Becoming a Top Viewer for a Top Broadcaster! ft. CEO of Cougartown & Her Community

Behind every A5 broadcaster is a Family that works day and night to lift them and their community to the stars. But how does this kind of Family operate, and how can viewers have this sort of impact?

To learn more about this, we interviewed A5 broadcaster CEO of Cougartown and one of her most dedicated Family members, Bratlord!

CEO and her powerful community have won numerous events and titles. Now, she’s known as one of the top broadcasters on the app! Let’s take a look at how that came to be.


Welcome, CEO of Cougar Town and Bratlord! It is great to have you here today!
So, CEO: you’re pretty famous on the app for having one of the most hard-working and dedicated Families around. Can you tell me about your Family?

CEO of Cougar Town:

Yes! I have to say, my Family members are awesome. We became really close with each other while spending so much time together on this app. They’ve genuinely become my real family. I care about them so much that I literally know everything about my Family members, and what’s going on in their daily lives. They are always in my broadcast to pick me up when I’m having bad days, and I’m always here to lift them up in return if they need it. Our bond is so tight.

We’ve also gone through so many competitions and events together. They support me so much that I really feel I need to be successful for them, to repay them for all they do for me! They always tell me “I believe in you!” and “If anyone can do it, you can!”, so losing just isn’t an option. I refuse to let them down. I think that mindset is what’s helped us all find success as a collective.

It’s not just about the Items, though — many people don’t realize that from the outside looking in. I want my Family to know that our friendship is always first when it comes to this app. I want and need them to be a part of my life, and to experience this wild journey with me. It wouldn’t be happening without them. So I always appreciate the folks who show up to my broadcasts every day, even if they can’t support me with Coins!


Was there any specific turning point where you remember thinking, “Wow, I couldn’t have done this without them”?

CEO of Cougar Town:

I always wanted to try going for a Hall of Fame event. When I found out about the Hall of Fame in LA, I knew that was my shot to make it; it’s my hometown, so it was most meaningful for me. Thanks to my Family members that showed up in a MASSIVE way, I won the Hall of Fame event and got to be on a billboard! As if that win wasn’t enough, someone from an agency approached me after seeing this win and offered me a contract with them. I was SO shocked!

So, at my age, here I am signing with an agency, and getting a chance to be in commercials again. That’s wild. Now I have this new door reopened for me by coming to Pococha. The previous streaming apps I’ve tried never had this sort of impact. And this is all thanks to this amazing community we’ve built together here! That was the biggest moment for me, but there have been so many others since.

CEO of Cougar Town with LA Billboard


Thank you so much, CEO of Cougar Town! Wow, that is such an amazing story. It’s incredible that your dreams are coming true all over again — and most importantly, that your Family members are the ones who lifted you up to get there!

Let’s dive deeper into the story of your tight-knit Family to see how this came to be.


Thanks for joining the interview, Bratlord! So, you’re one of CEO of Cougartown’s biggest supporters. We noticed that you and your fellow Family members work together to support CEO as a community. Can you tell me what you do to support her?


Sure. So, we all support Mia (aka CEO of Cougar Town) but in various ways. Of course we need to support her with Items, but we don’t stop there.

For example, I will never be a social director, but I will always be a technical advisor in her Family to help any new viewers who struggle to understand the app. This is because I’m good at learning how mechanisms and systems work. I read every blog and any information the Pococha staff provides. I’m pretty sure I could literally host the Round Table for you guys! (laughs)

I also observe the Rank Meter and read all the available literature on how it functions. I’ve gotten to estimate pretty accurately how the Meter will slide for the day, and always help Mia strategize as to how much we need to achieve her daily goal.

Also, we’ve developed a channel called Ask the Brat, where new people can ask any questions they have about the app, and I’ll step in to answer. This is the role I can best play, so it makes me happy to have this outlet that also helps Mia to find more success.

To be honest, though, I get overwhelmed in social situations sometimes, and I’m not so good at contributing in the comments. But there are other viewers who are much better in that department. Each of the Family members contributes to the broadcast according to their strengths.

Screenshot from Ask the “Brat” channel


Wow, that is amazing! You have such a robust system in place. Can you tell me some more about the other Family members and their roles?


Sure — like I said, each of the family members contributes to Mia as they can. But it’s not all through Items. We all try to capitalize on our own skills to improve the whole. For example, Angie is the greeter; she welcomes in new viewers a lot. Mrs. Robinson gets the whole hype thing, so she makes sure everyone’s having fun communicating and helps the stream energy stay up. Dave is the biggest feeler; he holds the heart of the broadcast, and helps to support other viewers who are going through a tough time. It’s like a real community.

This is only a small part of the Family, though; we all do much more, and step in to help wherever needed. The important thing is to contribute what you can.


Thank you so much Bratlord! Lastly: what makes you and the other Family members want to do all these things?


It’s simple, honestly. We want to see Mia succeed, and see her professional success. I’m invested in making that happen. If there is anybody that I feel is deserving in life, it’s Mia. That is a general consensus within our Family; we all want her to take off, because we see how hard she works and know the potential in her. Everything we get from Mia is 100% authentic and honest. She cares about us, learns about us, talks to us, and supports us in return. That’s why we all come back, and why the bond has grown there. It’s a real Family.

CEO of Cougar Town:

I can’t just let him have the last word here either! (laughs) Bratlord is right; the Family is just so special. We’ve shared laughter and tears, ups and downs, and they’ve been by my side every step of the way. You don’t realize until you’re in it just what a massive impact it can have on your life. It’s the most beautiful gift anyone could ever have, this friendship I have found on Pococha. They’ve been there for every day with me, and now I can’t imagine a day without them being part of my life. They’re never getting rid of me — like Brat said, we’re real Family now!


