Round Table Recap – April 2023

Thank you to everyone who attended the Round Table!

This was one of our most jam-packed events so far with over 20 new Items being announced, awesome Event updates, and new product features!

For those who were unable to attend, we’re providing a recap here!

  1. PocoAcademy Mini Lessons!
    1. Lesson 1: Creatively Encouraging Item Usage
    2. Lesson 2: Understanding the New Viewer Journey
  2. Poco Spotlight
  3. Let’s Talk Items
    1. Let’s Power Up!
    2. Now Rock It Out!
    3. Catch Us If You Can
    4. Items For Pride Month
  4. Event Updates
    1. Congratulations Winners of Hall of Fame: Grand Championship!
    2. Homecoming Event
    3. Prizes For 5th & 10th Place
    4. PocoKnight Makeover
  5. New Product Updates
    1. Coin Bonus For New Users
    2. Viewer Ranking Notificatios
    3. New April Features Reminder
  6. Q&A Section
    1. Q: Why does Pococha move the meter so much?
    2. Q: Users are reporting me for no reason, unfair!
    3. Q: Is Pococha shutting down? I heard a rumor
    4. Q: Will Pococha allow broadcasters to stream from a computer?
    5. Q: When will there be new Items? Japan has way more!
    6. Q: It seems like Pococha doesn’t want broadcasters to support each other, why?

PocoAcademy Mini Lessons!

PocoAcademy is our one-stop shop for broadcasters to level up their skills! For those who haven’t tried out the program yet, we wanted to offer some quick mini lessons to help improve your broadcasting techniques.

Lesson 1: Creatively Encouraging Item Usage

Lesson 2: Understanding the New Viewer Journey

Poco Spotlight

Each Round Table, we want to start honoring terrific broadcasters and viewers in the community.

This time, our honored broadcaster is itzmeltv! Congrats 👏👏👏.

Here’s some of her recent accomplishments:

  • In 7 weeks, itzmeltv💙🎼🦹🏽‍♀️🪩👑, went from A2 to A5 
  • She doubled her core fans, increased her Fan Noise and took her content to the next level
  • During the program she implemented a new set up, props and core fan prizes for her community. 
  • She has reached 730K Fan Noise
  • 1st Place in the dance profile challenge
  • Grew her community tremendously on Pococha

And he’s a quick video from itzmeltv about her time int he PocoAcademy. We look forward to honoring more users at our next event – who will it be?

Let’s Talk Items

We have SO MANY new Items to announce, let’s get started!

First off, we announced 10 new Items that are being released the week of April 24. You can learn about them here in our recent announcement blog!

We also gave our attendees a first look sneak peek at some Items we are planning to release in May. They also had the chance to provide feedback and help us improve them before launch!

Here’s a quick look at some of the May Items we plan to release, more info coming soon!

Let’s Power Up!

  • We recently reletaed our first Magician Item, Rise To The Top, now we have another one joining!
  • She’ll release a huge energy beam while inspiring the broadcast to “power up!”

Now Rock It Out!

  • This new guitar Item is sure to be loved by our musical broadcasters!

Catch Us If You Can

  • We have a racecar Item arriving!
  • Use this Item when you pull ahead in a competition and dare others to catch you!

Items For Pride Month

  • Here’s a first look at 3 new Items we plan to release in June for Pride month!
  • Let’s celebrate & be proud of ourselves and others.

Event Updates

Now, let’s talk about Events. We have some awesome updates to bring you.

Congratulations Winners of Hall of Fame: Grand Championship!

Check out their interview video here.

Homecoming Event

Our next biggest event, the Pococha Homecoming, is coming up soon!

The winners will appear on a billboard in the famous Chinese Theater neighborhood of Hollywood, California.

15 competitors will battle it our for the top prize. Want to try? Only those who place in the Top 5 of the Hall of Fame events for April, May, and June will be able to compete in the August Homecoming event. So don’t miss out!

Prizes For 5th & 10th Place

We are now giving away prizes for random places underneath 1st-3rd place. Usually this is 5th and 10th place for some Event!

Use this as an opportunity to inspire your Family to continue working hard to try and claim the prize! In 15th place? Try to get to 10th to win the pin!

PocoKnight Makeover

We are looking to give our PocoKnights a makeover!

Thanks to everyone who provided feedback to our first drafts of these new Items. We’ll use your opinions to continue recreating them!

Here’s a first look at our ideas for the new Items! Please note, these are not the final designs, and are likely to change.

New Product Updates

We have some exciting new features coming out soon that we’d like to share. The details of these new features are still being decided, and the release dates are subject to change.

