Strategy For Success: Events!

Today we’re going to to talk about another useful tool for becoming a successful broadcaster – Events!

Events are competitions on Pococha that usually last longer than one day and provide exclusive opportunities and prizes for users. In Ranking Events, winners can receive prizes such a profile backgrounds, Poco merch, and even their photo on billboards across the country. Another exciting Event is the Family Clash, in which Family members can create bonuses by sending a specific kind of Item. Another type of Event, the Poco Challenge, rewards both broadcaster and top viewers with Coins for completing missions. And for beginners, we have the PocoTraining and Rookie of the Month Events!

In this blog we’ll be mainly focusing on Ranking Events, in which participants are ranked according to their performance (such as 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc.)

What are the benefits of participating in an Event?

Many users think Events are not worth participating in unless there is a chance of getting 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place. But actually, there are many more benefits to participating in Events than just the top prizes. Let’s discuss!

1. Win or lose, the community becomes stronger

A professional broadcaster must broadcast regularly and frequently. Often, they can have trouble creating exciting momentum that will inspire their viewers to increase support. This is where an Event can help!

Events can be a medium to large sized goal for your community to rally around together. Competing on the Rank Meter is important, but since it occurs daily it may not excite supporters as much. Creating a goal such as “Let’s try to win this event” can provide a new type of goal to energize your fans.

Even if you don’t win the Event, it doesn’t mean your effort was worthless! Every famous sports team has experiences losses. But instead of giving up, they fight are until the end and work harder for the next one.

Use Events as an opportunity to work hard with your community, then reflect on your performance and improve for the next Event. Plus, you’ll never win if you don’t try! And you won’t be able to try hard unless you practice with your supporters.

2. A chance to earn more Support Points than normal

Regardless of the result, you can earn more Support Points if you could make it an exciting goal for your community.

Even if you get 10th, 20th, or 100th place, the hard work of your supporters will likely lead to more Support Points than average during the Event period. This can have great benefits for increasing Rank, earning Time Diamonds, and hitting bonuses!

3. Win exclusive Event prizes & experiences

The higher your Rank, the more exciting Events you can enter that have unique and exclusive prizes.

We call this the Event Journey!

What types of prizes do we choose?

We want prizes that the users cannot normally receive elsewhere! Instead of just giving away a trophy, for instance, we want to give away an incredible experience that the broadcaster can share with their supporters.

This is why we have many prizes like the billboard that create an amazing and memorable experience for everyone. Prizes that provide a sense of honor and accomplishment to the community.

As Pococha grows, we will continue to create new kinds of Events with a wide range of prizes that will cater to the dreams & goals of all our broadcasters.

Event Strategy

To win a Pococha Event, you need to have a strategy!

And whether you win or not, it’s important to take the Event seriously to bond with your viewers. Here’s 3 of our favorite tips for Events.

When you decide to sign up for an Event, it is important to be ready to broadcast each day during the Event period so you can earn as many Event Points as possible.

Winning broadcasters don’t just worry about the last day, they get a head start by broadcasting every day and pushing hard the whole time.

Also, during the Event, many broadcasters write “participating in XX Event!” in their username or on their profile picture. This makes it easy to show your commitment and determination towards an Event and show viewers you are in it.

Have you heard of “Snipe Time”?

It’s the last half hour of an Event. The most competitive time when broadcasters try to strategically have their viewers send Items so they can sneak up on or stay ahead in the competition.

Just like End Time determines the Rank Points on the Rank Meter, Snipe Time and the end of an Event determines which place everybody will be in!

So what is the best way to use Snipe Time to your advantage? Create a strategy with your Family! Many broadcasters ask their Family members to send certain Items at exact moments to try and snipe the meter.

Finally, try not to randomly block viewers in your broadcast just because they are not doing anything. As long as they are not harassing you, they could end up contributing to your success – not only during the Event but in the future as well.

To get the most support from viewers during an Event, the viewers need to be excited about the Event and serious about winning it.

To do this, it is important to be able to talk about the reasons you want to participate in the event and how excited you are when you imagine receiving the prize.

It’s hard for viewers to care about a broadcaster’s goal if it is not trying as hard as possible! Consider it your job to speak to your viewers and moticate them to want to help you win the Event.

In this way, create collaborative goals with your supporters!

Try something like “Let’s win this Event so we can experience the prize together!.”

In other words, make it “our goal” not just “my goal”. To create these goals together, it’s important to ask your Family about ideas & strategy and to use the Family chat for planning.

Again, Events aren’t just about winning!

It’s important to always try to win the prize, but again, Events are not just about winning. It’s for the community. So regardless of the result, your community management & growing together is the most important part.

If you lose, let’s say, “Thanks for all your support. I hope we can try again together next time.”

The bonds you formed and the strategies you tried out will only make it easier next time!

Look forward to more types of Events

As we mentioned, as the Pococha community grows we will continue to create new types of Events with different kinds of prizes & experiences.

We are also considering Events where a broadcaster has the ability to share their prizes with their top supporters. Stay tuned for more information soon.

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