Expand Your Brand: Kaleila J.’s Journey to A5!

Looking for top tips on how to beat the competition and build your brand on Pococha? If so, then this article is for you!

For POCO ACADEMY Story #3, we interviewed Kaleila J., a recent graduate of the program. Her tenacity on Pococha and beyond helped her rise from E1 to A5 Rank in just 3 MONTHS — and she’s only just getting started!

Continue reading to follow Kaleila’s journey to success and learn how you could do the same! ❤️

Learn from A5 broadcaster Kaleila J. for top tips about streaming on Pococha!


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What can you learn from this article:

Pococha: Welcome, Kaleila! Thank you so much for taking the time to tell us about your incredible journey thus far! So: how you got started as a broadcaster?

Kaleila: To be honest, I wasn’t completely sure what Pococha was when I started! But I knew that it was a way to grow your community, and I was interested in developing my personal brand of dance, fitness, and entertainment. So I went it for it, having never been a broadcaster before. I didn’t expect to love it, and now it’s the #1 app that I’m using! I used to be an avid Instagrammer, but now it’s just all about Pococha.

Pococha: Do you think your career leading up to Pococha helped prepare you as a broadcaster?

Kaleila: Yes, I do! But Pococha has opened a lot of new doors to me. It’s taken some time to get to where I am now, both professionally and on Pococha!

Above: Kaleila at an early dance audition

Kaleila: Dance and fitness have always been my passions. I’ve been to more auditions than I can count, and have always received dozens of “no”s for every “yes”. But learning to keep my head up and take that in stride helped make me more resilient. Now I’m at A5, and my personal brand and career are growing as well!

Above: Kaleila J. leading a Dance Fitness Instruction Video @ Steezy

Kaleila: Overall, I’ve tried to always be open to learning. Everything evolves, from dances to music to even Pococha. I never would have thought everything would lead to Pococha, but I think it perfectly reflects my career so far. It’s a continuation of everything I’ve been building. Until now, I’ve been a voice for other people, and a vessel for other folks’ creativity. Now, I love showcasing my own brand and creativity as an influencer on Pococha.

Pococha: What do you think makes Pococha such an appealing platform for you?

Kaleila: I saw the opportunity in Pococha because it felt like, with some other social sites, it’s hard to grow because of the algorithm and other influencers. On Pococha, I saw the growth that was easy to measure. It also just seems fair! Like I’m putting in the work, and I’m seeing results.

Pococha: Well, it’s also because of what you’ve put in that you’ve seen growth — after all, you did go from E Rank to A5 Rank in just 3 months, and now you’ve been at A5 for weeks! What has changed from when you first started broadcasting to now?

Kaleila: I feel way more confident in my content and in my brand. Pococha has helped make me aware of catering to my audience. And it’s the whole package – the set-up of the video, the sound quality, engaging all of my viewers whether they’re new or coming back — everything’s improved, I think.

The regularity is a big part of that too. I’ve been consistent since the beginning, so that hasn’t changed, but I think the results of consistency take time. Now I’m just really seeing the return.

Pococha: Let’s dive into some specific tips and strategies, then! One thing that makes you stand out from the pack are your Item responses. Could you tell us a bit about your approach?

Kaleila: Overall, Items are the biggest form of communication. It shows that the viewer is receiving the message, so I want to reward that.

Usually I do some kind of action with an Item, because I need them to physically see whatever it is that I do. Most of the time I’m dancing for an Item, but the bigger the Item, the bigger the dance. Items are support, appreciation, and an example of a viewer’s engagement and enjoyment. It makes me want to celebrate them right way. Maybe I say something like, “Send a Heart if you’re enjoying the broadcast!” and they DO it! That’s wild! That’s what I’m here for – otherwise I’m talking to a brick wall!

Pococha: I love that philosophy! Are there any Items you particularly like?

Kaleila: I love the PocoRangers; they’re just so epic, and they have a lot going on on-screen. Spaceships and Fairytales are good too, because it shows they’re rich! *laughs* If someone sends one of those, I go all out and give them a headstand. Those people are basically sponsoring the broadcast for a period of time, so I love to get really hyped up. It doesn’t get any higher than that unless you’re a PocoKnight, which I’ve never gotten before. I hope to get one when I enter the Hall of Fame someday!

Pococha: Now, we can’t get through this article without me asking: you also have Baby Daddies and Baby Mamas in your community, right? How did those happen?

Kaleila: The Baby Mama and Baby Daddy thing – it’s grown more than I thought! *laughs* Basically, if people send Items over 1000 Coins, then they become a Baby Mama or a Baby Daddy, and they get a baby sticky note with their name on it. It’s playful and fun, and I think this app rewards that kind of imagination. I’ve found a lot of success in being unconventional.

Kaleila: It’s evolved, too – I started off just using sticky notes… Then I evolved to printing out baby faces… Now I’ve even got REAL baby dolls for people who are my Baby Mamas and Baby Daddies. They even joke with me about them being in daycare while I’m broadcasting! It’s so funny.

