, and do not engage with the broadcaster. Increasing the Coin amount may lead to an increase in this behavior.

Round Table #7 Q&A

Hi everyone!

Thank you to everyone who attend our Round Table #7 event. We’ve pleased to hear so many users excited about the new Items, Events, and updates!

In this blog, we will provide a review of the Round Table event and answer questions submitted to us!

Here’s an overview of the topics we covered.

  1. Poco Academy
  2. Change of Coin Cost
  3. Event Tab
  4. New Events
    1. 1. Battle Bingo
    2. 2. Hall of Fame: Grand Championship
  5. Event Etiquette
  6. New Items
    1. 1. Congrats Items
    2. 2. Halloween Items
    3. 3. PocoRanger Items
    4. 4. Combo Items
  7. Family Feature Update
  8. Addressing Toxic Behavior
    1. Report Vs. Block
  9. About Rank System
    1. A. What Is Rank?
    2. B. Why Does The Rank Meter Move?
    3. C. Why Do I Have To Be Competitive On Pococha?
  10. About Rewards System
    1. A. Broadcasters Are Creators, Not Employees
    2. B. How Do Viewer’s Items Turn Into Diamond Rewards?
    3. C. Signed vs Independent Rewards
  11. Q&A From Users
    1. Q: Why do I have to be competitive on Pococha?
    2. Q: If all rewards are based on viewers’ support, why are there Time Diamonds?
    3. Q: Why haven’t our reward increased? Will they increase in the future?
    4. Q: Is there a lag in the calculation of the meter and Event Points?
    5. Q: I thought that Pococha’s focus was to be a positive & supportive community. Isn’t competition at odds with this kind of mission statement?
    6. Q: How much Support Points is each Item actually worth?
    7. Q: What is being done about bot or spam accounts on Pococha?

Let’s get started!

Poco Academy

First, we wanted to let our users know about a new educational program that has been opened up to all users – the Poco Academy!

Poco Academy is a 2-month training course we are offering to broadcasters to help them learn the ins and outs of Pococha, improve their Rank, and a place to directly offer their feedback and suggestions to Pococha!

Our previous Poco Academy have increased their Rank by an average of 3.8 and gained an average of 16 new Core Fans in just 2 months!

All broadcasters are encouraged to sign up for this new program. While the sign up period for the current registration has ended, we plan to have new registration periods in the future – stay tuned!

To learn about Poco Academy firsthand from a recent graduate, read our recent testimonial from user IAmKaren!

Change of Coin Cost

Coins prices have changed! Now, viewers purchasing Coins will receive about 20% more Coins than before. The value of Support Points created by Items will not change, so let’s use this opportunity to send more Items to our broadcasters and help them achieve their goals!

CostOld CoinsNew Coins

Event Tab

Many users have been having questions about which Events they can and cannot enter. We’d like to address this!

Any Events on the Event Tab page that have a unique thumbnail image are available to register for! If the Event is listed but does not have a thumbnail image yet, then the registration period is not open yet.

✅ Thumbnail Image = Event registration period is open

❌ No Thumbnail Image = Event registration period has not opened yet

New Events

We’re always trying to bring new types of Events to Pococha for our users. Here’s a look at some exciting new Events arriving soon.

1. Battle Bingo

Introducing a new type of Event – Battle Bingo!

In this new Event, broadcasters and their Families will compete to win squares on a bingo board. Teams will win squares by deciding a strategy and then sending enough Items to beat the other team.

Winners will receive an exclusive Family bonding card as well as a banner on the home page!

While the registration period for this Event has passed, the Event will occur soon – be sure to watch and support your broadcaster’s team!

2. Hall of Fame: Grand Championship

We’ve heard from many users who want to see an even bigger Event than the Hall of Fame. So, we’re introducing the Hall of Fame: Grand Championship!

While details are still being finalized, we can share some things about it.

Only winners of previous Hall of Fame Events will be able to enter and compete against each other this time. Since this will be our biggest Event yet, you can expect the prizes to match.

This Event is expected to begin in January. Dates & details are subject to change.

Event Etiquette

We’ve noticed some broadcasters swiftly blocking new viewers as soon as they arrive!  

