End of Linked Twitter Features

Hello from the Pococha Team!
Thank you for using Pococha.

Today, we’ll be talking about the upcoming end to linked Twitter features (broadcast announcement tweets, hashtag tweets, and the “Share This on Twitter” button).



This is part of our response to recent Twitter changes.
Click the link for more details.

Discontinued Features

Broadcast announcement tweets: Automatically post a tweet when a broadcast starts.

Hashtag tweets (A4 Rank broadcasters and above):
Hashtags added to broadcasts are posted on Twitter every 15 minutes.

“Share This on Twitter” button:
Share broadcasts directly to Twitter when live.


Week of April 17

* We will make an announcement when the features have been removed.

Sharing on Social Media

Instead of only being able to live share broadcasts to Twitter, users will continue to be able to share broadcasts on different social media platforms (including Twitter).

[How to Live Share Your Broadcasts]

1. Tap the “^” button on the bottom left of the broadcasting screen.

2. Tap “Share this Broadcast”.

3. Choose the social media you want to share to.

* Your broadcaster name, broadcast title, link, etc. will automatically be added.

* You can still share to Twitter.

In order to live share your broadcasts, you will need to update to the latest app version (TBA).

If you have not updated to the latest app version, you may get an error when you tap “Share to Twitter”.

As Twitter continues to change, these features may stop working earlier than planned. The features may still show up on Pococha even though they cannot send tweets. These buttons will disappear or change after updating to the latest app version.

If features end earlier than planned, we will make an announcement.

We thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

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