Core Fan Requirement Updates

Starting June 2023, we will be changing the amount of days required for certain Core Fan/Fan Noise levels.

Why Are We Changing This?

We have heard feedback from users that the number of days viewers needed to wait until they could hit certain Fan Noise levels was too long. Many users called this a “day lock” requirement.

Previously viewers were not able to reach and enjoy the higher levels until later in the month.

We have listened to this feedback from users and decided to change it!

What Is Changing?

The “earliest day in the month” required to reach some levels has been greatly reduced.

For example, viewers used to be required to wait 5 days before they could reach 15K Fan Noise. Now, there will be no day requirement for 15K level or 20K level!

Similarly, the 25K Fan Noise level will now be only 5 days instead of 15 days. And the 50K level, 20 days instead of 25 days.

Please see the table below for the new requirements for all levels!

These new requirements will be in effect from June 2023 onward, until further notice.

We hope these lowered requirements will allow viewers to enjoy higher Fan Noise levels more and reach them earlier in the month! Broadcasters, let’s encourage viewers to reach higher levels earlier in the month as well – and honor those who do!

Thank you for helping us improve Pococha.

Changes To Country Accessibility

Recently we announced a new update regarding user’s ability to access other countries.

This update is being implemented to help combat some recent increases in behavior that could create an unfair environment for our users.

What is changing?

The expected date of the update will be sometime in June.

After this update, only users who are registered in the US will be able to watch US broadcasters. This also means that US users will not be able to watch broadcasts of users who are registered in other countries.

This change will increase the security and integrity of competition in each country.

Recently we have seen an increase in the amount of scam-like behavior that is intended to try and cheat the system by taking advantage of the ability to visit Pococha in other countries.

This behavior can negatively affect the competition in US by artificially inflating the Rank Meter, making Events unfair, creating toxic broadcast environments, and so on.

Why is it changing?

The US app has some of the best & largest benefits for broadcasters and viewers. This is why many users from other countries often try to abuse the system by creating fake US account.

For example, a broadcaster who lives in Japan or India may create a US account and try to receive all their support from their original country still.

This broadcaster is trying to take advantage of the great perks in the US, but they do not have much real support in the US. We feel this is not fair to broadcasters who do live in the US.

We want programs such as the Refer A Friend program, Top Broadcaster Bonus, Daily Login Coins, etc to continue to be offered to our US users. If they were to continue to be abused by cross-country users, we may have to stop them.

This is why we believe the better action is to restrict the ability for users to access Pococha in other countries.

Additionally, we believe that it would be a more fair environment for viewers to only have to compete against other viewers in their same country.

The Pococha app in Japan has been around for longer, and there are lots of much “older” viewers who could create unfair situations if they support US broadcasters.

In the original notification announcing the restriction, we included a sentence that said the reasoning was due to a language barrier.

While this is one of the many reasons for the change, it was not the only one. The other reasons, stated above, were mistakenly left out of the notification. We apologize for any misunderstandings or confusion this caused.

What about my favorite broadcasters or viewers from other countries?

However, this does mean that some US broadcasters may lose support that comes from non-US viewers.

This is why we are making this announcement in advance, so that communities can plan ahead for the change.

We also understand that this change will prevent users who enjoy watching broadcasters in other countries from doing so.

We do want Pococha to be an open place for all to discover many different cultures. However we decided currently it is more important to protect the security and integrity of competitions.

We encourage users to stay in contact and continue communicating with international friends by other means.

Thank you for reading this article!

We hope it has helped you understand the reasons for why we are making this change, and how it will help protect the security and integrity of our competitions.

Our mission is to create the most secure competitive environment for our users.

The expected release of this update will likely be around mid-June. After that point, users will not be able to access broadcast, broadcaster profile, or any parts of the Pococha app that are not in the same country as they have registered.

May Update – New Items

It’s a new month… and that means new Items!

This time, we are announcing:

  • Two limited-time 2nd Anniversary Items that will be released from May 20-27.
  • Six new regular Items that will be released on May 23.

Arriving May 20

Did you know that Pococha will be turning 2 years old in the US on May 26?

We’re releasing two new exclusive Items to celebrate. Let’s use these during the the week leading up to and especially on our anniversary date!

Be sure to bring the anniversary fun into your broadcasts all week.

  • Happy Anniversary(5 Coins)
  • 2nd Anniversary(111 Coins)

Release Date: Sat May 20 at 6pm until Sun May 27 11:59pm Pacific Time

Arriving May 23

Prefer Items that stick around longer? We’ve got 6 new Items for you!

  • You Are My Family Challenge(111 Coins)
  • Let’s Be A Family(111 Coins)
  • We’re Getting Stronger!(111 Coins)
  • 3D Star(1 Coin)
  • Now Rock It Out(55 Coins)
  • Catch Us If You Can!(111 Coins)

Release Date: Tue May 23 6pm Pacific Time

3D Star(1 Coins)

On Pococha, even the 1 Coin Items can still be cool! Liven up the broadcasts with this sparkling star Item, and encourage all viewers to join the fun.