That is so sweet, and so insightful! Thank you!

Our thanks to CEO of Cougartown and Bratlord for these insights into their incredible community!

Viewers and broadcasters, take note: with a bit of collaboration, communication, and heart, this type of Family could be yours too! ❤️

Expand Your Brand: Kaleila J.’s Journey to A5!

Looking for top tips on how to beat the competition and build your brand on Pococha? If so, then this article is for you!

For POCO ACADEMY Story #3, we interviewed Kaleila J., a recent graduate of the program. Her tenacity on Pococha and beyond helped her rise from E1 to A5 Rank in just 3 MONTHS — and she’s only just getting started!

Continue reading to follow Kaleila’s journey to success and learn how you could do the same! ❤️

Learn from A5 broadcaster Kaleila J. for top tips about streaming on Pococha!


POCO ACADEMY is a program where broadcasters work with a Pococha mentor to be successful on Pococha!

Want to become a star graduate like Kaleila J.?

👇 Learn More Here! 👇

What can you learn from this article:

Pococha: Welcome, Kaleila! Thank you so much for taking the time to tell us about your incredible journey thus far! So: how you got started as a broadcaster?

Kaleila: To be honest, I wasn’t completely sure what Pococha was when I started! But I knew that it was a way to grow your community, and I was interested in developing my personal brand of dance, fitness, and entertainment. So I went it for it, having never been a broadcaster before. I didn’t expect to love it, and now it’s the #1 app that I’m using! I used to be an avid Instagrammer, but now it’s just all about Pococha.

Pococha: Do you think your career leading up to Pococha helped prepare you as a broadcaster?

Kaleila: Yes, I do! But Pococha has opened a lot of new doors to me. It’s taken some time to get to where I am now, both professionally and on Pococha!

Above: Kaleila at an early dance audition

Kaleila: Dance and fitness have always been my passions. I’ve been to more auditions than I can count, and have always received dozens of “no”s for every “yes”. But learning to keep my head up and take that in stride helped make me more resilient. Now I’m at A5, and my personal brand and career are growing as well!

Above: Kaleila J. leading a Dance Fitness Instruction Video @ Steezy

Kaleila: Overall, I’ve tried to always be open to learning. Everything evolves, from dances to music to even Pococha. I never would have thought everything would lead to Pococha, but I think it perfectly reflects my career so far. It’s a continuation of everything I’ve been building. Until now, I’ve been a voice for other people, and a vessel for other folks’ creativity. Now, I love showcasing my own brand and creativity as an influencer on Pococha.

Pococha: What do you think makes Pococha such an appealing platform for you?

Kaleila: I saw the opportunity in Pococha because it felt like, with some other social sites, it’s hard to grow because of the algorithm and other influencers. On Pococha, I saw the growth that was easy to measure. It also just seems fair! Like I’m putting in the work, and I’m seeing results.

Pococha: Well, it’s also because of what you’ve put in that you’ve seen growth — after all, you did go from E Rank to A5 Rank in just 3 months, and now you’ve been at A5 for weeks! What has changed from when you first started broadcasting to now?

Kaleila: I feel way more confident in my content and in my brand. Pococha has helped make me aware of catering to my audience. And it’s the whole package – the set-up of the video, the sound quality, engaging all of my viewers whether they’re new or coming back — everything’s improved, I think.

The regularity is a big part of that too. I’ve been consistent since the beginning, so that hasn’t changed, but I think the results of consistency take time. Now I’m just really seeing the return.

Pococha: Let’s dive into some specific tips and strategies, then! One thing that makes you stand out from the pack are your Item responses. Could you tell us a bit about your approach?

Kaleila: Overall, Items are the biggest form of communication. It shows that the viewer is receiving the message, so I want to reward that.

Usually I do some kind of action with an Item, because I need them to physically see whatever it is that I do. Most of the time I’m dancing for an Item, but the bigger the Item, the bigger the dance. Items are support, appreciation, and an example of a viewer’s engagement and enjoyment. It makes me want to celebrate them right way. Maybe I say something like, “Send a Heart if you’re enjoying the broadcast!” and they DO it! That’s wild! That’s what I’m here for – otherwise I’m talking to a brick wall!

Pococha: I love that philosophy! Are there any Items you particularly like?

Kaleila: I love the PocoRangers; they’re just so epic, and they have a lot going on on-screen. Spaceships and Fairytales are good too, because it shows they’re rich! *laughs* If someone sends one of those, I go all out and give them a headstand. Those people are basically sponsoring the broadcast for a period of time, so I love to get really hyped up. It doesn’t get any higher than that unless you’re a PocoKnight, which I’ve never gotten before. I hope to get one when I enter the Hall of Fame someday!

Pococha: Now, we can’t get through this article without me asking: you also have Baby Daddies and Baby Mamas in your community, right? How did those happen?

Kaleila: The Baby Mama and Baby Daddy thing – it’s grown more than I thought! *laughs* Basically, if people send Items over 1000 Coins, then they become a Baby Mama or a Baby Daddy, and they get a baby sticky note with their name on it. It’s playful and fun, and I think this app rewards that kind of imagination. I’ve found a lot of success in being unconventional.

Kaleila: It’s evolved, too – I started off just using sticky notes… Then I evolved to printing out baby faces… Now I’ve even got REAL baby dolls for people who are my Baby Mamas and Baby Daddies. They even joke with me about them being in daycare while I’m broadcasting! It’s so funny.

