Coin Bonus For New Users

We’ve released a new feature. Now new users can earn a Coin bonus with their first 2 purchases of $0.99!

Here’s how it works:

  • When new users make a purchase of $0.99 (140 Coins), they’ll receive a 300 Coin bonus!
  • New users can receive this bonus for their first 2 purchases.
  • New users are defined as accounts that have registered within the past 30 days.
  • Only New users who created their accounts after May 9 PDT are eligible.
  • The bonus will appear on the user’s Coin purchase screen if they are eligible.

Broadcasters and top supporters, this is a great way to inspire new viewers to make their first Coin purchase!

Try something like “Hey I see you’re new to Pococha. Did you know you can help the broadcaster achieve their goals by sending Items? There is a Coin bonus for new users, it’s only $0.99 – you should try it!”

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