From normal broadcasts to event broadcasts, new viewers are always important to expanding your community and gaining more support!

Please be mindful of using the block feature, and utilize it when it’s necessary to maintain the safety and joy of your community.

New Items

Here’s a look at some new Items we have arriving!

1. Congrats Items

Ever wanted to congratulate a fellow viewer for becoming a Core Fan or for leveling up? Now you can!

The “Congrats on Coring Up!” and “Congrats on Leveling Up!” Items have just arrived over this weekend. We encourage all our users to send them to help build camaraderie and increase support.

2. Halloween Items

Shoutout to our POCOLAB attendees who helped us create these 3 brand new Halloween Items!

These 3 new Items will join our already amazing lineup of spooky seasonal Items.

  • Spooky Bat (NEW) – 1 Coin
  • Ghost Candy – 55 Coins
  • Jack O’ Lantern – 55 Coins
  • Lollipop – 55 Coins
  • Skullebrate (NEW) – 88 Coins
  • Costume Party – 111 Coins
  • Say Boo – 333 Coins
  • Happy Haunted House (NEW) – 666 Coins
  • Trick or Treat – 1080 Coins

Release Period: Oct 16 – Oct 31

3. PocoRanger Items

We know that the PocoRanger Item is one of the most popular Items on Pococha. So, we wanted to introduce even more PocoRangers!

We’re bringing a new Red, Blue, & Yellow PocoRanger Item to Pococha – each with their own catchphrase that is sure to hype up the broadcast.

  • Red PocoRanger – 111 Coins
  • Blue PocoRanger – 333 Coins
  • Yellow PocoRanger – Coming Soon

Expected Release Date: October 26

4. Combo Items

Our POCOLAB attendees also helped us create 3 new Combo Items!

What is a Combo item you ask?

It’s a smaller Item that is intended to be use in coordination with its larger counterpart. Not all viewers can send a large Item, but now they can send these small Combo Items alongside the larger one!

Expected Release Date: October 26

*Coin prices shown are for the larger Item, Combo Item price will be announced soon but will be 1-10 Coins

Family Feature Update

We apologize for the delay in the much anticipated new Family Feature. We need a little bit more time to make sure it’s perfect!

We hope to release it in mid October to early November.

Remember to save any Family chats, since they will not be transferred. There may also be some data lost between the date of data acquisition and date of feature release. We will announce these dates ahead of time!

Addressing Toxic Behavior

Recently, we’ve heard from some Pococha users who are experiencing toxic behavior in the community. 

This could include:

  • Un-sportsman-like Competition
  • Bullying/Harassment
  • Slander
  • Sexual Comments

We’d like to address this! 

Please review the our Pococha Rulebook, where we address which behaviors are considered a violation on Pococha.

If you believe another user has committed a violation of the Rulebook, please report their broadcast or their account. Pococha reviews and determines an outcome for all reports, however, the user who reported will not always receive an update about their report.

Report Vs. Block

  • Reporting alerts the Pococha team that a user should be investigated for potential violations. This does not prevent the user from broadcasting or interacting with your broadcast.
  • Blocking does not alert the Pococha team. Instead, it removes a user from the broadcaster’s stream, and prevents them from interacting any further.

Remember that after you block a user, you cannot report them. So always report before blocking if they have broken a community guideline!

Not sure how to report or block? Read our Dealing With Troublesome Users article here!

About Rank System

We recently released a blog titled “Why Do Rank Borders Move?” and we discussed the contents of this blog during the Round Table. We encourage our users to read the full blog for all the details, but we’ll provide a summary here!

We frequently hear from users things like:

  • “I don’t understand the Rank Meter.”
  • “Why do I have to be competitive on Pococha?”
  • “I think it is unfair that the meter moves.”

A. What Is Rank?

Pococha is like a game in which creators can win by working together with their supporters to achieve goals.

Rank is a signifier of a broadcaster’s level of support from viewers, compared to other broadcasters on the app. As broadcasters increase their Rank, they’ll gain access to larger rewards and entry into bigger Events!

On Pococha, broadcasters earn Diamond rewards based on the amount of support they are receiving from their viewers. More support means more rewards! In this way, the Rank system signifies how much support a broadcaster is receiving, and how big of rewards they should be earning in return.