Now Rock It Out(55 Coins)

Here’s a perfect Item for our musician broadcasters and viewers. Get a whole concert going in your broadcast!

Catch Us If You Can!(111 Coins)

Are you pulling ahead in the competition and want to celebrate? Use the Catch Us If You Can Item and relish in your imminent victory!

We’re Getting Stronger!(111 Coins)

Are you ready for an all-new magical Item? Send the new We’re Getting Stronger Item when you can feel the energy of the broadcast rising and everyone’s powers increasing.

2 New Challenge Items

Introducing You Are My Family Challenge(111 Coins)and Let’s Be A Family(111 Coins)

These new challenge Items are great ways for a viewer to inspire a broadcaster to thank their Family and show gratitude to all supporters!

May Updates Announcement – Changes To Viewer Rankings Coming Soon

Hey users!

We have a TON of new changes coming to Pococha soon. So let’s take some time to cover each one in detail so you can know what to expect!

Most of the changes were developed to help Pure Viewers and provide them with more visibility, recognition, and exclusivity across the app.

We’re also releasing some new features that will allow New Viewers to have their own rankings so they do not have to compete against bigger or long-standing viewers.

These updates are related to Viewer Rankings across the app.

With these updates, Pure Viewers & New Viewers will have more opportunities to appear on Viewer Rankings, and they will not have to compete with broadcasters or “older” viewers.

We are also releasing new features to honor viewers, and a few other small tweaks to make ranking more convenient. Let’s take a closer look!

These updates are likely to be released in mid-June, but we wanted to announce them now! Please note the release date and specific details are subject to change.

What is a Pure Viewer?

In this article, we discuss the concept of a Pure Viewer quite often.

A Pure Viewer is a viewer who does not broadcast, or who is Rank D3 and lower. We use the term Pure Viewer to differentiate this type of user from broadcasters who also watch and support other broadcasters.

Here’s a quick overview of the new updates:

  1. Changes To Viewer Ranking Eligibility
  2. Changes To Viewer Ranking Period
  3. Announcing “New Viewer” Ranking Feature
  4. Announcing New In-Broadcast Ranking Notifications For Viewers
  5. Changes To Event Top Fan Ranking

1. Viewer Ranking Eligibility Updates

In order to provide Pure Viewers with more recognition, we are updating our requirements for users to appear in a few Viewer Rankings around the app.

Previously, some broadcasters who sent lots of Items would appear on Viewer Rankings. We found it was counterintuitive to have a ranking system that included both broadcasters and Pure Viewers.

Broadcasters will still be able to send Items, but we wanted to ensure that there was a special ranking for those who are only supporters!

Additionally, only viewers who are registered in the US will now appear on the US Viewer Rankings.

With these changes, Pure Viewers on the app will be able to see their rankings as compared only to other Pure Viewers and not against broadcasters.

Release Date: This update is expected to occur sometime in June.

Two New Requirements For Viewer Rankings

  1. User must be a Pure Viewer
  2. User must have registered in the US

Which Rankings Will Be Affected?

  1. Viewer Daily, Weekly & Monthly Fan Noise Ranking (Crown icon in top right of Home page)
  2. Viewer Item Ranking (User Profile → Core Fans/Fan Noise → Items)

Additional Notes:

  • For Viewer Daily, Weekly & Monthly Fan Noise Ranking, if a user becomes “not a Pure Viewer” at any time during the specified period, they will be removed from the ranking for that period.
    • For example, a user who is D3 may appear in the monthly ranking. But once they become C1 Rank they will no longer appear in the monthly ranking for that month. If they become D3 again however, they can reappear in the rankings the next month.
  • For the Total Item Ranking, the user will disappear once they are not a Pure Viewer, but can reappear once they drop below C1 again.

To learn more about these changes, please check out the Viewer Ranking FAQ here.

2. Viewer Ranking Time Period Update

Previously, the time period for “Daily Item Ranking” for viewers in a broadcast was decided by the first hour of the day to the last hour of the day of the Japan timezone.

We decided that this was not an enjoyable experience for US viewers. So, we will be changing the period to align with US End Time!

Now, the “Daily Item Ranking” for viewers will count all Items sent during the 24 hours from beginning of End Time to end of it.

In the summer, End Time is 9PM Pacific Time

In the winter, End time is 8PM Pacific Time

Release Date: This update is expected to occur sometime in June.

Which Rankings Will This Affect?