Coin Bonus For New Users

To help our broadcasters incentivize new viewers to send their first Item, we want to provide bonus Coins to them!

The bonus would look soemthing like this:

  • New user who registered within past 30 days makes their first Coin purchase
  • When they purchase $1 worth of Coins they receive 140 Coins.
  • As a bonus, we provide them with 300 extra Coins as well!
  • They will receive this bonus for up to 2 times.

Again, the details of this feature are being finalized, but this is the general idea!

We expect to release this feature in mid-May.

Viewer Ranking Notificatios

Broadcasters get to compete in the Ranks, so why can’t viewers?

Good news! We plan to introduce a system that will allow viewers to compete inside a single broadcast. A notification will appear each time a viewer has increased their ranking.

This feature is expected to release in late-May.

New April Features Reminder

Don’t forget about all our awesome features that were already released this month in April.

  1. 50K Core Fan Level – inspire your viewers to work hard and be the first in Pococha history to reach this level!
  2. Top 25 Broadcaster Bonus – be one of the top 25 broadcasters for the month of April and receive a bonus of up to 120,000 Diamonds!
  3. Return of Refer-A-Friend Program – Invite your friends to Pococha and you could both win 5,000 Coins each! Learn more & how to do it on our blog here.

Q&A Section

Thank you to all the users who submitted questions when they registered for the Round Table. We’d like to provide responses to some of the most asked questions!

Q: Why does Pococha move the meter so much?

We get this question every Round Table, but are happy to answer again! 

Pococha is a communication gaming app where broadcasters and their supporters compete to see who can create the most support. Pococha does not directly move the meter, it increased when broadcasters are competing to Rank up. 

Only a certain percentage of broadcasters can earn Rank Points each day, so they must compete to win. 

Remember, a creator is competitive on any platform whether they know it or not.  At Pococha. the competition is out in the open!

Pococha’s Philosophy

Direct competition is the best way for creators to earn support, grow their communities, and achieve their goals!  Daily communication between a broadcaster and their fans is the best way to strengthen connection.

We want to be an app for people that agree with this, and are rewarded from it!

Q: Users are reporting me for no reason, unfair!

Thank you for bringing this up.

Pococha’s moderation team conducts a full investigation for every report sent to us.

If there is no violation, no action or punishment is taken! There are no negative consequences for being reported many times, or for reporting/blocking others many times. 

Only when there is an actual violation!

Q: Is Pococha shutting down? I heard a rumor

This is most definitely a rumor!

No, Pococha US is not shutting down. In fact, we are growing faster than ever!

We have recently hired a lot more staff, included a top executive from Japan who has moved to the US to focus on taking the app to the next level here! We can’t wait to show you what we have in store for the rest of this year, and the years after!

Q: Will Pococha allow broadcasters to stream from a computer?

Thank you for your suggestion! 

Currently we do not plan to focus on creating this feature, but it is possible in the future!

We want to focus on creating the best mobile experience first.

There are many other apps that allow different kinds of content with computer streaming. But one of Pococha’s best qualities is the deep intimate communication our broadcasters provide because it is only them on the screen! 

Q: When will there be new Items? Japan has way more!

We’re happy our users want more Items! We just announced over 20 new Items today! 

Many of which were taken from Japan Pococha. We are slowly bringing over popular Items from Japan, there were some in last month’s Item release as well! 

The Japan community is much larger and users Items in creative and strategic ways. As the US community grows and becomes experts in items, the amount of Items will also increase!

Which Japan Items would you like to see? 

Q: It seems like Pococha doesn’t want broadcasters to support each other, why?

We get this question a lot as well! 

First, Pococha does not prohibit broadcasters supporting each other. But, we do want to strongly discourage broadcasters relying on support from each other.

There are many ways to support each other that doesn’t involve spending money!  Support another broadcaster to inspire and motivate them, not to be their crutch for maintaining a certain Rank.

If you take a look at many competitor apps, the broadcasters are usually only successful because of the huge “trading” networks they form.

Pococha does not want to be this kind of app. We want to focus on being an app that values authenticity and genuine communication between a broadcaster and their fans. 

We do not want a creator to feel indebted to others in order to succeed. This is why we have a function in place that discourages broadcasters from sending Items to each other.

Thanks again to all who attended. We hope you can make the next Round Table!

April Update – New Items!

Thanks for always enjoying Pococha!

April showers bring…… April Items! 🌧🎁

We will be releasing 7 Items in April for the enjoyment of all broadcasters and viewers!