Pococha: It feels like your broadcasts are extremely well-composed too — you make great use of audio and visuals. What’s your approach to using these aspects to enhance your broadcasts and your brand?

Kaleila: Well, I learned from my previous experience as an online dance instructor that my broadcast should be clean and intriguing visually. But it took me a while to find my Pococha broadcast style.

You need interesting stuff to give people something nice to look at, and convince them to stay in the first place. I’d say:

  • Implement colorful or thematic decor
  • Use flattering or eye-catching lighting
  • Use signage, like the scrolling sign I have to display viewer names.
  • Broadcast from a dedicated stream area that’s neat and tidy
  • Use music or sound effects to set the mood and make things more lively and interactive
  • Decorate for special events or holidays (I got a Christmas tree this year — I’ve never had one before, but I did it just for Pococha!)

Overall, I’d say put in the effort and energy that you want to receive back. If you want to take broadcasting seriously, show your viewers that you take it seriously. Dress for the job you want, not the job you have!

Pococha: You seem to have such a unique connection with your community! It seems like you all share inside jokes, common interests, and connect on a very deep level. What do you think are the benefits of focusing so much of your communication and efforts on the viewers?

Kaleila: That’s what it’s all about, right? I pay special attention to my viewers as much as possible; it’s what I’d want if I were them. I remain very present in my broadcasts and reward the people who ask real questions and are actually engaging. That way I’m reinforcing the behavior I want other viewers to copy. But I’m also meeting new people all the time while catering to regulars, so it’s a huge conversation. It’s tough to multitask!

Kaleila: Overall though, I want new viewers to feel like they belong as soon as possible. Because if your Top 5 people leave the forever, you’ll still have new folks coming in to support you. I don’t want to rely on specific viewers to keep the show going. There are real people behind the usernames, so if people show up, you want to show them your gratitude.

People don’t have to swipe their cards and spend their Coins; it’s a choice. Support will always rotate, but people come back if they feel special.

Pococha: It’s a miracle you keep all of this straight in your head! How do you keep it up on days where it’s tough to stay present or you’re low on energy?

Kaleila: It’s true; being present requires a lot of energy. Being a broadcaster requires a lot of energy! You have to be aware of everything.

I do take my breaks, though – I use those Freeze Passes on the weekend, and sometimes use that time to plan my content in advance. I also handle my everyday life stuff on the weekend so that I can have a set broadcasting schedule. Don’t push for the Meter one day if it’ll hurt your health in the long run. Set boundaries, and you’ll keep a higher energy overall.

Pococha: Some other broadcasters have trouble finding the motivation or time in the day to broadcast. What helps you stay so consistent?

Kaleila: The Meter, honestly. I was afraid of it, before! I was so scared of ranking down. Because if you don’t stream, then you lose your Rank. You have to be consistent if you want to do well. It’s a good thing if you really want it, and you have to really want it to make it work. Self-motivated people will do well on Pococha. You gotta have a goal.

If you’re just broadcasting for fun, that’s great too – it’s a great way to meet people and do something in your spare time. But no one’s going to force you to go live, and nobody’s gonna keep you on here. So what keeps you motivated?

Kaleila: But also, with the community aspect of Pococha, there are people I’m building real relationships with, so the Meter isn’t everything. You can always rank back up, and sometimes it’s good to get that negative — so that it can fire up the community with me again! If I’d just been there finding success all day, I don’t think people would have become as attached to me or our community.

People want to help me hit my goals because they’ve seen my failures, not just my successes. I’d recommend that for other broadcasters too – take those negatives and turn it into a positive.

Pococha: You’ve already had such an amazing journey on Pococha! All things considered. why do you think your community loves to support you so much?

Kaleila: Oh gosh — I don’t know the real reason why, honestly! *laughs* I hear that some people like my drive, some people like my energy — I’m sure they all have their reasons. More than anything, I think people see me working hard, and that makes them want to work hard too. But then it’s like a cycle too, because them using Items and working hard in our community motivates me in return again! It’s a great cycle!

This app allows you to grow your community, but you also get to give back to that community. You’re giving on this app, not just receiving. Even when I don’t reach my goals, it has become fulfilling in a different way.

Pococha: Thank you so much for all of your wonderful tips, Kaleila! Any last words of advice?

Kaleila: Find your passion on Pococha. Better yet: if you’re passionate about something, then bring it to Pococha. That’s your brand! Also, you gotta have a goal, and you gotta share that goal. If you want to be #1 on Pococha, then that’s your goal: make it known, and pave your own path to get there. Do it your way, because Pococha rewards creativity.

Also, you have to motivate yourself to get up every day and hit that broadcast button. Maybe it’s not just one thing that motivates you — maybe it’s a lot of things. But you have to find the goal that drives you. Find what makes you happy. Get creative. Then, go live!

Thank you so much to Kaleila J. for offering her wonderful wisdom in this interview! If you want to see more of Kaleila, you can find her at the following places:

On Pococha: Kaleila J.


Want to become a star broadcaster like Kaleila J.?

Kaleila J. was a valedictorian graduate from the POCO ACADEMY — and you could be too!

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Build the Dedicated Community of Your Dreams! How to Double Your Core Fans

For POCO ACADEMY Story #2, we interviewed Miss knockout and Filmmakerchick, who doubled their Core Fans during the program!

Core Fan Increase in 2 months!

  • Miss knockout: 41→83
  • Filmmakerchick: 34→81


POCO ACADEMY is a program where broadcasters work with a Pococha mentor to be successful on Pococha!

