New Feature – Rank Meter Widget

Hello users! We have an exciting new feature to share with you today.

The Rank Meter Widget will be coming soon to a Pococha broadcast near you.

Now available!

Both the broadcaster and viewer must update to version 5.25.3 to see the new feature.

In December, we launched the Rank Meter Ranking page. This offered an exciting new way for users to understand and utilize the Rank Meter to their advantage. Most importantly, the Rank Meter Ranking offered vital & instant information to broadcasters and viewers about their performance.

Now, we are bringing all that important information right into the broadcast!

The new Rank Meter Widget will appear in the top right of a broadcast, and display up to date information about the broadcaster’s Rank Meter Ranking. Users will no longer need to flip back and forth between broadcast and page to collect information.

We hope this new widget will help users more aware of their Rank Meter activity, and will use the information to their advantage!

What Will It Show?

  • Current Rank Meter position.
  • Current amount of daily Support Points.
  • If in +2 position, the numbered rank position of the broadcaster.
  • If in -1, 0, or +1 position – the # of broadcasters above until the next position.
  • Time left until End Time.

Who Can See It?

  • The widget will be shown to the broadcaster and all viewers who meet the normal requirements for seeing the broadcaster’s Rank Meter information.
    • If a broadcaster has a Family with at least 15 members or more, only the Family members will be able to see the widget.
    • If a broadcaster does not have a Family or it has less than 15 members, the widget will be visible to all viewers.
  • If a broadcaster is using a Freeze Pass, the widget will not appear during that End Time period.

Additional Details:

  • Users can access the Rank Meter Ranking page by tapping on the widget.
    • The page will not be accessible while the Rank Meter is being calculated.
  • If a broadcaster is participating in an Event, the Event Widget will be shown in place of the Rank Meter Widget.

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