B. Why Does The Rank Meter Move?

We hear this question quite often!

Some users think that the meter’s borders should not move, or that Pococha is responsible for moving the border levels – but this is a misconception!

The Rank Meter compares one broadcaster’s level of daily support to the level of daily support of other broadcasters. Remember, in order to increase your Rank you must be earning more Support Points than your fellow broadcasters.

A border increases when 2 or more broadcasters are competing for the same spot. Not all the broadcasters can win, so the one who can earn the most Support Points will achieve their goal.

Read the full blog for a more detailed explanation!

C. Why Do I Have To Be Competitive On Pococha?

Pococha is for creators who want to grow their fan community by being competitive!

The Rank System rewards broadcasters who are best able to work with their Families to reach common goals. Remember, Ranks are relative! Broadcasters lose Rank Points and Rank down if their average level of support is lower than those in the same Rank.

If this happens, then your new Rank may actually be a better and less stressful fit.

Use the Rank System as a tool!

The Rank System is a great way to use competition to your advantage. A competitive atmosphere is a useful way to increase support from your viewers. 

Broadcasters still receive the normal amount of their Engagement Diamonds from Items, even if they do not achieve their goal on the meter. So viewers’ Items are not worthless.

About Rewards System

Recently, we released another blog titled – Explaining Pococha Rewards.

We covered this article during the Round Table, and will summarize a bit! We encourage users to read the full article in their own time.

Often we hear users asking:

  • How does Pococha reward broadcasters?
  • What kind of monetary rewards can I earn?
  • How can I increase the size of my rewards?
  • Are my rewards a result of my viewers’ support?

A. Broadcasters Are Creators, Not Employees

Unlike a salaried employee at a company, a creator knows that their rewards like Diamonds are provided to them not by the platform (Pococha) but instead by their viewers. Being a broadcaster on Pococha is not like earning a salary for working. The broadcaster’s rewards are instead a direct result of how much revenue is being generated by their fans. If they wish to increase the size of their rewards, they must increase the size of support from their fans.

Just like Youtube, Pococha is the platform where creators and fans can connect, and provides a place for viewer’s support to be translated into monetary rewards. The creators do not work for the platform – they work for themselves and use the platform as a tool to grow their influence and earn higher rewards!

B. How Do Viewer’s Items Turn Into Diamond Rewards?

Items will earn Support Points for the broadcaster, which will then translate into Engagement Diamonds!

To help broadcasters who are choosing to believe in Pococha in the long run, Pococha is currently providing a subsidy in the form of a Performance Bonus

In fact, currently all revenue generated from viewer’s using Coins is being used towards broadcasters’ rewards. We are doing this even though we must also spend money on fees paid to Apple & Google, and the cost of keeping the app running!

Together, Pococha will grow alongside our creators as their communities flourish and grow. As the app becomes larger, the rewards provided to broadcasters will also grow.

C. Signed vs Independent Rewards

Signed and independent broadcasters earn Diamond rewards in the exact same way!

There is no difference.

Signed broadcasters have their Diamond rewards sent to the agency where they are distributed to the broadcaster at the agency’s discretion. Both signed & independent can track their Diamond reward earnings with Pococha’s daily & monthly reports inside the app.

Q&A From Users

We received questions during the Round Table, and will address them here!

Q: Why do I have to be competitive on Pococha?

We addressed this during the Round Table and in our recent blog, but we’re happy to reiterate!

Pococha is a platform designed for creators who want to be competitive by using their fanbase and community to achieve common goals with supporters!

So, on Pococha, competition is the name of the game. We believe that competition improves the quality of everyone’s broadcasts and makes communities stronger, which can create new influencers

In order to increase the size of their community, a creator must be competitive on any platform. Consider Tik Tok, where creators must compete on the apps ranking algorithm to try and get more views.

Instead of having the competition hidden, Pococha brings this ranking competition to the forefront of the app and allows its users to use it as a tool to succeed. We truly believe the Rank System and competition are the best ways for creators to strengthen relationships and grow with their Families.

We also recommend reading the full blog – “Why Do Rank Borders Move?”

Q: If all rewards are based on viewers’ support, why are there Time Diamonds?

