Updated Feature – New Core Fan Level

We’ve heard from many users who want to be able to reach higher Core Fan and Fan Noise levels after 48K.

So, next month we are introducing a new 50K Core Fan level that will include the new Fan Noise levels of 50K, 52K, 54K, 56K, & 58K!

Additionally, the requirements for many Fan Noise levels below 50K will also be reduced!

The color of the new Core Fan level will be GOLD!

Your strongest supporters will now be able to reach this level and attain this golden recognition.

The new Core Fan level is set to be released on April 1!

Updated Fan Noise Requirements

Below are the requirements to reach the new levels.

We have also lowered the amount of days required for Fan Noise levels between 6K and 48K.

Be sure to share this with your Family and get excited to see that shiny new gold in your broadcasts!

Remember, for each Core Fan level the viewer only needs to complete one of the available Requirements. To reach 50K Core Fan, you can complete Requirement 1 OR Requirement 2 OR Requirement 3.

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