Round Table #9 Q&A

Hi everyone!

Thank you to everyone who attend our Round Table #9 event. We’re pleased to hear so many users excited about the new Items, Events, and updates!

In this blog, we will provide a review of the Round Table event and answer questions submitted to us from the community.

Here’s an overview of the topics we covered:

Rank Meter Ranking Overview

The new Rank Meter Ranking feature was released in December, but we were finally able to discuss it with our users at this Round Table!

This new feature allows users to see more details about the Rank Meter including which broadcasters they are competing with. It also helps explain the mechanics of the meter by showing how other broadcaster’s activity can increase the amount of Support Points needed for each border level.

For the best overview of how this new feature works, read our more in-depth blog here!

Once you understand how to use the Rank Meter Ranking, you can utilize it to create improved goals and find success!

Rank Meter Ranking Tips:

  1. Incorporate the feature into your daily goals. For example, tell your supporters things like “We only have 12 more broadcasters in front of us until we reach +1, let’s do it!”
  2. Assign Family Members the important job of watching your activity on the Rank Meter Ranking page. Have them report back in the broadcast chat or Family chat!

New Items

We always love to announce new Items during our Round Table. But first, let’s look back at all the incredible Items we’ve released since the last Round Table! Which one was your favorite?

We also released 5 new Items this week! We hope you enjoy them.

Now time for the coming soon Items! Drumroll……

New PocoRanger

Our next big Item is the…… Purple PocoRanger!

Here’s a sneak peek at what the final Item might look like.

We’ve heard that everyone loves the PocoRangers, so we decided to make more. What better way to hype up the Family than with our very own Poco superheroes! Stay tuned for other kinds of rangers coming soon to Pococha!

Purple PocoRanger will be arriving to Pococha sometime in February.

Friendship Items

Next up, we announced 3 brand new friendship Items. Perfect for viewers to celebrate the amazing connections they have with the favorite broadcaster.

Which one do you want to send?

The new friendship Items will also arrive sometime in February.


Finally, we announced another new Item – It’s Pizza Time.

Treat your Family to a hard earned pizza party after a competition well-won. They’re sure to love this tasty new Item! Coming soon in February.

Event Updates

Hall of Fame: Grand Championship

Congrats to all 9 of our recent HoF winners who are eligible to compete in our first & largest event yet – HoF: Grand Championship.

Broadcasters will battle to see who can take home the title of Pococha Grand Champion, win a trip to New York for an interview, and see their name in lights in the Broadway neighborhood.

Round of applause for all our competitors!


Our local billboard Event, POCO Spot, is getting an upgrade!

First, we have an all-new design that is sure to capture the attention of all. Check it out!

Additionally, we will now add the names of the top 3 supporters of each broadcaster during the event.

This is a great way to motivate viewers to support – they can appear on the billboard right next to their favorite broadcaster!

Merch Events: Viewers Can Be Sent Prizes!

We heard feeback that A Rank broadcasters also wanted to participate in merch events. So we have created new divisions!

Additionally, A Rank broadcasters will receive extra copies of the merch they win. They’ll be sent a URL link which can be given out to anyone they like – including their favorite viewers.

The chosen recipient will then be automatically shipped the matching prize! This is another great way to motivate viewers to support during Events! Imagine matching Poco merch for the broadcaster and the viewer!

Feature Updates

We’re excited to announce two new product updates that will help improve the Pococha experience!

New Effect – Meter Result!

Recently we added a new effect to broadcasts that displayed whenever a viewer reached a new Core Fan level. We were excited to hear this effect was well-loved by the community.

So, we’re introducing another new effect for broadcasts – the Meter Result!

This new effect will be displayed a few minutes after End Time closes, when the results of the meter are calculated and decided.

An exciting new animation will appear, and announce the result of the meter to all the viewers in the room.

This is a great chance for broadcasters to share an exciting and memorable moment with their viewers. Encourage viewers to join your broadcast right before End Time!

Estimated Release: February

New Broadcast Widget – Rank Meter Ranking

We’ll also be introducing a new widget to the top right section of broadcasts.

The Rank Meter Ranking Widget will show all the important information about the Rank Meter. Now the broadcaster and viewers won’t have to leave the broadcast in order to see all the info!

Strategically use the info to create new goals with your Family.

Estimated Release Date: February

Join PocoAcademy!

Have you heard about PocoAcademy?

