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Have you been a Pococha broadcaster for a while now, and are finding it hard to increase your Rank?

Do you have a decent amount of supporters but they don’t work together to help you achieve your goals?

This blog will help!

Today we’d like to explain an important concept for broadcaster success on Pococha – the Atomic Family! Understanding & creating the Atomic Family is one of essential strategies to succeed as a top influencer on Pococha.

In order to earn income as a sustainable creator on Pococha, you need to increase your Rank, right? Well the most fundamental method to increase Rank is by creating and growing the Atomic Family.

In this article, we’ll explain the Atomic Family, how it can be created, and how to manage it.

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What is the Atomic Family?

Answer this question:

Do you have a small group of supporters who are committed to helping you Rank up and achieve goals?

This group is the Atomic Family! They are viewers who are serious about supporting and cheering you on in your journey to increase your Rank. This is slightly different from a group of individual viewers.

These committed viewers are the foundation for your first inner circle of fans. Only after this core group of fans is created can the community begin to grow!

In order to earn money as a broadcaster, you need to be supported by a fan community that helps you Rank up. The Atomic Family is the first team of 3-4 supporters that form the foundation of that fan community.

What makes an Atomic Family supporter different than a normal viewer?

The Atomic Family supporter take personal responsibility for the broadcaster ranking up or down, and they work together not just to support the broadcaster, but to contribute to the overall community in which they have status and where they thrive.

Why are these types of viewers important?

Most creators face a “chicken or the egg” type of paradox. Which came first?

The biggest creators are the ones who are the easiest for new fans to discover. They appear higher up on timelines, they get featured by companies, etc. But in order to become big, the creator already. needed to have a strong community of supporters.

So how can a small creator with little exposure be discovered by new viewers who will support them?

Just like the chicken and the egg, which came first – the broadcaster’s success or the support?

The answer is the Atomic Family!

Creators become big by first focusing on creating a small group of supporters (we like to say 3-4 people). Once the creator and these supporters have established a mutually beneficial relationship, then it can be sustained and grown!

It might be difficult to get the first 3-4 supporters, but once you do the rest will be easier.

Imagine a snowball rolling down the hill. At first, someone creates a small but strong snowball in their hand. Then, they roll it down the hill. As it rolls, it picks up more and more snow until it is gigantic!

The gigantic snowball could never have existed without the small but strong snowball in the palm of the creator. Your Atomic Family is like this snowball!

A Family might seem like a group of individual fans, but an Atomic Family is the strongest type of Family that acts as a “team” of supporters. The fact that top broadcasters call their broadcasters “Our Family” instead of “My Family” shows that broadcasters who can organize a team are the strongest.

If a broadcaster has lots of support but it is only coming from one supporter, it likely is not sustainable in the long-run. It is not sustainable because it is highly dependent on the feelings of that one viewer, which can vary, and on the limit of what that one viewer can support you. If that supporter decides to stop, then the broadcaster is left out to dry.

This is why an Atomic Family, of at least 3 or more supporters, is a more sustainable way to achieve success!

How Can I Create An Atomic Family?

The strategy is to create a strong & stable small Atomic Family and then grow it together with your supporters. So how can we actually create the first small Atomic Family? Let’s take a look.

1. Communicate with the viewer & provide certain levels of feedback

The viewers who make up the Atomic Family are those who support your goals as a broadcaster and your personal goals. You must first create the potential for this to happen by using communication (speaking and interacting) with the viewer!

Change your “feedback” to the viewer based on how much the viewer supports you. In this context, a broadcaster’s “feedback” is any reaction they have to a viewer’s action. For example – every reply, reaction, conversation, Family chat, or Item reaction counts as “feedback” to the viewer.

While you should have a bond with all viewers, you should focus on creating the strongest bonds with your top supporters. Provide them with the biggest and most feedback.

To make each viewer support more, viewers have to learn that they will be rewarded with better or more exclusive feedback when they support the broadcaster more meaningfully. Make it clear with your feedback that you reward bigger support from a viewer with bigger reactions, closer attention, more gratitude, etc.

Here’s an example of 2 levels of feedback for an Item reaction:

**Example #1: A viewer sends a 10 Coin “HeHe” Item. The broadcaster smiles and says “Thank you!”

**Example #2: A viewer sends a 1080 Coin Tropical Item. The broadcaster pretends to interact with the plants and animals, sings the viewer’s name multiple times, then asks the viewer questions about their favorite tropical drink.

Here you can see that the feedback in Example 2 is much more personal and creates a better reward for the viewer, because the viewer sent an Item worth more Coins.

2. Search hard to find the first few viewers who are on your side

Through your careful communication, some of your viewers will enjoy your broadcast in communication using Items.

What is the best way to identify potential Atomic Family members?

Keep an eye out for:

Top Priority:

▪Viewers who are interested in you

▪ Viewers who come to broadcasts regularly

▪ Viewers who regularly support you (even with small Items)

Next Priority:

▪ Viewers who ask questions to get to know you better

▪ Viewers who encourage other viewers to participate and support you

▪ Viewers who ask you to broadcast certain content or participate in specific events

▪ Viewers who post in the Family

▪ Viewers who get excited when the broadcaster gives them small roles within the broadcast (ex: “Check my Event points!”, “Keep track of how many X Items I get today, please!”, etc.)

When you’re having difficulty determining potential Atomic Family members, first pay attention to the number of Coins that viewers are spending. Viewers that spend the most Coins are the most likely to be committed supporters who require the best kind feedback.

3. Share your goals

Once you discover your first potential Atomic Family members and you can create strong bonds with them, it’s important to share with them your Pococha goals and your life goals! Then, extend them an invitation to try and achieve those together!

Instead of “I will be A Rank,” try to say “Let’s get to A Rank together!”

What’s the best way to share goals with supporters? Try thinking of yourself like a politician running for President – create a passionate story that will connect with your viewers and get them to want to vote for you!

4. Make goals personal for the viewer by assigning roles

You cannot achieve your goals on Pococha by yourself. It takes a Family for a broadcaster to achieve do this!

A broadcaster should not try to force their Family to support them. A better way is to create personal goals for supporters that align with your own goals. One great way to do this is by creating a role for the supporter that also contributes to the broadcaster’s goal.

For instance, ask your Atomic Family things like “Can you check the Rank Meter for me?” or “Can you welcome new viewers in the chat every time they enter?”

5. Listen to & trust your Atomic Family, don’t ignore them!

Your goal on Pococha is not only about you. Remember, a good goal is one that is created for the whole Family!

If your Atomic Family viewers suggest a new goal, let’s listen to them. The feeling that they are contributing to your community creates a sense of the loyalty and strengthens the connections.

For example, ask your Atomic Family things like “Which Item should we try to be #1 in today?”.

Remember it might be hard to create your first Atomic Family, but once you do it will be much easier to grow it! It is important to practice these tips and execute them during your broadcasts and in your Family chat.

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