Strategy For Success: Capturing New Viewers

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Broadcasters, have you ever struggled to grow your community? Have viewers who don’t engage? Want to increase the size of your support? – We’re here to help!

Today, we’ll be focusing on the importance of capturing new viewers and the best methods to keep them coming back.

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New Viewers – Take ‘Em or Leave ‘Em?

Take ‘em of course!

The single most important factor in a broadcaster’s growth is their ability to convert new viewers into diehard supporters. Broadcasters who don’t cater to new viewers often grow stagnant or fall in Rank.

If you only think about your immediate goals (ex: “hitting +1 today”) then your community may not expand as you like. Focusing solely on your current supporters might create too much pressure or expectation on them to be responsible for your continued growth and success.

This is why it is important to reserve some energy to focus on new viewers who, when turned into fans, will help you grow without forcing your current supporters to work even harder.

Without a strategy for engaging with new viewers, they are likely to quickly swipe past your broadcast and never return.

This is why you must have a different strategy for speaking to new viewers as opposed to current supporters! So, plan on creating an exciting way to communicate what you want to achieve and how the new viewer can help.

Think “Why should this new viewer care about me, and what can I offer them in return for their support in helping me succeed?”

A great metaphor is to imagine your supporters as a pyramid! You cannot make the pyramid higher unless you make it wider at its base first. Turning new viewers into supporters is the only way to expand that base!

The Ideal New Viewer Journey

Some broadcasters are naturals at capturing the attention of new viewers. But others need a little help!

So, we have created the Ideal New Viewer Journey as a tool to succeed. Learning, understanding, and using this journey is a sure way to increase your chances of acquiring fresh new supporters.

We’ll quickly provide an overview of the journey, then breakdown each part with some helpful tips & examples. Let’s begin!

1. Moment of Arrival

The average new viewer spends only about 2-3 seconds in a broadcast before they decide to stay or leave. As a broadcaster, you must quickly grab their attention.

Tip #1: New viewers need to feel warmly welcomed and included immediately

  • Call out the new viewer by their username as soon as you notice them!
  • Don’t force the viewer to comment or use Items, but gently invite them to engage in a way that suits your broadcasts and your personality.
    • “Feel free to comment if you’d like!”
    • “If you stick around for a bit, you’ll earn free Coins in a PocoBox! You could even try using an Item on me with those Coins, if you feel like it… 😉”

Tip #2 – Give priority to the new viewers and talk to them first

  • Stop the conversation going on in the broadcast for a moment to welcome the new viewer(s).
  • Keep in mind that new viewers have extremely short attention spans. It’s also VERY easy to scroll through broadcasters with just the flick of a finger! If you don’t address them quickly, they could leave before you greet them!
  • Note: They need time to get used to this app and observe communication, so don’t force them to leave comments right away! Let them stay and engage at their own pace.

Tip #3 – Give the viewer some time to “chill”

  • An overwhelming welcome can scare away viewers actually, so don’t do too much.
  • Let them watch or a bit to see how the broadcast works.
  • Then reach out after a while to ask them a question and check in with them. Appropriate time (3-5 mins)
  • This doesn’t mean DON’T talk to new viewers however, it just means to give them space after an initial hello. Greet them then in a bit raise a topic or question that they can comment and join!

2. Turn Lurkers Into Engagers

Viewers are often very very shy and not likely to actively engage in communication. So as a broadcaster you need to have patience with them.

Tip #1 – Reintroduce them into conversation if they’ve been quiet for a bit

  • “Hey ___! How are you? Are you getting used to the app? Any questions?”
  • “What do you think about [current conversation topic], __?”
  • “Hey ___, how’s your week been? Anything fun happen? Any plans for the weekend?”

Tip #2 – Introduce yourself!

  • Talk about your hobbies, special skills, content of your broadcast, fun facts about yourself, etc.

Tip #3 – Ask them about themselves — make communication personal!

  • Note: Viewers tend to stick to a broadcaster with whom they have a personal communication and who they feel “recognizes” them.
  • No need to aggressively ask questions if they aren’t willing to share! Sometimes just the show of interest is enough; connections will naturally deepen with time.

