Sneak Peek: New December Items!

Who’s ready for our new round of Items? Being released this month!

Pococha is a place where viewers support and communicate with a broadcaster by sending Items. We hope to help increase the culture of using Items by releasing Items that users enjoy and use to communicate with each other.

So, recently we have released a lot of new Items with this in mind. Here’s a look at all the Items we released in October & November.

Items From Last Months

New December Items

And here’s a look at all the amazing Items we’ll be releasing in December!

Items To Make Events & Meters More Exciting

We’ll be releasing 2 new Items that are perfect to use during exciting Pococha moments.

  1. We Can Do It!
  2. We Are Winning!

Estimated Release Date: Dec 20 5:00 PM PST

Pococha can always be fun, but the most exciting moments on Pococha often happen during Events or when competing on the Rank Meter.

We got an incredible response to the new PocoRanger Items which were released last month. So we have decided to create more! These Items had popular phrases that inspired and motivated the broadcast to win!

So, we are adding 2 more types of this kind of Item!

We Can Do It!

Previously we released our USA-themed Uncle Sam Item – “We Want YOU!” So of course we had to release the similar “We Can Do It” Item as well!

This Item frames the face of the broadcaster and proclaims “We Can Do It”. Let’s get spirited for this one!

We Are Winning

This Item is perfect for using when you’ve pulled ahead in the competition. Just moved up from 2nd to 1st place? Time to use the new “We Are Winning” Item. The flames look just like Support Point fire!

Popular Japan Items Are Now In The US !

We’ve heard users want some of the different Items that are popular on Pococha Japan. So we are bringing some to the US!

  1. Bubble Blast
  2. Poco-Stache

Estimated Release Date: Dec 20 5:00 PM PST

Here’s a great Item that broadcasters can pretend they are wearing in real life!

Blow Bubbles!

When “Bubble Blast!” is used, let’s cheer at the screen!


When “Poco-Stache” is used, the broadcaster can try to fit their eyes and nose into the Item!

New Slang Items

Estimated Release Date: Dec 25 5:00 PM PST.

Thank you for using the Slang Items released in September!

A few months ago we asked users to submit ideas for new slang Items. So we have created 5 new Items based on your ideas!

Instead of typing the phrase in the comments, try using the slang Item instead!

Funny Face Challenge & Score Board

Estimated Release Date: Dec 25 5:00 PM PST.

From the Item Reaction Challenge series comes the Funny Face Challenge! These reaction challenges are a great way to interact with the broadcaster and make them try something.

When this Item is sent, the broadcaster will have to try and make the funniest face they can.

Then, we’ve created scorecard Items that the viewer can send to rate how funny the broadcaster’s face was!

Happy New Year!

Estimated Release Period: Dec 31 12:00 AM PST – Jan 3 11:59 PM PST

Let’s celebrate New Years 2023 with fireworks!

Fireworks will be available only for a limited time, so enjoy them and celebrate with your friends while you can!

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