New Event Alert – PocoRanger: Team Alliance!

New Event is coming soon!

Teamwork is the key to this Event. Broadcasters and viewers, work together to get this party going!

Do you like superheroes? How about the PocoRangers?

We have introduced 5 PocoRangers since last year. PocoRed, PocoYellow, PocoBlue, PocoPurple, and PocoGreen! We hope they caught your eye!

Now, these superheroes will be the focus of our newest event.

Use the specified Items, and become the superhero of your favorite broadcaster!

What is PocoRanger: Team Alliance?

During the event, pure viewers can earn special points called “Ranger Points” by sending each one of the 5 PocoRanger Items.

What Do Ranger Points Do?

The more Ranger Points that a broadcaster has, the higher their Event Point Multiplier will increase! This multiplier provide a bonus to ALL of the broadcaster’s Event Points they collect.

For example, if a broadcaster earns 100,000 Event Points and finishes with a multiplier of 1.2. They’ll have a total of 120,000 Event Points!


Requirements to be considered as a pure viewer is as below.

  • Condition 1: Rank is D3 or lower
  • Condition 2: User who does not have any sub-account that is C1 Rank or higher
  • Condition 3: User whose account is registered as a US account

Watch YouTube video explaining the event!

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