There are many Items that have been requested by all of the users, including a “space” motif, Items to make your broadcaster and broadcasts even more gorgeous, and Items exclusive to Cinco de Mayo! There will also be a new PocoRanger!

We hope you will find your favorite item!

Introducing Space Fighter (333 Coins)

  • Introducing a new item, the Space Fighter (333)!
  • This Item is a Space-themed Item, and works well when used with the current Space Ship Item.
  • Try creating a space battle in your broadcasts between the two Items to excite the broadcaster!

Introducing 3D Heart (1 Coin) / Claim Your Crown! (111 Coins)

  • We’ve created a new series of Items for viewers who want to show the broadcasters how important they are.
  • Including new heart items that are made with 3D graphics!
  • Put this tiara on your broadcaster’s head, and don’t forget to use it alongside the “You are Gorgeous” Item

Introducing Put Your Hands Up! (55 Coins)

  • More of everyone’s favorite party Items are now available.
  • Use” Put Your Hands Up!” in conjunction with “Show Me Your Dance Moves” to liven up your broadcaster’s party!

Introducing PocoRanger Pink (111 Coins)

  • We have a new PocoRanger joining our team of superheroes – PocoRanger Pink is now available.
  • Pink is a hero who attacks enemies by emitting pink light.
  • With your light powers, you can follow your dream at the speed of light!

Introducing Face Challenge (111 Coins) / Name Challenge (111 Coins)

  • These new Items are for viewers who like to challenge their broadcaster to do something exciting!
  • Try challenging the broadcaster to match their face to different emotions.
  • Or like hearing your username called? Hit them with the Name Challenge!

Introducing Cinco de Mayo items

  • Cinco de Mayo is almost here, let’s celebrate!
  • These holiday themed Items will be available for a limited time only.

March Event Winners

Congratulations to our March event winners!

Check out who won the events last month and think about which event you should challenge/support this month!

You can take some screenshots and share them with your Family and followers on social media!

#Pococha #PocochaEvent

End of Linked Twitter Features

Hello from the Pococha Team!
Thank you for using Pococha.

Today, we’ll be talking about the upcoming end to linked Twitter features (broadcast announcement tweets, hashtag tweets, and the “Share This on Twitter” button).



This is part of our response to recent Twitter changes.
Click the link for more details.

Discontinued Features

Broadcast announcement tweets: Automatically post a tweet when a broadcast starts.

Hashtag tweets (A4 Rank broadcasters and above):
Hashtags added to broadcasts are posted on Twitter every 15 minutes.

“Share This on Twitter” button:
Share broadcasts directly to Twitter when live.


Week of April 17

* We will make an announcement when the features have been removed.

Sharing on Social Media

Instead of only being able to live share broadcasts to Twitter, users will continue to be able to share broadcasts on different social media platforms (including Twitter).

[How to Live Share Your Broadcasts]

1. Tap the “^” button on the bottom left of the broadcasting screen.

2. Tap “Share this Broadcast”.

3. Choose the social media you want to share to.

* Your broadcaster name, broadcast title, link, etc. will automatically be added.

* You can still share to Twitter.

In order to live share your broadcasts, you will need to update to the latest app version (TBA).

If you have not updated to the latest app version, you may get an error when you tap “Share to Twitter”.

As Twitter continues to change, these features may stop working earlier than planned. The features may still show up on Pococha even though they cannot send tweets. These buttons will disappear or change after updating to the latest app version.

If features end earlier than planned, we will make an announcement.

We thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

[Important] For users who use Twitter accounts to log in to Pococha, please link your new account.

Thank you for using Pococha.

If you are using a Twitter account to log in to Pococha, please follow the instructions below as soon as possible to link other social media Accounts.

Due to recent changes from Twitter (X Corporation), the ability to log in with Twitter is no longer available for some services. This problem has not affected Pococha yet, but it may affect us in the future.

* Please click here for the latest update on how Pococha is handling the issue.

How to link your Apple or Google account

① Update the app

From the Apple Store or Google Play Store, search for “Pococha” and update the app to “version 5.29.3” or higher.

* If the version is not reflected in the app store, please check back at a later time.

② Open your settings from your profile.

Tap your account in the upper left corner of the home screen, and then click the gear mark in the upper right corner to open your settings.

③ Select “Link new” from “Link New Account”.

* If the “Link New Account” button does not appear, it may be due to one of the following reasons:

・The version of Pococha is below 5.29.2.

Please update Pococha and try again.

・You do not log in with Twitter (LINE, Google account, etc.).

You are not eligible for linking multiple accounts.

④ Sign in with one of the following accounts.

