Community Rulebook Reminder: Bullying & Harassment

Hi users,

Today we’d like to discuss the importance of a healthy & positive environment on Pococha and how we can work together to address bullying & harassment in the community.

Pococha is committed to providing a safe and secure environment for meaningful communication between users. Therefore, we do not allow any behavior that seriously harms others or makes them feel unsafe.

To prevent this behavior, we have created a list of rules, community guidelines, and violations. For example, we prohibit slander or violent/offense behavior.

Please read the following FAQ pages to understand Pococha’s rules.
Pococha Rulebook
Preventing Slander and Other Issues
Violent or Offensive Behavior

What is considered slander/harassment?

Pococha wants its users to enjoy conversations as freely as possible. However, we do not permit the use of false rumors or foul language that refers to others. Let’s look at some examples.

Example 1

  • A broadcaster tells their viewers “You shouldn’t go to their broadcast because that person is a XXXX (bad word or baseless rumor)”

This type of action could be considered slander.

We advise broadcasters to refrain from using any language or mentions which others may find hurtful.

A broadcaster saying something like “I only want you to support me, and not other broadcasters”, would likely not be considered slander.

Example 2

  • A viewer says ““He is a XXXXX and a very nasty person and I hate him too, so you shouldn’t go to his broadcast”

This could be considered slander.

What kind of bullying behavior is prohibited on Pococha?

The following other activities are not permitted in Pococha

  • Hurting other broadcasters and viewers by continuously stating the broadcast is “weird” or “boring” during the broadcast.
  • Persistently requesting actions that the other person does not want to do.
  • Discriminatory remarks about sexual orientation, race, disabilities, etc. Discriminatory remarks about gender, such as “You can’t do XX because you’re a woman/man.
  • Threatening behavior accompanied by demands, such as “If you don’t do something for me, I’ll badmouth you to hurt your reputation.
  • Making violent remarks to others, such as “I’ll come and beat you up,” or causing fear of physical harm.
  • Causing damage to photos, objects, etc. of a specific person, and actions that make people feel threatened or violated.
  • Spamming the chat with excessive repeated messages that disrupt the broadcast.
  • Posting a large number of meaningless comments aimed to disrupt a broadcast.
  • Actions that make you feel threatened, such as “I’m going to your house” or “I’ve found your address.

There are also instances where you might hurt others unintentionally. Please use the app in a manner that respects the feelings of other broadcasters and viewers.

Additionally, violent or offensive Behavior is prohibited.

For example:

  • Threats of violence to kill or blow up a building, such as “I want to burn that building down.” Saying assaultive remarks, such as “I’m going to beat you up”, even as a joke.
  • Suggesting membership in organized crime groups, such as “I’m a member of a gang, so if you go against me, you’ll get hurt.”
  • Threatening the safety of others, such as “walking around with a knife.”
  • Threatening to cause emotional abuse to others, such as bullying, harassing, etc.
  • Threatening to expose personal information about others, such as their physical addresses, emails, social media accounts, etc.

What should I do if I see a violation?

If you see any inappropriate behavior, please report it by using the report function in the app.]

If you are unsure how to report/block, please read our FAQ Dealing with Troublesome Users.

Reports will be checked in the order they were received. If it is determined that there is a problem, an appropriate response will be taken.

In our investigation, the accurate information you provide is critical. Therefore, please provide us with the facts as clearly as possible in your report.

For example, don’t just say “I was bullied.” Instead, provide evidence of what statements were made, when and to whom. This will allow us to more reliably investigate and take appropriate action.

Finally, we advise not gossiping about things you heard from others.

Any actions that may lead to slander or problems for both the broadcasters and viewers may result in warnings, account feature restrictions, or other penalties.

Please see What to Do in Case of Violations for more details on how to deal with violations.

Thank you for reading and helping keep Pococha a safe and positive place for all!

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