👇 Learn More Here! 👇

What can you learn from this article:

Pococha: Miss knockout, and Filmmakerchick, welcome! Are you familiar with each other already? I’m guessing you may have already seen each other’s broadcasts before?

Miss knockout: Yes, I definitely have checked out her broadcasts — she is awesome!! I love her cooking broadcasts, and how she interacts with everybody who joins. She has such a magnetic personality that it makes me never want to stop watching her! Her broadcasts are action-packed from start to end; I love it!

Filmmakerchick: I thought the same about you! I’ve loved Miss knockout from the very first time I watched her. Her personality is so charismatic that every time I go in her broadcasters, I end up staying much longer than intended! She always wears interesting outfits that are visually exciting. I love the sound effects she uses for Core Fans too!

Pococha: Thank you both! How great that you are already such big fans of each other! Now, let’s dive into the interview where we can explore more of your POCO ACADEMY learnings!

Tips#1 Celebrate the moment when viewers become Core Fans in a unique and engaging way!

Pococha: In the POCO ACADEMY, we spoke quite a bit about the importance of Core Fans and the opportunities that “Coring Up” presents. Could you talk about some of your favorite Core Fan celebration tips?

Filmmakerchick: Sure! During my lessons in the POCO ACADEMY, we talked a lot about Core Fan prizes, Core Fan celebrations, and so on. These Core Fan celebrations were really helpful in improving my viewer interactions.

I still remember the very first day we implemented the Core Fan board — I noticed an instant change! This has become one of the biggest motivations for viewers to become my Core Fans. I always celebrate when somebody becomes a Core Fan or hits a higher Core Fan level using this board.

Filmmakerchick’s Core Fan Celebration
Filmmakerchick’s Core Fan Board

Miss knockout:
I celebrate that as well! We actually have a specific song that we use just for Core Fans! Since it’s such a great time to show appreciation to viewers, I tried to make it as special to that viewer as possible!

Pococha: Thank you; that’s wonderful! And where you reward or celebrate Core Fans, what types of prizes are you giving your viewers?

Tips#2 Create Core Fan Prizes that are Unique to You!

Miss knockout: My mentor taught me the importance of showing appreciation to every Core Fan, but also showing more appreciation for higher level Core Fans. That is when I first started implementing Core Fan raffles! Every time somebody becomes a 1K Core Fan, they get one entry ticket for the raffle. They get an extra one every time they hit 1K higher! This way, even though everyone gets the chance to win the raffle, I can show more appreciation to those who spend more time and money in my broadcasts. The prizes for my raffles are created by me!

I enjoy graphic design, so I like creating T-shirts, coffee mugs, and key chains. These prizes can be a special keepsake that viewers will always remember, especially since they’re unique to me and my broadcasts. It’s also an incentive to come back for my broadcasts everyday to increase their chances of winning!

Miss knockout’s Core Fan Prizes

Filmmakerchick: Creating Core Fan prizes was helpful for me as well! Everyone always wanted cookies or brownies as prizes because I cook them all the time in my broadcasts. I felt conflicted when they told me this! Even though they love my cooking broadcasts and expressed their wishes for trying my food, I didn’t have a chance to give it to them.

My Pococha mentor told me that these could be great incentives as Core Fan prizes. That’s because it helps viewers feel much closer to me when they get those prizes which have been handmade with love. That’s why I chose them as my Core Fan prizes, and they’ve been very successful so far! I usually give out brownies for my top supporters of the month, and cookies as the prize for a Core Fan raffle. Viewers can get raffle tickets every time when they become 1K Core Fans or hit higher Core levels!

Filmmakerchick’s Cookie Raffles
Filmmakerchick’s Brownies for Top Supporters

I also added a goodie bag for the second raffle to motivate my viewers to hit higher Core Fan levels earlier in the month as well.

Filmmakerchick’s Goodie Bag

Pococha: Wow, that sounds like a lot of effort you put into these rewards! What motivates you to create these diverse prizes?

Miss knockout: I want to show them that I am so appreciative of them hanging out with me and spending their precious time and money in my broadcasts. I want them to remember all the good experiences they had with me and our community, and I want our connection to feel genuine and full of gratitude.

Filmmakerchick: Also, it motivates viewers to hit the higher Core Fan levels as well. Since I make cookies a lot in my broadcasts, it’s really nice to be able to say, “Hey, if you want these cookies, you can Core Up and give it a shot!” instead of having no way to earn these prizes or interact with my cooking. It’s a great way to motivate viewers to hit higher Cores and connect to my daily broadcasts!

Tip#3: Share Your Unique Prizes, Goals, and Incentives with Viewers at Every Moment!

Filmmakerchick: It’s important to share your prizes and goals with viewers constantly. Since we get new viewers every day, there will always be viewers who don’t know why we’re doing what we’re doing, or what opportunities they have. If we have a lot of prizes for Core Fans, there are many opportunities to naturally share them with my viewers. For example, if we will have a raffle for last month’s cookies tonight, I’ll mention this in my broadcasts and in my Family.

Whenever somebody Cores up, I’ll mention the raffle and let other viewers know as well. I try to tell and demonstrate these prizes to my viewers in as many ways as possible to entice them to Core up too!
Also, I like connecting my daily Core Fan goals to my overall monthly goals. For example, if I mention that I’m 2 more Cores away from the 55 Core Fan bonus, I mention that often to invigorate my viewers! It makes the reward feel closer and more attainable, which makes viewers more excited to contribute!