・Apple ID

・Google account



*As of app version 5.29.3, LINE and Facebook have been added, and the OS restriction on linking a Google account or Apple ID has been removed.

* If you are experiencing sign-in errors, the following are possible causes:

・The Apple account or Google account is already linked to another Pococha account.

Please create a new Apple or Google account and try again.

・The version of Pococha is below 5.29.2.

Please update Pococha and try again.

・You do not log in with Twitter (LINE, Google account, etc.).

You are not eligible for linking multiple accounts.

Please link additional accounts as soon as possible by following the above.


Q. What should I do if my Apple or Google account is linked to another Pococha account?

A. Please create a new Apple account or Google account on your own.

Q. If my current account is linked to an SNS account other than Twitter, can I link it to my Google account?

A. No, you cannot. This is an emergency response for those who are linked with Twitter, so those who are currently linked with other SNS accounts such as LINE or Apple accounts will not be able to use this function.

Q. How do I create a Google account or Apple ID?

A. Please contact each company’s support for information on how to create a Google account or Apple ID.

[Important] For users who have linked your Pococha account to Twitter (Please TRY NOT to log out of Pococha)

Thank you for using Pococha.

This is an important notice for users who have linked their Pococha account to Twitter. Please be sure to read carefully.

Due to recent decisions & actions made by Twitter (X corporation), some 3rd party services (like Pococha) are no longer able to use Twitter’s log in function.

Although this problem has not occurred with Pococha yet, it may happen in the future. Therefor it may be possible that if users log out, they will not be able to log back in via Twitter.

This may cause users with only a twitter login to be unable to access their account.

This is due to Twitter’s (X corporation’s) actions, and while Pococha team cannot predict when the problem will occur, we are doing everything we can to ensure that all Pococha users can use our service with peace of mind.

In this blog, we will update the latest information on “What should users do?” and “How is Pococha handling the issue?”.

What should users do?

  • In the future, you may not be able to log into Pococha using Twitter. Please link your other accounts additionally for backup!
    • Please refer to the following article for instructions
  • If you use Twitter to log in to Pococha, please do not log out of Pococha!
    • If you switch accounts, you may not be able to log in to your original account again!
    • To avoid being automatically logged out of Pococha, please do not buy a new device or delete the app.

What happens if you are logged out and unable to connect Pococha to Twitter?

You will not be able to use services that require you to log in to Pococha until the issue is resolved.

  • You will not be able to broadcast or watch broadcasts
    • Even on the last day of the event, you may not be able to broadcast or watch broadcasts. Please be aware of the above when entering the event and becoming a Poco Knight.
  • You will not be able to apply for diamond cash-out.

How is Pococha handling the issue?

  • We are working on urgent measures to prevent users from being unable to log in using Twitter.
  • As one of the countermeasures, we are developing a function that allows you to link multiple SNS accounts to a single Pococha account. Once it is developed and released, we will inform everyone of the linkage procedure, so please take action!
    • We plan for this feature to allow Twitter login users to login using an alternative SNS. But we must develop this feature first, and we are doing so as quickly as possible.

This update is necessary for future support on the Pococha side. We appreciate your cooperation in this matter.
We will give the highest priority of our attention & work to minimizing the impact on users and ensuring that you can continue to use Pococha with peace of mind.

We will announce further information on this matter in the form of updates to this blog and other announcements.
If you would like to receive the latest updates, please check for new notifications in the Pococha app.

New Event Alert – PocoRanger: Team Alliance!

New Event is coming soon!

Teamwork is the key to this Event. Broadcasters and viewers, work together to get this party going!

Do you like superheroes? How about the PocoRangers?

We have introduced 5 PocoRangers since last year. PocoRed, PocoYellow, PocoBlue, PocoPurple, and PocoGreen! We hope they caught your eye!

Now, these superheroes will be the focus of our newest event.

Use the specified Items, and become the superhero of your favorite broadcaster!

What is PocoRanger: Team Alliance?

During the event, pure viewers can earn special points called “Ranger Points” by sending each one of the 5 PocoRanger Items.

What Do Ranger Points Do?

The more Ranger Points that a broadcaster has, the higher their Event Point Multiplier will increase! This multiplier provide a bonus to ALL of the broadcaster’s Event Points they collect.

For example, if a broadcaster earns 100,000 Event Points and finishes with a multiplier of 1.2. They’ll have a total of 120,000 Event Points!


Requirements to be considered as a pure viewer is as below.

  • Condition 1: Rank is D3 or lower
  • Condition 2: User who does not have any sub-account that is C1 Rank or higher
  • Condition 3: User whose account is registered as a US account

Watch YouTube video explaining the event!

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