March Update – New Items!

New Items Are Coming Soon!

It’s time for this month’s biggest update of new Items.

To those of you who attended the Round Table, you got the fist glimpse of these awesome new Items.

Now, they will be joining our awesome lineup next week!

Once again, thank you to all our users who provided feedback about the Purple PocoRanger last month. Please continue to let your voice be heard, and be sure to complete our monthly Item survey!

This month, we’ll be adding 7 new Items to allow broadcasters to create even more amazing Item reactions, and also a new PocoRanger!

These Item will be arriving on March 21.

Rise To The Top! (111 Coins)

We are creating a new series of magical Items. Our first will be this awesome magician.

He casts a spell on the Family and declares a call to action for all “Let’s rise to the top!”. The top of the competition that is!

When you send this Item, think of a positive spell or enchantment you want to conjure on your Family.

Om Nom Cookies (55 Coins)

Recently we released the Yum Yum Pizza Item. Now, we’re bringing another delicous food Item to Pococha.

Everybody loves chocolate chip cookies!

Try catching and munching on the cookies as they fall across the screen. But be careful not to overeat!

Also, the following existing items will be renamed to make it easier for everyone to find and use!

  • Poco Burger → Yum Yum Poco Burger
  • Pancakes -> Yum Yum Pancakes

Let’s keep our broadcasters fed & happy with a variety of food items!

Pocoranger Green (111 Coins)

ANOTHER new PocoRanger is joining the lineup of superheroes.

Meet the Green PocoRanger!

She fights with the power of nature. In your reaction, try mimicking her earthly karate moves!

Rose (5 Coins)

We’re adding a new beautiful rose sticker to our collection.

Give this Item as a gift to those who matter most. The Rose Item works perfectly alongside the You Are A Princess Item! Try it out, but beware of thorns.

Music Festival (111 Coins)

Liven up any broadcast with this incredible new musical Item!

This is a fantastic Item to send to your musical, singing, & performing broadcasters.

Happy Balloon (111 Coins) & Laser Heart (333 Coins)

Introducing 2 new Items that create incredible screen effects.

Use them during a broadcasters performance, or anytime you want to grab the broadcaster’s attention.

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