April Update – New Items!

Thanks for always enjoying Pococha!

April showers bring…… April Items! 🌧🎁

We will be releasing 7 Items in April for the enjoyment of all broadcasters and viewers!

There are many Items that have been requested by all of the users, including a “space” motif, Items to make your broadcaster and broadcasts even more gorgeous, and Items exclusive to Cinco de Mayo! There will also be a new PocoRanger!

We hope you will find your favorite item!

Introducing Space Fighter (333 Coins)

  • Introducing a new item, the Space Fighter (333)!
  • This Item is a Space-themed Item, and works well when used with the current Space Ship Item.
  • Try creating a space battle in your broadcasts between the two Items to excite the broadcaster!

Introducing 3D Heart (1 Coin) / Claim Your Crown! (111 Coins)

  • We’ve created a new series of Items for viewers who want to show the broadcasters how important they are.
  • Including new heart items that are made with 3D graphics!
  • Put this tiara on your broadcaster’s head, and don’t forget to use it alongside the “You are Gorgeous” Item

Introducing Put Your Hands Up! (55 Coins)

  • More of everyone’s favorite party Items are now available.
  • Use” Put Your Hands Up!” in conjunction with “Show Me Your Dance Moves” to liven up your broadcaster’s party!

Introducing PocoRanger Pink (111 Coins)

  • We have a new PocoRanger joining our team of superheroes – PocoRanger Pink is now available.
  • Pink is a hero who attacks enemies by emitting pink light.
  • With your light powers, you can follow your dream at the speed of light!

Introducing Face Challenge (111 Coins) / Name Challenge (111 Coins)

  • These new Items are for viewers who like to challenge their broadcaster to do something exciting!
  • Try challenging the broadcaster to match their face to different emotions.
  • Or like hearing your username called? Hit them with the Name Challenge!

Introducing Cinco de Mayo items

  • Cinco de Mayo is almost here, let’s celebrate!
  • These holiday themed Items will be available for a limited time only.

[Important] For users who have linked your Pococha account to Twitter (Please TRY NOT to log out of Pococha)

Thank you for using Pococha.

This is an important notice for users who have linked their Pococha account to Twitter. Please be sure to read carefully.

Due to recent decisions & actions made by Twitter (X corporation), some 3rd party services (like Pococha) are no longer able to use Twitter’s log in function.

Although this problem has not occurred with Pococha yet, it may happen in the future. Therefor it may be possible that if users log out, they will not be able to log back in via Twitter.

This may cause users with only a twitter login to be unable to access their account.

This is due to Twitter’s (X corporation’s) actions, and while Pococha team cannot predict when the problem will occur, we are doing everything we can to ensure that all Pococha users can use our service with peace of mind.

In this blog, we will update the latest information on “What should users do?” and “How is Pococha handling the issue?”.

What should users do?

  • In the future, you may not be able to log into Pococha using Twitter. Please link your other accounts additionally for backup!
    • Please refer to the following article for instructions
  • If you use Twitter to log in to Pococha, please do not log out of Pococha!
    • If you switch accounts, you may not be able to log in to your original account again!
    • To avoid being automatically logged out of Pococha, please do not buy a new device or delete the app.

What happens if you are logged out and unable to connect Pococha to Twitter?

You will not be able to use services that require you to log in to Pococha until the issue is resolved.

  • You will not be able to broadcast or watch broadcasts
    • Even on the last day of the event, you may not be able to broadcast or watch broadcasts. Please be aware of the above when entering the event and becoming a Poco Knight.
  • You will not be able to apply for diamond cash-out.

How is Pococha handling the issue?

  • We are working on urgent measures to prevent users from being unable to log in using Twitter.
  • As one of the countermeasures, we are developing a function that allows you to link multiple SNS accounts to a single Pococha account. Once it is developed and released, we will inform everyone of the linkage procedure, so please take action!
    • We plan for this feature to allow Twitter login users to login using an alternative SNS. But we must develop this feature first, and we are doing so as quickly as possible.

