Event Updates: Shareable Family Prizes & Event Passing Line!

Event Updates

Hello Pococha users!

Thank you for enjoying our events every month.

With the expansion of events, divisions, and those who can get prizes, we’ll be introducing a few updates to keep our events exciting and fun!

So what are the updates? They’re called “shareable Family prize” and “event passing line”!

How do these changes affect the current events? Let’s find out!

What are Shareable Family Prizes?

The shareable Family prize event is a new type of Pococha merch event.

If you win shareable Family prize events, you can share the prizes with your supporters, friends, and more via URL! Some of you may already know of this new event from our December 2022 Family Blanket and Family Mug events.

How Do Shareable Family Prizes Work?

The shareable Family prize is usually awarded to high-Rank winners to spread their love and appreciate the support they get from viewers.

How do you share prizes? It’s easy!

  1. Pococha sends URLs for each prize to the winners via email
  2. Winners use the URLs for themselves or share them with current/potential supporters, friends, or anyone they like (1 URL per person)
  3. Recipients fill in the shipping information via the URL
  4. Pococha sends the prizes according to the information provided


  • The form must be filled out by the deadline to receive the prize
  • If the prize is sent back to us with an undeliverable address, we will not resend the package
  • Packages cannot be delivered to the PO box, so please use the residential address

What is the Event Passing Line?

The Event Passing Line is a target number of event points that must be earned within a specific period of time during some events.

If you do not reach these targets, you will be automatically withdrawn from the event and will not be able to re-enter the event.

Even if you are withdrawn automatically, you will be still listed on the event ranking page are able to join a different event.

First Event with the Event Passing Line: POCO SPOT Atlanta

Our first event with this new challenge will be the POCO SPOT: Local Atlanta Billboard event.

It will indeed be a challenge, but your efforts will be rewarded!

For broadcasters:

Even if you do not rank in the top 3, 4th and 5th place broadcasters will be rewarded with a special profile theme.

For viewers:

The top 3 viewers will be rewarded by having their usernames together with the the photo of broadcaster they supported on the billboard.

The Pococha community is growing and getting stronger. We believe you can take on this new challenge. Remember to utilize the Family chat function to build event strategies with your Family, be prepared, and work together to achieve the team goal!

Look Forward to More Cool Prizes and Spread Love!

We are excited to create new events and introduce cool prizes every month!

They could be specially customized with the broadcaster’s information, original swag you cannot get anywhere else, or have top supporters’ usernames to remind everyone of the unforgettable exciting moments during events.

Stay tuned and join our events!

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