Learn About Item Ranking

A great way to create achievable goals!

Hello Pococha users!

Thank you for using Pococha.

Today, we would like to discuss our Item Ranking feature! This feature provides a great opportunity to create a different kind of goal that your community can aim towards and achieve.

Did you know that you can see the ranking by clicking the crown symbol in the upper right corner of the Pococha application?

From here, you can see:

  • Broadcaster Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Ranking for:
    • Support Points
    • Core Fans
    • Fan Noise
    • Each Item
  • Viewer Ranking Daily, Weekly, Monthly Ranking can also be seen.

One type of ranking is the Item Rankings!

This page shows the rankings for every Item on Pococha. Since there are over 100 Items, it is a great idea to try and aim to be #1 in one or more of the Items.

For example, try being the #1 broadcaster who has collected the most “High Five” Items for the month.

‼️Right now, you can be the #1 daily ranking for some Items by collecting just 2-3 of the Item in a day!‼️

First, decide on an item, and let all your viewers know during a broadcast. For example: “Today, I’m going to take first place for this item!

Try starting with a small goal of getting a #1 Daily Item Ranking, then try a Weekly #1, then Monthly! This is a great way to achieve goals and create a moment of victory for you and your supporters.

Try creating a new Item Ranking goal today!

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