Round Table #10 Recap

Hi everyone!

Thank you to everyone who attend our Round Table #10 event. We’re pleased to hear so many users excited about the new Items, Events, and updates!

Here’s a quick recap of everything we covered

PocoAcademy – Join Now!

Our PocoAcademy program has been up and running for a while now, with great success!

We are adding more Poco mentors and beginning a new round of applications for broadcasters. Sign up clicking on the PocoAcademy banner on the home page – it’s live now!

Our PocoAcademy graduates have great results!

During your time at the academy, you’ll learn invaluable skills, tips, and tricks! You’ll also get insights into your Pococha account statistics and analytics that are not available to anyone else!

Here’s a sneak peek at a mini PocoAcademy lesson!

Sign up for PocoAcademy now!

Let’s Talk Items!

One of our favorite parts of Round Table is sharing a sneak peek of new Items. Attendees are the first ones to hear and see which new Items will be arriving on Pococha!

Here’s a quick look at what we’ll be releasing:

A Rose, Cookies, & Music!

Here’s a look at 3 new Items coming in mid-March. A new low-Coin Rose sticker, a cookie Item with falling cookies, and finally a full screen music Item!

Estimated Release Date: March 22

New Challenge Items

Our viewers love Items that challenge the broadcaster to do something!

We’ll be releasing 2 new challenge Items soon in March, the Emoji Challenge and the Name Challenge!

Estimated Release Date: Pending, likely March

New PocoRanger

A new PocoRanger is joining our lineup of super heroes!

This time, she’s green! She’ll use her earthly powers to hype up the broadcast and shout “Can’t stop, won’t stop!”

Estimated Release Date: March 22

New Magic Items

We’ll be releasing a new line of magical Items!

Our first will be a new Magical Wizard Item that encourages supporters to “Riiiiise” to the top of the competition and win!

Estimated Release Date: March 22

Return of a Favorite

You asked for it, we listened. The Magic Castle Item is returning!

We had many users express interest in having the Magic Castle Item return to Pococha. Thank you for letting us know!

The Magic Castle will be returning in early March!

Event Updates

Congrats Grand Championship Winners!

Congrats to our 3 amazing winners of our first Hall of Fame: Grand Championship.

First Place – peacelyse

Second Place – JessicaCymone

Third Place – CKimmoranow

They’ll be packing up and traveling to New York to see their name in lights in the infamous Time Square neighborhood. They’ll also be interviewed for an in-depth winner’s video, receive physical trophies, and awesome profile backgrounds.

We will plan another Grand Championship event soon!

Another LA Time Event

The super popular LA Times Event is returning to Pococha!

Our winners will receive promotion in a full page spread on the historical LA Times’ homepage.

Keep an eye out for this event!

Update: Event Passing Line & Sharable Prizes

There is a new Event rule for the POCOSPOT events, we hope you will read & understand it!

Now, competitors for this Event will need to reach certain Event Point milestones at points during the Event in order to continue competing! Those who are not able to reach the Event Point thresholds by the specified date/time will be removed from the Event.

We are also adding a prize for 4th & 5th place for this Event!


Read our recent blog here for an in-depth explanation of these updates!

Item Counting Reminder


Items take time to be registered & calculated by the Pococha app – especially larger Items!

If Items are tapped too quickly, some may be cancelled any Items that are not counted by our server will be automatically refunded to the user.

Since all users experience the same mechanics during Events, there is no disadvantage to any one user.

Pro Tip: Be sure to prepare plenty of time to send Items, especially at the end of Event. Strategize with your Family to determine the best way to win!

Product Updates

Pinned Family Messages

We’ve added a new feature to Family chats!

Now Family owners & admins can pin important messages inside of chat rooms. To pin or unpin a message, hold down on the message.

Family members can access all the pinned messages in one page by clicking on the three dots in the top right of a Family.

New Core Fan & Fan Noise Levels

We heard from many passionate viewers that they wanted higher Core Fan & Fan Noise levels, so we are creating them!

In March we will create a new 50K Core Fan level, with the ability to reach Fan Noise levels every 2K after that up until 58K!

Now broadcasters’ hardest working supporters can be rewarded with this special exclusive level.

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