Miss knockout: I agree with Filmmakerchick. Every time somebody hit 1k Core, I put an entry into my raffle box. This is easy for other viewers to notice, and may make them jealous or more motivated to Core up themselves. Also, every time somebody becomes a Core Fan, I show appreciation to my Family in our Family chat! This is another way to notify viewers about the community’s achievements while advertising Core Fan prizes!

Miss knockout’s Family Chat

Also, I have this prop I use called my “Fat Gold Chain”! If somebody spends 1080 Coins to become my Core Fan, I write their name on a card, put it on the chain, and wear it until the end of the day. This is something visible and exciting that also makes people want to Core up!

Miss knockout’s Fat Gold Chain

Pococha: Some broadcasters find it uncomfortable or awkward to mention things like Core Fan prizes to their viewers. How did you create a strong relationship with your viewers that made it easy to integrate Core Fan prizes into your broadcasts?

Filmmakerchick: I like to think about the steps that viewers take when they come to my broadcasts. I can’t encourage new viewers to become Core Fans right away because we haven’t yet built that relationship. However, I can talk about it with returning viewers who know me and who are excited to be more involved in our community. So, I try to mention Core Fan prizes with regular viewers so that they have new avenues of support to explore. This also demonstrates the benefits to new viewers, and might entice them to become Core Fans too, down the line.

Miss knockout: Yeah, Filmmakerchick makes a great point! Also, I want to add that all viewers have different personalities: for some of them it’s better to mention Core Fan prizes outright, but others are too shy. So having a Core Fan board behind me makes it easier to share with my viewers, since I don’t have to mention it every moment like a broken record. Also, even though sharing these prizes verbally is important, the most important thing is to interact with your viewers every day, and let them have fun. Let them feel connected and appreciated every time they join your broadcast; in that way, they will want to Core up without you even mentioning it. I think broadcasters have to make viewers really love our broadcasts. We always have to take notes about our ideas and think about what we can do to let viewers feel more appreciated and connected. I always try to think about things from the viewer’s point of view when I do this.

Miss knockout’s Core Fan Board

Pococha: Thank you both so much for taking the time to share your learnings and opinions with us! I bet there are plenty of other broadcasters out there who will be inspired by your success and who will take your advice to heart.
If you are a broadcaster looking to double your Core Fans like Miss knockout and Filmmakerchick, then try these techniques and see how your community grows! Stay tuned for the next installment, where we’ll meet with even more successful broadcasters who have some great tips to share ❤️

Bold, Brave, and Beaming: The Success Story of IamKaren!

We interviewed IamKaren who reached Rank A5 through POCO ACADEMY!
Let’s take a closer look at what she has done since July to move up from B3 to A5!


POCO ACADEMY is a program where broadcasters will work with a Pococha mentor to be successful on Pococha!


5 Secrets for Ranking Up

Now, let’s dive into the interview!

PocochaTeam: Welcome Karen! Thank you for participating in POCO ACADEMY.
After you completed the program, can you tell us what you focus on most while broadcasting?

Karen: Absolutely! I would say 5 things that are very important and I will always be aware of.


Viewers are spending money to send items in the first place, so viewers who send bigger items deserve more attention and appreciation from me.

Therefore, I try to give priority to the music I play during the broadcast to the viewers who sent items. Also, I try to make item reactions bigger when the number of coins gets bigger to show greater appreciation.

It is important to create item reactions based on the viewer’s point of view, and think about how would they enjoy sending items and feel appreciated.


It is important to always show appreciation to your viewers. Don’t forget that they are spending their precious time and money on our broadcasts.

I thank viewers for sending items, for becoming Core Fans, for hitting higher Core Fan levels, for staying in my broadcast for a long time, for leaving hashtags, and for the many other actions they take that are contributing to my broadcast.

There are many occasions to thank them as well. The moment they join the broadcast, the moment they send us an item, after the end time, etc. I always send a thank you note to our family members after the broadcast as well as during the broadcast. I thank everyone, especially those who have supported me a lot or became a Core Fan by name.


You should always be in a GOOD mood when you start the broadcast.
I think that is one way to show respect to my viewers.

Some viewers like silly dancing, while others prefer serious conversation. I change the content of the broadcast to suit what they are looking for each time, from the viewer’s perspective.

It is important to always think from the viewer’s point of view, but at the same time to have standards and boundaries for your broadcast.
Make sure to clearly indicate any behavior that is not accepted in your broadcast.
If you want to maintain a long-term relationship with them, you have to make them clear.


It is very important to always be honest and real to your viewers.

I started broadcasting with just one viewer.
Some days it was just the two of us talking for several hours.

From the beginning, no matter who it was, I always tried to be honest and real and get to know them. I asked a lot of questions to know about them better, I have been consistent in being authentic and telling viewers, “I will be in A5 Rank”.
I think it’s the broadcaster’s responsibility to share with the viewers about your goals.

And even when I had conflicts with the viewers, I always try to solve the problem with them. I have never stopped my effort to try to understand any viewer. Otherwise, it would be disrespectful to the viewer. If we end without any agreements, it will not lead to a long-term relationship.
When I am struggling with ranking up, I ask my viewers, “What should I do? We need to hit A5 together. We need to talk to each other and get through this together.”


Even though I try to understand and create long-term relationships with every viewer, it’s not going to be successful every time. That’s why I’m so grateful to my top viewers who went through a lot of struggles together, and who have been constantly supportive, and understanding who I am.

Because we have always talked together, I have always been honest and real, and they know me in many different aspects, so there is no need to make things up. We share not only the positives but also the negative feelings together.
I think this has led to a long-term relationship.

