Becoming a Top Viewer for a Top Broadcaster! ft. CEO of Cougartown & Her Community

Behind every A5 broadcaster is a Family that works day and night to lift them and their community to the stars. But how does this kind of Family operate, and how can viewers have this sort of impact?

To learn more about this, we interviewed A5 broadcaster CEO of Cougartown and one of her most dedicated Family members, Bratlord!

CEO and her powerful community have won numerous events and titles. Now, she’s known as one of the top broadcasters on the app! Let’s take a look at how that came to be.


Welcome, CEO of Cougar Town and Bratlord! It is great to have you here today!
So, CEO: you’re pretty famous on the app for having one of the most hard-working and dedicated Families around. Can you tell me about your Family?

CEO of Cougar Town:

Yes! I have to say, my Family members are awesome. We became really close with each other while spending so much time together on this app. They’ve genuinely become my real family. I care about them so much that I literally know everything about my Family members, and what’s going on in their daily lives. They are always in my broadcast to pick me up when I’m having bad days, and I’m always here to lift them up in return if they need it. Our bond is so tight.

We’ve also gone through so many competitions and events together. They support me so much that I really feel I need to be successful for them, to repay them for all they do for me! They always tell me “I believe in you!” and “If anyone can do it, you can!”, so losing just isn’t an option. I refuse to let them down. I think that mindset is what’s helped us all find success as a collective.

It’s not just about the Items, though — many people don’t realize that from the outside looking in. I want my Family to know that our friendship is always first when it comes to this app. I want and need them to be a part of my life, and to experience this wild journey with me. It wouldn’t be happening without them. So I always appreciate the folks who show up to my broadcasts every day, even if they can’t support me with Coins!


Was there any specific turning point where you remember thinking, “Wow, I couldn’t have done this without them”?

CEO of Cougar Town:

I always wanted to try going for a Hall of Fame event. When I found out about the Hall of Fame in LA, I knew that was my shot to make it; it’s my hometown, so it was most meaningful for me. Thanks to my Family members that showed up in a MASSIVE way, I won the Hall of Fame event and got to be on a billboard! As if that win wasn’t enough, someone from an agency approached me after seeing this win and offered me a contract with them. I was SO shocked!

So, at my age, here I am signing with an agency, and getting a chance to be in commercials again. That’s wild. Now I have this new door reopened for me by coming to Pococha. The previous streaming apps I’ve tried never had this sort of impact. And this is all thanks to this amazing community we’ve built together here! That was the biggest moment for me, but there have been so many others since.

CEO of Cougar Town with LA Billboard


Thank you so much, CEO of Cougar Town! Wow, that is such an amazing story. It’s incredible that your dreams are coming true all over again — and most importantly, that your Family members are the ones who lifted you up to get there!

Let’s dive deeper into the story of your tight-knit Family to see how this came to be.


Thanks for joining the interview, Bratlord! So, you’re one of CEO of Cougartown’s biggest supporters. We noticed that you and your fellow Family members work together to support CEO as a community. Can you tell me what you do to support her?


Sure. So, we all support Mia (aka CEO of Cougar Town) but in various ways. Of course we need to support her with Items, but we don’t stop there.

For example, I will never be a social director, but I will always be a technical advisor in her Family to help any new viewers who struggle to understand the app. This is because I’m good at learning how mechanisms and systems work. I read every blog and any information the Pococha staff provides. I’m pretty sure I could literally host the Round Table for you guys! (laughs)

I also observe the Rank Meter and read all the available literature on how it functions. I’ve gotten to estimate pretty accurately how the Meter will slide for the day, and always help Mia strategize as to how much we need to achieve her daily goal.

Also, we’ve developed a channel called Ask the Brat, where new people can ask any questions they have about the app, and I’ll step in to answer. This is the role I can best play, so it makes me happy to have this outlet that also helps Mia to find more success.

To be honest, though, I get overwhelmed in social situations sometimes, and I’m not so good at contributing in the comments. But there are other viewers who are much better in that department. Each of the Family members contributes to the broadcast according to their strengths.

Screenshot from Ask the “Brat” channel


Wow, that is amazing! You have such a robust system in place. Can you tell me some more about the other Family members and their roles?


Sure — like I said, each of the family members contributes to Mia as they can. But it’s not all through Items. We all try to capitalize on our own skills to improve the whole. For example, Angie is the greeter; she welcomes in new viewers a lot. Mrs. Robinson gets the whole hype thing, so she makes sure everyone’s having fun communicating and helps the stream energy stay up. Dave is the biggest feeler; he holds the heart of the broadcast, and helps to support other viewers who are going through a tough time. It’s like a real community.

This is only a small part of the Family, though; we all do much more, and step in to help wherever needed. The important thing is to contribute what you can.


Thank you so much Bratlord! Lastly: what makes you and the other Family members want to do all these things?


It’s simple, honestly. We want to see Mia succeed, and see her professional success. I’m invested in making that happen. If there is anybody that I feel is deserving in life, it’s Mia. That is a general consensus within our Family; we all want her to take off, because we see how hard she works and know the potential in her. Everything we get from Mia is 100% authentic and honest. She cares about us, learns about us, talks to us, and supports us in return. That’s why we all come back, and why the bond has grown there. It’s a real Family.

CEO of Cougar Town:

I can’t just let him have the last word here either! (laughs) Bratlord is right; the Family is just so special. We’ve shared laughter and tears, ups and downs, and they’ve been by my side every step of the way. You don’t realize until you’re in it just what a massive impact it can have on your life. It’s the most beautiful gift anyone could ever have, this friendship I have found on Pococha. They’ve been there for every day with me, and now I can’t imagine a day without them being part of my life. They’re never getting rid of me — like Brat said, we’re real Family now!


That is so sweet, and so insightful! Thank you!

Our thanks to CEO of Cougartown and Bratlord for these insights into their incredible community!

Viewers and broadcasters, take note: with a bit of collaboration, communication, and heart, this type of Family could be yours too! ❤️

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