Tip #4 – Offer to answer questions about Pococha!

  • Use this as an opportunity to educate new viewers a bit! Tell them that Pococha is a communication app, where we talk together with everybody. Reassure them that it’s not scary, and that you’re excited to get to know them
  • Teach the viewer about Pococha, explain what Items are and how they help your goal, explain PocoBoxes and how the viewer can earn free Coins to support you.

Tip #5 – Ask your top supporters to help communicate with the new viewer, after they have had time to chill.

  • The supporters can say hi to the new viewer in the chat, ask them questions, and introduce themselves.

Tip #6 – Most Important: Focus on what the viewer wants to discuss, and listen.

  • Don’t only talk about what you want.
  • If the viewer doesn’t want to talk, that’s ok! Let them lurk for a bit longer than try again later. Never give up!

3. The First Goodbye

When your new potential supporter exits the broadcast for the first time, it’s important to give them a proper sendoff!

Tip #1 – Make sure to ask them to follow you! VERY IMPORTANT

  • Viewers are a lot more likely to return if they receive a notification for when you go live.
    • NOTE: Some phones automatically disallow apps from sending notifications! Regularly remind your viewers (new and regular) to check their phone settings and make sure they allow notifications from Pococha.
  • Don’t forget to invite them to your next broadcast and say you’ll be looking for them to say hi and continue conversation!
  • Show the viewer where the Follow button is! Point to it in the broadcast and thank them once they do it. It should show in the chat!
    • [Show graphic of where follow button it]
  • DATA
    • If the viewer follows, they are 25% more likely to return
    • Yukiko has this data. We will add it here.

Tip #2 – Remind viewers to say goodbye before they leave!

  • One issue that some broadcasters have is they have “lurker” viewers who leaves without announcing it. Make sure to tell new viewers in advance to say “bye” before leaving so that you can say goodbye too.
  • Psychologically, it will make the new viewer feel as if they already have a connection with the broadcaster, and it will ask them to agree to a sort of “social contract” when they are already agreeing to “help” the broadcaster in a way.
  • This also holds the new viewer accountable — they may feel guilty if they don’t say goodbye, which increases their chance of engaging.

Tip #3 – Share your next broadcast schedule with the viewer

  • “I will broadcast tomorrow at 8pm I hope you will join!”
  • Also encourage the viewer to check out your profile for your schedule and more information.

4. The Reunion

If your potential supporter returns a second time, it means they’re very likely to turn into a regular supporter. Be sure to treat this moment very carefully.

Tip #1 – Do whatever you can to reference their first visit!

  • Call them by name and recall any conversations you had, personal info they mentioned, or fun moments they witnessed. Viewers are much more likely to connect with & commit to a broadcaster when they think, “They remembered me!”
    • Say, “I remember you from the last time you were here!”
    • Say, “That’s right; we talked about ___ last time!”

Tip #2 – Tell them you want to know more about them!

  • Ask your viewers questions, and take notes on what they say! Build a genuine connection with them, and offer info about yourself in return.
  • Take notes on the person’s hobbies, background, birthdays, and conversations you’ve had before.
    • Don’t be afraid to let people see you taking notes, or to tell them you’re taking notes! You might think it’s rude, but it actually conveys a sense of dedication that will make your viewers certain that you’re paying close attention to them.
  • We also suggest writing down your viewers’ birthdays on a calendar and having a “birthday party” every month!

Tip #3 – Be more straightforward than usual when communicating through a screen!

  • Some broadcasters may feel uncomfortable being so straightforward when telling viewers that they’re “glad they’re back” or give blunt compliments/observations. This is necessary in a digital environment to make sure that your feelings are coming across despite the distance. It may feel awkward at first, but it is actually comforting and reassuring for the viewer to be certain of how you (the broadcaster) feels.

New Viewer Becomes New Supporter

If the Ideal New Viewer Journey is followed and executed, your new viewers are going to be a lot more likely to turn into supporters.

Try these tips out during your next broadcasts. Also encourage your other supporters to learn about the journey and treat new viewers in the same way.

We hope these tips have helped!

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