Most of the time I give them more attention and appreciation because they earn it.
A lot of them have a signature song, so I play that song when they join my broadcast.
They have priority when they send big items, they earn it.

Sometimes new viewers say, “Don’t favor them”.
But that’s not true. I try to treat everyone with honesty, and I appreciate any kind of support.
However, it would be disrespectful to those who are more supportive if I do not show them the appreciation and attention they deserve. I am maximally grateful to them for spending their precious money and time on my broadcast.

This time we interviewed IamKaren, who has grown brilliantly!
Stay tuned for the next interview!

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POCO PROS: 5 Tips for Gathering Viewer Support!

~ Interview with an S Rank Broadcaster ~

Hello from the Pococha Team!

In recent months, we’ve heard that broadcasters are most interested in learning how to gain more fans and increase their Rank. In order to answer these questions, we’ve created this second installment of the POCO PROS Project!

If you haven’t already, be sure to check out our first POCO PROS article, which contains two top tips for ranking up!

POCO PROS articles share knowledge from top broadcasters around the world that can serve as tips and tricks for broadcaster.

If you find yourself thinking things like:

  • “I want to increase my Rank!”
  • “I want to capture more new viewers!”
  • “I want to make my life more fulfilling!”

Or if you are interested in learning:

  • Methods to build trust with your viewers in order to rank up
  • Techniques to encourage viewers to use Items
  • Tips on how to share your thoughts and dreams

Then congratulations! This article is for you!

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Pococha Team: Today we’ll be speaking with Saayan, an S-Rank broadcaster from Japan!

Thank you so much to Saayan for sharing her lovely thoughts and insider tips with us today! Now, let’s dive into the interview…

Pococha Team: Welcome, Saayan! So, you’ve been a top broadcaster for quite some time now. What has changed for you since joining the top Ranks?


So much has changed for me! To start, I currently make five times the amount I did when I worked in the apparel industry. This year, for my mom’s 60th birthday, I was able to buy her an extravagant ring as a surprise! I was over the moon, and so was she. Before Pococha, I had to save my money to pay off my student loans, so I never had enough to buy my mom a decent present. After broadcasting for two years, nothing has made me happier than finally being able to buy my mom presents.

As an adult, I believe we often limit ourselves when thinking about our dreams for the future. But the possibilities are endless with broadcasting. There are infinite ways to approach our supporters. We can’t predict whether viewers will give us their support or how they will react, but that’s what makes broadcasting in real time so thrilling. These moments lead to excitement for myself and the viewers, and I think that’s what has led to me making broadcasting into a career.

It feels as if my viewers’ support at my back propels me forward towards my goals. You aren’t fighting alone while ranking up, but instead moving forward together with everyone. I believe their encouragement gives me the power to succeed and surpass even my own expectations.

Also, through my viewers, I discovered special skills that I never knew I had. Take drawing, for example. After my viewers encouraged me to draw, it became really fun for me, and now it’s a hobby of mine! My drawings are now a popular gift for my Core Fans.

It was the same with singing. My friend once told me, “Saayan, you’re so good at singing! You should become a singer!” At the time, I thought it was impossible for me, so I quickly shot it down. However, with the support of my viewers, I was a prize recipient for a Pococha event and went on to sing and write songs. They’re not officially released songs, but they’re special songs that helped me win the event, and they’re special to me because they were made together with my viewers. 

In a sense, I became the idol I had always longed to be through Pococha!

Since becoming a high Rank broadcaster, I’ve learned that everyone wants a chance to be in the spotlight. With broadcasting, you’ll be able to feel like you are, and you can share that spotlight with your viewers as well. Your self-confidence will sky rocket as you tap into your own potential and bring out your hidden talents. You have the ability to become someone special. I love it!

Pococha Team: You mentioned limiting yourself, but did things change for you after you started broadcasting?


Before I started broadcasting, I wasn’t very confident in myself. I was the type to compare myself to others and easily become jealous. Even so, I didn’t have the financial or mental capacity to become the person I wanted to be. Plus, I couldn’t just up and move, either. I kept making excuses and held myself back from taking any actions to better myself or make meaningful changes.

However, since I started broadcasting, I began to think of my viewers and be inspired by them. I had become very close to them, and their constant support helped me to no longer give up so easily.

Now, I’m always considering how my viewers would feel. It’s not that I’ve become completely resilient per se, but I’ve developed a more positive mindset. I constantly think about how I can continue broadcasting while painting a brighter future for myself. All in all, I feel enveloped in the weight and warmth of support from everyone I’ve met through broadcasting. Nowadays, it has gotten to the point where people around me are surprised at how often I’m face-to-face with my viewers!

Pococha Team: So, you’re often face-to-face with your viewers. Could you tell us how you engage with and understand your viewers?


At the time I started broadcasting, there were some viewers who came to watch every time. I first began conversations with a simple “Hello!” but I felt like my interactions were too simple and stale. That’s when I switched to “Welcome back!” and more personal conversation. That was the beginning of how I started changing how I interact with my viewers.

When I worked in the apparel industry, you would greet new customers with “Welcome.” After they left and visited some other stores, there were times when the customers would come back. When that happened, I would say, “Welcome back! Did you find anything nice at the other stores?” and start up a conversation that way. With my experience in customer service, it felt natural to say “Welcome back!” to my viewers who visited every day. I wanted to make interactions personal, and let the viewers know I remembered them. That’s how I started improving my conversations with viewers.

I believe there may be many other hints scattered throughout daily conversation that can be applied to broadcasting. Pay attention to those tiny ways you interact with people on a day-to-day basis! Those in-person techniques apply to broadcasting too!

