New Core Fan Effect!

Hello users!

Today we’re happy to announce that the new Core Fan effect has been released.

We want to help users congratulate those who become Core Fans. So we are improving the Core Fan effect!

The new Core Fan effect:

  • Is shown to all viewers in a broadcast now, not just the viewer who became a Core Fan.
  • The effect becomes bigger, better, & has more POCOTOMO characters the higher the level.

Here is the Core Fan effect shown when a viewer becomes a 5K Core Fan and a 10K Core Fan. Look how the higher level adds more friendly POCOTOMO characters!

When you see the new effect appear in a broadcast, be sure to encourage everybody to congratulate the viewer!

Below you can see what the new Core Fan effect looks like at every level. We hope you’ll enjoy it!

Please Note: This new Core Fan effect will only be available to those who have Pococha app version 5.32.2 or newer.

Version 5.23.2 will be released on Dec 6 PST and will be reflected for users who have installed it.

  • A forced update will be performed on Dec 11 PST and will take effect for all users after that date.

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