This is a good question!

Yes, all rewards are a result of viewer support – even Time Diamonds. But, we’d like to explain the reason for Time Diamonds to help users understand how.

First, it’s important to understand that Time Diamonds should not be considered as an “hourly pay” and are not provided to users as guaranteed compensation.

Instead, Time Diamonds are provided more as an “averaged reward” to help users earn a steady amount of Diamonds.

When Pococha first launched, all users only earned Engagement Diamonds. However, we found that users would have some good days and some bad days which created an undesirable experience. So, we decided to instead take some of the Engagement Diamonds users were earning, and redistribute them as Time Diamonds.

In this way, users can earn an average amount of Diamonds despite good and bad days.
Also because the amount of Time Diamonds a user earns is dependent on their Rank, Time Diamonds are also a result of the amount of viewer support! A user with higher support will increase their Rank, resulting in higher Time Diamonds.

Currently, Pococha is not taking any commission fee from broadcaster’s rewards. All revenue being earned by Pococha is being invested into broadcaster rewards. As Pococha grows and the amount of support also increases, the amount of Time Diamonds will also increase.

Q: Why haven’t our reward increased? Will they increase in the future?

Remember, the size of rewards is a direct result of a broadcaster’s amount of support from viewers. A broadcaster’s rewards increase when their viewer support increases.

Pococha is currently not taking any commission fees from users’ rewards.

In order for Pococha to increase the size of rewards, the amount of support from viewers must first increase! Currently, Pococha is not taking any commission fee from broadcaster’s rewards. All revenue being earned by Pococha is being invested into broadcaster rewards.

Currently the highest Rank is A Rank. However as Pococha continues to grow, we expect competition to get bigger and the amount of viewer support to increase more than current levels. As support grows, Pococha can begin creating new & bigger ways to provide rewards to broadcasters – such as creating a new higher Rank above A Rank.

Q: Is there a lag in the calculation of the meter and Event Points?

During End Time and the end of an Event, all Items and points are counted until the very last moment.

After the finish time has ended, there will be a brief moment of calculation. During this calculation period, new Items and points will not be counted.

However, it will continue to calculate any Items and points that were added before the calculation started. So, you can be assured that all points will be calculated and represented correctly!

Q: I thought that Pococha’s focus was to be a positive & supportive community. Isn’t competition at odds with this kind of mission statement?

We believe that competition and positive community can coexist! They don’t have to be mutually exclusive.

Consider your favorite sports team. Fans on rival teams can be competitive but with a spiriting of respect for the other team.

The same is true for Pococha. Pococha is a place where broadcasters can bond with their supporters through the ups and downs of competition. They can celebrate a winning moment together, like achieving a +2 at End Time or winning and Event! Even in moments of losing, the Family can deepen their relationship and grow stronger.

So, Pococha’s goal is to create this environment that is competitive but also supportive and positive!

Q: How much Support Points is each Item actually worth?

The amount of Support Points from each Item is determined by multiple environmental factors during a broadcast.

For example, not only does the value of Coins being sent matter, but also the total number of viewers who have sent Coins.

Consider the following 2 scenarios.

Scenario 1: 1 viewer sends 1 Item that cost 1000 Coins.

Scenario 2: 10 viewers each send 1 Item that cost 100 Coins, totaling 1000 Coins.

In the above example, Scenario B would create more Support Points for the broadcasters even though the same amount of Coins was sent by viewers. This is because there were 10 viewers sending Items, instead of just 1.

So, you can see how there is no normal value for each Item. However, many users can begin to predict and estimate how many Support Points each item will create, when conditions are similar.

Q: What is being done about bot or spam accounts on Pococha?

Pococha is committed to ensuring that communication on the app is authentic. We take many measures to investigate accounts that are behaving in a spam or bot-like way.

We are away of the frustration some users feel when they encounter an account that appears to be a bot. We are continuously working to improve our detection system and help prevent this type of behavior.

We encourage all our users to report & block any accounts that exhibit bot behavior> Pococha will investigate all reports.

Thank you for taking time to read this article! We hope you will enjoy the new Events, Items, and updates. Please attend the next Round Table event for even more exciting news.

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