  1. Daily Viewer Item Ranking (User Profile → Core Fans/Fan Noise → Items)

Old Period: 00:00 – 23:59 Japan Standard Time

New Period:

  • During Daylight Savings Time (Summer): 9:00pm – 8:59pm Pacific Time
  • During Standard Time (Winter): 8:00pm – 7:59pm Pacific Time

3. “New Viewer” Ranking Feature

The current Viewer Rankings are great, but often it can be hard for new viewers to appear on them.

So, we are creating an entirely new category – exclusively for new viewers!

There will now be 3 Ranking categories – Broadcaster, Viewer, & New Viewer.

Broadcasters, this is a great chance to inspire and encourage your new viewers to try and appear on the rankings inside your Family and on the app’s Ranking page.

Release Date: This update is expected to occur sometime in June.

Who Is Considered A New Viewer?

  • Any users who has the green/yellow “N” next to their username.
  • User must be a Pure Viewer.
  • Users will be considered New Users until they meet either of the following conditions:
    • They reach level 8.
    • The first day of the month after they registered has passed.

Which Rankings Will This Affect?

  1. Viewer Daily, Weekly & Monthly Fan Noise Ranking (crown icon in top right of Home page)
  2. Viewer Item Ranking (User Profile → Core Fans/Fan Noise → Items)

To learn more about the New Viewer Ranking, please read our Viewer Ranking FAQ here.

4. In-Broadcast Ranking Notifications For Viewers

We have heard feedback that viewers would like to be notified whenever they increase their ranking.

Currently, viewers must check the Daily Viewer Item Ranking on a broadcaster’s profile to see what position they are in.

So, we’d have created a feature that will notify all users in the broadcast whenever a viewer increases their Ranking on the Daily Viewer Item Ranking.

The Daily Viewer Item Ranking shows a ranking of all a broadcaster’s viewers, and compares the value of Items they have sent during the current End Time.

Now, a notification will appear in the broadcaster’s live stream whenever one of these viewers increases their ranking.

For example, a notification will look like:

“[Viewer Username] has gone up to 7th place in the Daily Viewer Item Ranking! 👏”

This is a great new way for broadcasters to celebrate a viewer’s success! Since notifications will also appear for New Viewers who rank up on the New Viewer Ranking – we can encourage them to keep up the good work!

Remember, only Pure Viewers will appear on these rankings after the current update.

Release Date: This update is expected to occur sometime in June.

Which Rankings Will This Affect?

  1. Daily Viewer Item Ranking (User Profile → Core Fans/Fan Noise → Items)
  2. Daily New Viewer Item Ranking (User Profile → Core Fans/Fan Noise → Items)

5. Event Top Fan Ranking Update

This update will affect which users which appear in a broadcaster’s “Top Fans” section when they are participating in an event.

Currently, all viewer types appear in this ranking.

Similar to the previously mentioned updates, we will be changing the requirements of this ranking to allow for Pure Viewers to receive more recognition and not have to compete with other broadcasters.

Now, only Pure Viewers will appear on this page as Top Fans during an Event.

Release Date: This update is expected to occur around May 28.

Which Rankings Will This Affect?

  1. A broadcaster’s ”Event Top Fans” ranking page when they are participating in an event.

April Event Winners

Congratulations to our April event winners!

Check out who won the events last month and think about which event you should challenge/support this month!

You can take some screenshots and share them with your Family and followers on social media!

#Pococha #PocochaEvent

Coin Bonus For New Users

We’ve released a new feature. Now new users can earn a Coin bonus with their first 2 purchases of $0.99!

Here’s how it works:

  • When new users make a purchase of $0.99 (140 Coins), they’ll receive a 300 Coin bonus!
  • New users can receive this bonus for their first 2 purchases.
  • New users are defined as accounts that have registered within the past 30 days.
  • Only New users who created their accounts after May 9 PDT are eligible.
  • The bonus will appear on the user’s Coin purchase screen if they are eligible.

Broadcasters and top supporters, this is a great way to inspire new viewers to make their first Coin purchase!

Try something like “Hey I see you’re new to Pococha. Did you know you can help the broadcaster achieve their goals by sending Items? There is a Coin bonus for new users, it’s only $0.99 – you should try it!”

Receive A Special Pococha 2nd Anniversary Profile!

Wow! Can you believe it’s been almost two years since we launched?
Time really flies, doesn’t it?

To show our appreciation for our amazing community who made this possible, we’re giving out a special 2nd anniversary profile! How can you get the profile? It’s simple – just hang out with us on Pococha!

How To Receive The 2nd Anniversary Profile:

  • Broadcast or watch broadcasts for at least 30 mins on either Thu May 11, or Fri May 12.
  • All users who complete this will receive the profile by May 22.

Then, add the background to your profile and celebrate our 2nd Anniversary with us on Fri May 26.

Let’s celebrate together with the community by setting this profile before the anniversary date.
Thank you for being part of our community and let’s keep the good times rolling! 🎉🎉🎉

Happy 2nd Anniversary!
, The Pococha Team

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