April Update – New Items!

Thanks for always enjoying Pococha!

April showers bring…… April Items! 🌧🎁

We will be releasing 7 Items in April for the enjoyment of all broadcasters and viewers!

There are many Items that have been requested by all of the users, including a “space” motif, Items to make your broadcaster and broadcasts even more gorgeous, and Items exclusive to Cinco de Mayo! There will also be a new PocoRanger!

We hope you will find your favorite item!

Introducing Space Fighter (333 Coins)

  • Introducing a new item, the Space Fighter (333)!
  • This Item is a Space-themed Item, and works well when used with the current Space Ship Item.
  • Try creating a space battle in your broadcasts between the two Items to excite the broadcaster!

Introducing 3D Heart (1 Coin) / Claim Your Crown! (111 Coins)

  • We’ve created a new series of Items for viewers who want to show the broadcasters how important they are.
  • Including new heart items that are made with 3D graphics!
  • Put this tiara on your broadcaster’s head, and don’t forget to use it alongside the “You are Gorgeous” Item

Introducing Put Your Hands Up! (55 Coins)

  • More of everyone’s favorite party Items are now available.
  • Use” Put Your Hands Up!” in conjunction with “Show Me Your Dance Moves” to liven up your broadcaster’s party!

Introducing PocoRanger Pink (111 Coins)

  • We have a new PocoRanger joining our team of superheroes – PocoRanger Pink is now available.
  • Pink is a hero who attacks enemies by emitting pink light.
  • With your light powers, you can follow your dream at the speed of light!

Introducing Face Challenge (111 Coins) / Name Challenge (111 Coins)

  • These new Items are for viewers who like to challenge their broadcaster to do something exciting!
  • Try challenging the broadcaster to match their face to different emotions.
  • Or like hearing your username called? Hit them with the Name Challenge!

Introducing Cinco de Mayo items

  • Cinco de Mayo is almost here, let’s celebrate!
  • These holiday themed Items will be available for a limited time only.

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