Pococha Team: I see! So that’s how you came to create your current community. Could you expand more on your top tips for building more personable and enjoyable interactions with your viewers?


Absolutely! I’d say there are five things I try to focus on most when building a healthy fan community.

Let me introduce how I managed to keep my viewers coming back again and again when I first started broadcasting.

In order to make a better first impression, I put on makeup and stylish clothes. I believe how you present yourself is critical to how you build up your own value.

Also, it’s important to have viewers follow your profile if you want them to keep coming back. Since it can be tough to ask viewers directly to follow you, I’ll say something like, “Come back to watch me! We’re already friends, right?” with gusto to encourage new viewers into becoming actual friends. It’s helpful to consider what would make you feel happy to hear if you were a viewer, then give that a shot.

Other times, I try to introduce what I do to let people get to know me better. For example, I’ll give away handmade crafts or drawings to my viewers as a special gift for supporting me.

I highly recommend getting into the habit of keeping “Viewer Notes” to better understand your viewers.

One of the most important reasons why I communicate so deeply and personally with viewers is because I want them to feel like they’re truly interacting with me, and that our chats are meaningful to us both.

I try to think about what my viewers think when they hear my words. Overall, I want them to feel a sense of security and involvement in my broadcasts that they wouldn’t normally find in everyday life. While there’s so much opportunity to get to know me, the chances to truly get to know my viewers are few and far between. So, I ask them lots of questions in order to learn more about them and take notes. In turn, I use those notes to improve myself, deepen my understanding of them, and better meet their expectations. 

Plus, knowing that I’m taking notes makes my viewers happy. It shows that I am making an effort to learn more about them, so they don’t mind watching me jot things down.

It’s also important to note: communicating with viewers is about getting to know each other through a continuous process of trial and error. 

When you take action in broadcasts, it’s natural to get a reaction from your viewers in return. Sometimes it can be good, and sometimes it can be bad. If I get a bad reaction, I can choose a different approach next time and I imagine my viewers will hopefully react differently, and will appreciate that I’m making adjustments to suit their needs. If I actively show all these different aspects of myself, each and every viewer will hopefully get something they enjoy out of my broadcasts, and they’ll all develop a unique reason why my broadcast brings them joy.

It’s important to have a deep understanding between yourself and your fans, instead of keeping your conversations and relationships surface-level.

I try to talk about my past and my roots so that viewers who have only been coming for a short time can easily feel closer to me. Regular viewers also brighten up the broadcast when they look back on how long they’ve been a viewer, or they relive memories of my older broadcasts.

However, be mindful of referencing too many past memories and experiences without context! If this happens too much, then new users can feel alienated since they can’t participate in those discussions. I’ve had new viewers tell me that they wished they could have met me sooner because they feel like they missed out on so many things. So now, as my community continues to grow, I always share old recordings of my broadcasts to show how I used to be so they can be a part of those nostalgic discussions.

In my last event, I had a lot of new viewers participating for the first time, so I played all of my old recordings to boost morale going into the event. Because of this, even my new viewers actively participated in the event, and it even brought my fans closer to each other/ Plus, it was just a lot of fun!

Item reactions are super important, so it’s vital to learn why they’re useful and how to create your own unique versions!

Item reactions are how broadcasters show their appreciation to viewers who use Items.

My goal is to have my viewers think to themselves, “Wow, I’m glad I used that Item!” In order for that to happen, the first thing I focus on is increasing my vocabulary to use in reactions by studying the Items themselves.

Increase Your Vocabulary

I have different Item reactions even for the same Item. It’s important to have multiple reactions to an Item in your repertoire to match the vibe of the current broadcast and the viewer using the Item.

For example, when a viewer uses “Sunny”, I react differently depending on the moment and on who is using it. Sometimes I will say, “Let’s bring up the heat in here to match the glaring sun!” while sometimes I will say, “Ahh (Viewer Name), you are so dazzling like the sun — thank you!”

When new Items come out, I’ll even research new words associated with that Item theme so I can be ready to react if I receive it.

Research the Items

I try to stay up-to-date on the full Item list so I’m aware of what Items I might get and how many Coins each Item costs. I pay special attention to newly released Items too! When I do this research, I’ll think of ideas about the Item by considering its motif, its message, and its theme (cute, cool, modern, fancy, etc.)

There is no right answer on how to react to Items, so I think it’s a good idea to try various things depending on what viewers you have and what kind of broadcaster you are. For example, for the “Cheers” Item, you can create a a special moment with your audience by grabbing something close by and creating a cheers with them! Or you could create a little song, or ask them questions about what their favorite fancy drink is… the possibilities are endless!

In this way, you can come up with many different ways to react to Items!

Advice on Item Reactions (For Beginners)

For broadcasters that don’t have any set jokes or reactions, it may be easier to start off by separating Items into different levels based on their Coin amount. From there, you can make different reactions for Items of each level. This will also help you start memorizing the Coin costs of different Items, which will increase your overall Item knowledge.

Also, it doesn’t hurt to show your viewers that you’re considering how to react to Items. Don’t be afraid to ask your viewers for their thoughts, or to stumble through your first few reaction attempts! Viewers appreciate it when they see a broadcaster putting their all into creating something for them.

When in doubt, start small and don’t overthink it. Item reactions don’t have to be complicated! For example, when you get a heart, you can make a heart with your hands. Nice and easy! The most important thing isn’t how you react, it’s that you react at all.

Advice on Item Reactions (Practical Examples)

I often try to create reactions based on the viewers themselves or through interacting with them during broadcasts.