This update is necessary for future support on the Pococha side. We appreciate your cooperation in this matter.
We will give the highest priority of our attention & work to minimizing the impact on users and ensuring that you can continue to use Pococha with peace of mind.

We will announce further information on this matter in the form of updates to this blog and other announcements.
If you would like to receive the latest updates, please check for new notifications in the Pococha app.

New Event Alert – PocoRanger: Team Alliance!

New Event is coming soon!

Teamwork is the key to this Event. Broadcasters and viewers, work together to get this party going!

Do you like superheroes? How about the PocoRangers?

We have introduced 5 PocoRangers since last year. PocoRed, PocoYellow, PocoBlue, PocoPurple, and PocoGreen! We hope they caught your eye!

Now, these superheroes will be the focus of our newest event.

Use the specified Items, and become the superhero of your favorite broadcaster!

What is PocoRanger: Team Alliance?

During the event, pure viewers can earn special points called “Ranger Points” by sending each one of the 5 PocoRanger Items.

What Do Ranger Points Do?

The more Ranger Points that a broadcaster has, the higher their Event Point Multiplier will increase! This multiplier provide a bonus to ALL of the broadcaster’s Event Points they collect.

For example, if a broadcaster earns 100,000 Event Points and finishes with a multiplier of 1.2. They’ll have a total of 120,000 Event Points!


Requirements to be considered as a pure viewer is as below.

  • Condition 1: Rank is D3 or lower
  • Condition 2: User who does not have any sub-account that is C1 Rank or higher
  • Condition 3: User whose account is registered as a US account

Watch YouTube video explaining the event!

New Top Broadcaster Bonus

At Pococha, we’re always brainstorming new ways to recognize & reward our users.

For the month of April, we will be awarding a new additional Top Broadcaster Diamond Bonus to the Top 25 ranking* broadcasters!

Update: The Top Broadcaster Bonus has been extended into June!

Have you read the Monthly Ranking blog? It is released at the beginning of each month and can be located by clicking on its banner on the home page.

Looking to compete for the Top 25 in April and win the bonus? Be sure to check your progress with the Weekly Ranking articles as well!

The Top 25 broadcasters will receive anywhere from 20,000 to 120,000 Diamonds! For the full list of Top Broadcaster Bonuses, see the chart below.

Let’s create a strategy with our Family to try and reach the Top 25 this month, and earn the awesome bonus.

The new Top Broadcaster Bonus is not a permanent feature, and may be stopped at any time.

Please Note:

  • *Ranking will be determined by rank order on the monthly ranking blog. Please note, this ranking may be different than the ranking that appears on the app’s Monthly Ranking page.
  • To be eligible for the bonus & appear in the ranking, a certain percentage of the total support that the Broadcaster receives must be from viewers registered in the same country as such Broadcaster.
  • Diamonds will be automatically distributed around 10 days after the beginning of the following month.
  • This diamond bonus is currently only for the month of April, but may be continued at Pococha’s discretion.

Updated Feature – New Core Fan Level

We’ve heard from many users who want to be able to reach higher Core Fan and Fan Noise levels after 48K.

So, next month we are introducing a new 50K Core Fan level that will include the new Fan Noise levels of 50K, 52K, 54K, 56K, & 58K!

Additionally, the requirements for many Fan Noise levels below 50K will also be reduced!

The color of the new Core Fan level will be GOLD!

Your strongest supporters will now be able to reach this level and attain this golden recognition.

The new Core Fan level is set to be released on April 1!

Updated Fan Noise Requirements

Below are the requirements to reach the new levels.

We have also lowered the amount of days required for Fan Noise levels between 6K and 48K.

Be sure to share this with your Family and get excited to see that shiny new gold in your broadcasts!

Remember, for each Core Fan level the viewer only needs to complete one of the available Requirements. To reach 50K Core Fan, you can complete Requirement 1 OR Requirement 2 OR Requirement 3.

March Update – New Items!

