New Feature – End Time Effect

Hello Pococha family!

Recently we added a new effect to broadcasts that appears when a viewer reaches a new Core Fan level. The effect gets bigger and better as the Core Fan level increased. We’ve received amazing feedback that this new effect is well-loved by the community!

The Core Fan Effect helps both viewers and the broadcaster celebrate together when a user Cores up!

So, we’re introducing another new effect for broadcasts – the End Time Effect!

Learn Your Meter Result in an Exciting Way!

This new effect will appear if the broadcaster earns a 0, +1, or +2 on the meter.

It will be displayed a few minutes after End Time closes, when the results of the meter have been calculated and decided. This usually takes about 2 minutes, but can sometimes take longer.

An exciting new animation will appear to all viewers and announce the number of Rank Points earned! Now, viewers & broadcaster won’t have to check the Rank Meter to see their resul

Honor Your Top Viewers

Additionally, the End Time Effect will show the photos of the broadcaster’s top 3 fans of the day.

This is a great chance for broadcasters to share an exciting and memorable moment with their viewers. What an amazing experience for a viewer to see their name in lights and know they helped the broadcaster achieve their goals that day.

Broadcasters, encourage your viewers to join your broadcast right before End Time and watch the new End Time Effect together.

Estimated Release Date: Monday Feb 5 PST

Here’s what the +2 Rank Point Effect will look like!

Conditions To Appear As A Top Viewer:

  • Pure Viewer – Users with a rank of D3 or lower as of the previous day
  • The Top 3 viewers will be determined by number of Coins users during that End Time period.
  • A viewer must use at least 1 Coin to appear.
  • If the number of Coins used by viewers is tied, the viewer with the longer viewing time will rank higher.

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