January Update – New Items!

Happy New Year!

New year, new Items!

It’s time to get to know our 5 new Items being released this month. Let us know how you enjoyed them and give us new Items ideas during our monthly Item survey!

January New Items

  • Let’s crush the meter! (111 coins)
  • You are gorgeous (111 coins)
  • You are my Princess (333 coins)
  • We’ve been waiting! (33 coins)
  • Let’s go! Let’s go! (33 coins)

Available now!

Let’s Crush The Meter!

Your favorite Blue PocoRanger has returned with a new Item!
This Item is perfect for using to win battles between Families or right around End Time.

Item Reaction Idea: Match the PocoRanger and mimic her victory punching pose!

We’ll be introducing more PocoRanger Items soon, stay tuned!

You Are Gorgeous + You Are My Princess

Introducing 2 new Items that are a perfect way for viewers to show their appreciation towards the broadcaster.

Showcase your admiration for the broadcaster with the “You Are Gorgeous” Item. It features shiny gold animation.

Item Reaction Idea: Show your amazing smile and let the viewer take a screenshot!

“You Are My Princess” turns the broadcaster into a stunning princess with a tiara!

Why not send this Item while you are a PocoKnight of the broadcaster – a knight and their princess! Let’s fill the broadcast with rose pedals.

We’ve Been Waiting + Let’s Go Let’s Go!

Use “We’ve Been Waiting” to show how eager you’ve been for the broadcaster to go live or to perform! It’s also a great way to speak with other viewers.

“Let’s Go, Let’s Go” is a great Item to get the excitement level up. Motivate the broadcaster and other viewers around End Time or during Events!

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