New Items Are Coming Soon!

It’s time for this month’s biggest update of new Items.

To those of you who attended the Round Table, you got the fist glimpse of these awesome new Items.

Now, they will be joining our awesome lineup next week!

Once again, thank you to all our users who provided feedback about the Purple PocoRanger last month. Please continue to let your voice be heard, and be sure to complete our monthly Item survey!

This month, we’ll be adding 7 new Items to allow broadcasters to create even more amazing Item reactions, and also a new PocoRanger!

These Item will be arriving on March 21.

Rise To The Top! (111 Coins)

We are creating a new series of magical Items. Our first will be this awesome magician.

He casts a spell on the Family and declares a call to action for all “Let’s rise to the top!”. The top of the competition that is!

When you send this Item, think of a positive spell or enchantment you want to conjure on your Family.

Om Nom Cookies (55 Coins)

Recently we released the Yum Yum Pizza Item. Now, we’re bringing another delicous food Item to Pococha.

Everybody loves chocolate chip cookies!

Try catching and munching on the cookies as they fall across the screen. But be careful not to overeat!

Also, the following existing items will be renamed to make it easier for everyone to find and use!

  • Poco Burger → Yum Yum Poco Burger
  • Pancakes -> Yum Yum Pancakes

Let’s keep our broadcasters fed & happy with a variety of food items!

Pocoranger Green (111 Coins)

ANOTHER new PocoRanger is joining the lineup of superheroes.

Meet the Green PocoRanger!

She fights with the power of nature. In your reaction, try mimicking her earthly karate moves!

Rose (5 Coins)

We’re adding a new beautiful rose sticker to our collection.

Give this Item as a gift to those who matter most. The Rose Item works perfectly alongside the You Are A Princess Item! Try it out, but beware of thorns.

Music Festival (111 Coins)

Liven up any broadcast with this incredible new musical Item!

This is a fantastic Item to send to your musical, singing, & performing broadcasters.

Happy Balloon (111 Coins) & Laser Heart (333 Coins)

Introducing 2 new Items that create incredible screen effects.

Use them during a broadcasters performance, or anytime you want to grab the broadcaster’s attention.

Round Table #10 Recap

Hi everyone!

Thank you to everyone who attend our Round Table #10 event. We’re pleased to hear so many users excited about the new Items, Events, and updates!

Here’s a quick recap of everything we covered

PocoAcademy – Join Now!

Our PocoAcademy program has been up and running for a while now, with great success!

We are adding more Poco mentors and beginning a new round of applications for broadcasters. Sign up clicking on the PocoAcademy banner on the home page – it’s live now!

Our PocoAcademy graduates have great results!

During your time at the academy, you’ll learn invaluable skills, tips, and tricks! You’ll also get insights into your Pococha account statistics and analytics that are not available to anyone else!

Here’s a sneak peek at a mini PocoAcademy lesson!

Sign up for PocoAcademy now!

Let’s Talk Items!

One of our favorite parts of Round Table is sharing a sneak peek of new Items. Attendees are the first ones to hear and see which new Items will be arriving on Pococha!

Here’s a quick look at what we’ll be releasing:

A Rose, Cookies, & Music!

Here’s a look at 3 new Items coming in mid-March. A new low-Coin Rose sticker, a cookie Item with falling cookies, and finally a full screen music Item!

Estimated Release Date: March 22

New Challenge Items

Our viewers love Items that challenge the broadcaster to do something!

We’ll be releasing 2 new challenge Items soon in March, the Emoji Challenge and the Name Challenge!

Estimated Release Date: Pending, likely March

New PocoRanger

A new PocoRanger is joining our lineup of super heroes!

This time, she’s green! She’ll use her earthly powers to hype up the broadcast and shout “Can’t stop, won’t stop!”

Estimated Release Date: March 22

New Magic Items

We’ll be releasing a new line of magical Items!

Our first will be a new Magical Wizard Item that encourages supporters to “Riiiiise” to the top of the competition and win!