It’s the best way for broadcasters to learn the ins & outs of Pococha, Rank up, and find success!

PocoAcademy is a weekly 1 on 1 meeting with a Pococha mentor. If you haven’t already, sign up now! The sign up banner will be periodically posted inside Pococha.

Not convinced? Read these articles from recent PocoAcademy graduates.

All three of these POCO ACADEMY graduates are now Rank A5!

If you want to rank up, maintain a high Rank,  increase your Core Fans, and build a bright community with ample support, then these articles are for you!

Here’s some more confessionals from our graduates!

Reminder – Broadcaster to Broadcaster Support

While we do not prohibit broadcasters from supporting each other, we encourage broadcasters to do it in ways other than sending Items.

Pococha defines two types of users on the app:

Pure Viewer = Viewer or broadcaster under C1 Rank

Pure Broadcaster = Broadcaster C1 Rank or higher

Items received from Pure Viewers are worth 100% of their value. While Items sent from Pure Broadcasters are subject to a drastic & exponential reduction in value.

Recently we have heard more broadcasters engaging in mutual gifting or “core for core” behavior. We have also heard of broadcasters attempting to bully or threaten others into mutual support agreements.

We discussed this topic in detail last year, but we’d like to remind users why this behavior is strongly discouraged.

Items from Pure Viewers are always worth 100% in Support Points!

Items received from C1+ broadcasters will be subject to a drastic decrease in value of Support Points as more are received during the End Time period.

Please note: Pococha actively investigates & takes action against any improper usage of multiple accounts.

Pococha strives to be a platform that creates the next generation of creators & influencers

We have observed communities of broadcasters supporting each other, and these communities tend not to be sustainable or good for the broadcaster in the long run.

Therefore, we want our platform to be a place where authentic communities of a creator and their fans are able to find success!

So, we devalue Items sent from broadcasters.

Broadcasters have many other ways to support each other that does not have to involve using their own money to maintain the success of others.

Q&A From Round Table #9

We spent the last hour of the Round Table allowing users to submit and vote on each other’s questions. Here are the top asked questions and our discussions with users!

Q: Will the invite codes be rolled out again with more control ? They were great for new pure viewers to learn the app & buy more gifts.

We’re glad you enjoyed the invite codes. We were seeing some malicious use of this program so we suspended it, and we’re thinking about ways to combat that malicious use. We want to bring this program back, and when we do get it going again we hope you will all let us know if there are people out there using the program in negative ways.

Q: Can all broadcasters have blue and red boxes for consistent viewers ???? Maybe higher combos?

These boxes are for new broadcasters who are struggling to get their first fans, to help them get their viewers. We are not considering making this available to existing broadcasters. We plan to create a functions and a culture that celebrates viewers in a continuous way.

Q: Can y’all bring back the castle Item back?

We’re so happy to hear the users loved this Item. We will take this feedback and look into the possibility of bringing back the Castle Item if it is really popular with users.

We’re currently prioritizing increasing items and create communication between the broadcasters and viewers every day in a fun way. If you have other thoughts about the items please let us know in the surveys!

Q: Can Pococha consider bringing in more large items? There isn’t any 4,444 items, and there is only two 5,555 items. I feel this would incentivize larger gifting as well and be fun for all.

We are not planning to add higher coin amount items now. First we are developing items with various designs and contexts that viewers will have an easier time using and that are conducive to allowing the family to support the broadcaster. Of course we appreciate that feedback, and we’ll explore options.

Q: Can you please add a “exit mode” button, where when ready to log off, can close the stream so no new people come in?? I feel rude cutting people off as soon as they enter.

That’s really considerate of you, and we totally understand where you’re coming from. But, instead of not letting new viewers in, maybe try getting to know the viewers and inviting them to come back next time you are online! We understand that it may not feel great to log off right away with them, but please let them know that you’ll be ending soon if they do come in.

Q: Can we add a feature where we can purchase freeze pass with diamonds?

We currently are not planning to allow users to purchase Freeze Passes. But we will continue to receive feedback from the community and explore ways to improve user’s time off and mental health.

Q: Why can’t we hashtag when we have no one the rm so we can get views?

The hashtags are an important role that the fans can take, and a great way for fans to contribute. But we also understand that you may want to put a hashtag yourself, such as when there aren’t viewers there. One first thing you can do is let your family know to disseminate information to your fans, and get creative with your broadcast title.

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