By changing the reaction for each viewer, they become curious and start to wonder, “What sort of reaction would I get if I used it?” which in turn encourages them to use Items.

On top of that, I also have extra special reactions when multiple viewers work together and use Items one after another to create an Item combo.

For example, I’ll start singing a song as an Item reaction. When it turns into a combo, I would continue singing or something, and then when the Item combo ends I’ll do a funny dance (lol!). It’s a great way to have everyone work together to use Items and make the broadcast more fun , exciting, and a bit unpredictable for both the viewers and for myself. It keeps me on my toes!

It is SO important to let your fans know your goals and how they would benefit if your goals are met. Here are the three steps I follow when I do this:

Step 1: Setting Goals

First, I’ll announce numeric goals at the start of the month or before events like, “Let’s have this many PocoKnights!” or “We’re aiming for this many Core Fans!” I do this because I want to show my viewers that I am serious about these goals.

Step 2: Expressing Goals

Then, I use multiple methods and tools to convey my goals. Of course I share my goals during my broadcasts, but talking alone is not enough to get the message across. Other things that I’ll do to reinforce my goals include:

  • writing them down to read out during a broadcast
  • posting them in Family chat
  • posting reminders on Twitter or in my blog
  • greeting new viewers with something like, “I say this all the time but…” and then conveying my goals to all my viewers

It’s still difficult to have viewers understand and share my goals, though! Even if I tell them lots of times, it can still go unnoticed by some. So make sure you stay consistent and varied with your communication!

Step 3: Conveying Mutual Benefits

Lastly, more important than sharing the goal itself is sharing how my viewers will directly benefit from reaching these goals. 

For example, I’ll create a song as a memento for my fans or portrait goods for my viewers when we reach certain milestones along the journey towards our goals. This helps viewers to feel like it’s OUR goals that we’re achieving, not just MY goals.

To be honest, it’s impossible for everyone’s opinions to be in complete agreement since every viewer is different. Even so, my approach is to tell them everything about the journey, both negative and positive, so that they don’t feel insecure or suspicious about the goals I’ve set. This especially helps to prevent misunderstandings in the long run due to a lack of explanation.

Pococha Team: I really feel your passion for broadcasting! Even now, it sounds like you’re positively obsessed with broadcasting and growing your community however you can. Why do you think that is?


That’s absolutely right! Up until I go to bed and as soon as I wake up, I think about my viewers and about how I want to broadcast. If I have even a bit of free time, I will start up a broadcast. There is always someone who will come and watch, and I enjoy sharing my life with my viewers!

Some people might think that you have to have everything prepared before broadcasting. However, I think of broadcasting as a window into your real life, so my broadcasts are rather casual. That way I can have a more natural atmosphere with my viewers.

Of course, when I want to show something special or put in some more effort, I’ll broadcast more formally or plan ahead. Still, I also show my vulnerable side, and will sometimes hop on and simply say, “I’m broadcasting because I got lonely and missed you all.” It’s good to have a balance between these two types of broadcasts. 

To be honest, broadcasting takes up 80% – 90% of my life! Even after my broadcast ends, I’ll often go back and review a recording that myself or one of my viewers has taken. I do this to burn into my mind when I successfully make things exciting for my viewers, and to check if I missed reacting to any Items. Sometimes, I’ll rewatch my recordings just because I think they’re funny (lol!). Like watching a favorite video over and over again, I laugh no matter how many times I reread funny comments from my viewers.

Pococha Team: Thank you so much for that insight! Looking forward, do you have any dreams for the future as a broadcaster?


My top dream right now is to gather my experiences as a broadcaster to publish them in a book!

I am confident that the broadcasting industry will continue to expand, and I’m sure that broadcasting has the potential to advance and grow in scope and influence. I’d love to see that happen. However, I cannot push it forward all by myself! 

Just as there are things that I am good at and things that are impossible for me, other broadcasters have their own unique characteristics. I would like to expand the broadcasting industry by working together with other broadcasters, utilizing their strengths while developing my own strengths to take on new challenges and grow this industry together.

At this stage of my life, I feel more proactive, powerful, and confident than I’ve ever been before! It’s thrilling to imagine what the future could hold!

Pococha Team: How exciting — we wish you all the best with your book! Lastly, do you have a message you’d like to give to all your fellow fans, friends, and Pococha users worldwide?


Ideally I want to make broadcasting a proper profession, where when people around the world hear that I’m a broadcaster, they will think, “Wow, how cool!” without questioning the career’s validity. I think being a broadcaster is a dream job, and I want to continue to promote it and watch others give it a try. Doing so is also connected to my personal goals and measures of success, so I want to put my all into making this ideal into a reality.

I hope the world will become a place where people from all walks of life can make use of their talents and be creative. I look forward to broadcasting becoming the go-to platform for those folks, and I hope people casually start broadcasting and others can casually watch broadcasts as part of their daily routine.

In the US, there are still very few people who broadcast as a full-time job. So, it will take a lot of hard work and creativity to bring this opportunity to the masses!

If you’re looking to try broadcasting as a career, know this: although it may be tough, if you challenge yourself to take this road-not-yet-traveled and spearhead this movement into a new era of streaming, I’m sure you’ll be closer to your dreams than you ever thought possible!

In the future, it’d be great if there was an event that brought both broadcasters and viewers together across the world! If that happens, I’d be so happy to meet you. Let’s work together to make broadcasting bigger and better than ever!

Thank you so much to Saayan for the invaluable experience and advice shared in this interview! We wish her all the best in her continued broadcasting career.

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