Estimated Release Date: March 22

Return of a Favorite

You asked for it, we listened. The Magic Castle Item is returning!

We had many users express interest in having the Magic Castle Item return to Pococha. Thank you for letting us know!

The Magic Castle will be returning in early March!

Event Updates

Congrats Grand Championship Winners!

Congrats to our 3 amazing winners of our first Hall of Fame: Grand Championship.

First Place – peacelyse

Second Place – JessicaCymone

Third Place – CKimmoranow

They’ll be packing up and traveling to New York to see their name in lights in the infamous Time Square neighborhood. They’ll also be interviewed for an in-depth winner’s video, receive physical trophies, and awesome profile backgrounds.

We will plan another Grand Championship event soon!

Another LA Time Event

The super popular LA Times Event is returning to Pococha!

Our winners will receive promotion in a full page spread on the historical LA Times’ homepage.

Keep an eye out for this event!

Update: Event Passing Line & Sharable Prizes

There is a new Event rule for the POCOSPOT events, we hope you will read & understand it!

Now, competitors for this Event will need to reach certain Event Point milestones at points during the Event in order to continue competing! Those who are not able to reach the Event Point thresholds by the specified date/time will be removed from the Event.

We are also adding a prize for 4th & 5th place for this Event!


Read our recent blog here for an in-depth explanation of these updates!

Item Counting Reminder


Items take time to be registered & calculated by the Pococha app – especially larger Items!

If Items are tapped too quickly, some may be cancelled any Items that are not counted by our server will be automatically refunded to the user.

Since all users experience the same mechanics during Events, there is no disadvantage to any one user.

Pro Tip: Be sure to prepare plenty of time to send Items, especially at the end of Event. Strategize with your Family to determine the best way to win!

Product Updates

Pinned Family Messages

We’ve added a new feature to Family chats!

Now Family owners & admins can pin important messages inside of chat rooms. To pin or unpin a message, hold down on the message.

Family members can access all the pinned messages in one page by clicking on the three dots in the top right of a Family.

New Core Fan & Fan Noise Levels

We heard from many passionate viewers that they wanted higher Core Fan & Fan Noise levels, so we are creating them!

In March we will create a new 50K Core Fan level, with the ability to reach Fan Noise levels every 2K after that up until 58K!

Now broadcasters’ hardest working supporters can be rewarded with this special exclusive level.

New Feature – Rank Meter Widget

Hello users! We have an exciting new feature to share with you today.

The Rank Meter Widget will be coming soon to a Pococha broadcast near you.

Now available!

Both the broadcaster and viewer must update to version 5.25.3 to see the new feature.

In December, we launched the Rank Meter Ranking page. This offered an exciting new way for users to understand and utilize the Rank Meter to their advantage. Most importantly, the Rank Meter Ranking offered vital & instant information to broadcasters and viewers about their performance.

Now, we are bringing all that important information right into the broadcast!

The new Rank Meter Widget will appear in the top right of a broadcast, and display up to date information about the broadcaster’s Rank Meter Ranking. Users will no longer need to flip back and forth between broadcast and page to collect information.

We hope this new widget will help users more aware of their Rank Meter activity, and will use the information to their advantage!

What Will It Show?

  • Current Rank Meter position.
  • Current amount of daily Support Points.
  • If in +2 position, the numbered rank position of the broadcaster.
  • If in -1, 0, or +1 position – the # of broadcasters above until the next position.
  • Time left until End Time.

Who Can See It?

  • The widget will be shown to the broadcaster and all viewers who meet the normal requirements for seeing the broadcaster’s Rank Meter information.
    • If a broadcaster has a Family with at least 15 members or more, only the Family members will be able to see the widget.
    • If a broadcaster does not have a Family or it has less than 15 members, the widget will be visible to all viewers.
  • If a broadcaster is using a Freeze Pass, the widget will not appear during that End Time period.