Pococha: It feels like your broadcasts are extremely well-composed too — you make great use of audio and visuals. What’s your approach to using these aspects to enhance your broadcasts and your brand?

Kaleila: Well, I learned from my previous experience as an online dance instructor that my broadcast should be clean and intriguing visually. But it took me a while to find my Pococha broadcast style.

You need interesting stuff to give people something nice to look at, and convince them to stay in the first place. I’d say:

  • Implement colorful or thematic decor
  • Use flattering or eye-catching lighting
  • Use signage, like the scrolling sign I have to display viewer names.
  • Broadcast from a dedicated stream area that’s neat and tidy
  • Use music or sound effects to set the mood and make things more lively and interactive
  • Decorate for special events or holidays (I got a Christmas tree this year — I’ve never had one before, but I did it just for Pococha!)

Overall, I’d say put in the effort and energy that you want to receive back. If you want to take broadcasting seriously, show your viewers that you take it seriously. Dress for the job you want, not the job you have!

Pococha: You seem to have such a unique connection with your community! It seems like you all share inside jokes, common interests, and connect on a very deep level. What do you think are the benefits of focusing so much of your communication and efforts on the viewers?

Kaleila: That’s what it’s all about, right? I pay special attention to my viewers as much as possible; it’s what I’d want if I were them. I remain very present in my broadcasts and reward the people who ask real questions and are actually engaging. That way I’m reinforcing the behavior I want other viewers to copy. But I’m also meeting new people all the time while catering to regulars, so it’s a huge conversation. It’s tough to multitask!

Kaleila: Overall though, I want new viewers to feel like they belong as soon as possible. Because if your Top 5 people leave the forever, you’ll still have new folks coming in to support you. I don’t want to rely on specific viewers to keep the show going. There are real people behind the usernames, so if people show up, you want to show them your gratitude.

People don’t have to swipe their cards and spend their Coins; it’s a choice. Support will always rotate, but people come back if they feel special.

Pococha: It’s a miracle you keep all of this straight in your head! How do you keep it up on days where it’s tough to stay present or you’re low on energy?

Kaleila: It’s true; being present requires a lot of energy. Being a broadcaster requires a lot of energy! You have to be aware of everything.

I do take my breaks, though – I use those Freeze Passes on the weekend, and sometimes use that time to plan my content in advance. I also handle my everyday life stuff on the weekend so that I can have a set broadcasting schedule. Don’t push for the Meter one day if it’ll hurt your health in the long run. Set boundaries, and you’ll keep a higher energy overall.

Pococha: Some other broadcasters have trouble finding the motivation or time in the day to broadcast. What helps you stay so consistent?

Kaleila: The Meter, honestly. I was afraid of it, before! I was so scared of ranking down. Because if you don’t stream, then you lose your Rank. You have to be consistent if you want to do well. It’s a good thing if you really want it, and you have to really want it to make it work. Self-motivated people will do well on Pococha. You gotta have a goal.

If you’re just broadcasting for fun, that’s great too – it’s a great way to meet people and do something in your spare time. But no one’s going to force you to go live, and nobody’s gonna keep you on here. So what keeps you motivated?

Kaleila: But also, with the community aspect of Pococha, there are people I’m building real relationships with, so the Meter isn’t everything. You can always rank back up, and sometimes it’s good to get that negative — so that it can fire up the community with me again! If I’d just been there finding success all day, I don’t think people would have become as attached to me or our community.

People want to help me hit my goals because they’ve seen my failures, not just my successes. I’d recommend that for other broadcasters too – take those negatives and turn it into a positive.

Pococha: You’ve already had such an amazing journey on Pococha! All things considered. why do you think your community loves to support you so much?

Kaleila: Oh gosh — I don’t know the real reason why, honestly! *laughs* I hear that some people like my drive, some people like my energy — I’m sure they all have their reasons. More than anything, I think people see me working hard, and that makes them want to work hard too. But then it’s like a cycle too, because them using Items and working hard in our community motivates me in return again! It’s a great cycle!

This app allows you to grow your community, but you also get to give back to that community. You’re giving on this app, not just receiving. Even when I don’t reach my goals, it has become fulfilling in a different way.

Pococha: Thank you so much for all of your wonderful tips, Kaleila! Any last words of advice?

Kaleila: Find your passion on Pococha. Better yet: if you’re passionate about something, then bring it to Pococha. That’s your brand! Also, you gotta have a goal, and you gotta share that goal. If you want to be #1 on Pococha, then that’s your goal: make it known, and pave your own path to get there. Do it your way, because Pococha rewards creativity.

Also, you have to motivate yourself to get up every day and hit that broadcast button. Maybe it’s not just one thing that motivates you — maybe it’s a lot of things. But you have to find the goal that drives you. Find what makes you happy. Get creative. Then, go live!

Thank you so much to Kaleila J. for offering her wonderful wisdom in this interview! If you want to see more of Kaleila, you can find her at the following places:

On Pococha: Kaleila J.

Website: kaleilaj.com

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