Additional Details:

  • Users can access the Rank Meter Ranking page by tapping on the widget.
    • The page will not be accessible while the Rank Meter is being calculated.
  • If a broadcaster is participating in an Event, the Event Widget will be shown in place of the Rank Meter Widget.

February Update – New Items!

You asked for more new Items, so here they are!

We’re adding 5 new Items, including the long-awaited Purple Pocoranger.

February’s New Items:

  • Yum Yum Pizza! (55 coins)
  • Pocoranger Purple (111 coins)
  • Friend Message (33 coins)
  • Brofist (88 coins)
  • Motivative Message (111 coins)

Release Date: Tuesday Feb 14, 5:00 PM PST

Let’s take a closer look and get to know each one.

Yum Yum Pizza

Want to reward your Family for their hard work with a pizza party? Time to use the Yum Yum Pizza Item.

The Item will appear near the broadcaster’s face so they can mimic eating it. Be careful, it might be hot!

Purple Pocoranger

The Pocoranger squad has returned with a brand new member – the Purple Pocoranger.

This femme fatale will make a splash in broadcasts with her water-based abilities. There are now 4 Pocorangers, so use them in combination together and to help excite the community towards victory.

Friendship Items

Last but certainly not least, we’re releasing 3 new Items that are perfect for showing appreciation to the broadcaster or fellow viewers.

Currently, these Friendship Items will only be available for a limited time. But if we see they are popular, we may turn them into permanent Items!

We hope you enjoy the new Items. Keep an eye out for more Items next month!

Event Updates: Shareable Family Prizes & Event Passing Line!

Event Updates

Hello Pococha users!

Thank you for enjoying our events every month.

With the expansion of events, divisions, and those who can get prizes, we’ll be introducing a few updates to keep our events exciting and fun!

So what are the updates? They’re called “shareable Family prize” and “event passing line”!

How do these changes affect the current events? Let’s find out!

What are Shareable Family Prizes?

The shareable Family prize event is a new type of Pococha merch event.

If you win shareable Family prize events, you can share the prizes with your supporters, friends, and more via URL! Some of you may already know of this new event from our December 2022 Family Blanket and Family Mug events.

How Do Shareable Family Prizes Work?

The shareable Family prize is usually awarded to high-Rank winners to spread their love and appreciate the support they get from viewers.

How do you share prizes? It’s easy!

  1. Pococha sends URLs for each prize to the winners via email
  2. Winners use the URLs for themselves or share them with current/potential supporters, friends, or anyone they like (1 URL per person)
  3. Recipients fill in the shipping information via the URL
  4. Pococha sends the prizes according to the information provided


  • The form must be filled out by the deadline to receive the prize
  • If the prize is sent back to us with an undeliverable address, we will not resend the package
  • Packages cannot be delivered to the PO box, so please use the residential address

What is the Event Passing Line?

The Event Passing Line is a target number of event points that must be earned within a specific period of time during some events.

If you do not reach these targets, you will be automatically withdrawn from the event and will not be able to re-enter the event.

Even if you are withdrawn automatically, you will be still listed on the event ranking page are able to join a different event.

First Event with the Event Passing Line: POCO SPOT Atlanta

Our first event with this new challenge will be the POCO SPOT: Local Atlanta Billboard event.

It will indeed be a challenge, but your efforts will be rewarded!

For broadcasters:

Even if you do not rank in the top 3, 4th and 5th place broadcasters will be rewarded with a special profile theme.

For viewers:

The top 3 viewers will be rewarded by having their usernames together with the the photo of broadcaster they supported on the billboard.

The Pococha community is growing and getting stronger. We believe you can take on this new challenge. Remember to utilize the Family chat function to build event strategies with your Family, be prepared, and work together to achieve the team goal!

Look Forward to More Cool Prizes and Spread Love!

We are excited to create new events and introduce cool prizes every month!

They could be specially customized with the broadcaster’s information, original swag you cannot get anywhere else, or have top supporters’ usernames to remind everyone of the unforgettable exciting moments during events.

Stay tuned and join our events!

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