Holiday Items Arriving Soon!

Thank you for visiting Pococha.

Enjoy the holiday season with our new seasonal Items, coming soon!

We will be releasing holiday Items from 12/5 to 12/25, so enjoy these Items while you can for a limited time. Additionally, we’re bringing back 3 holiday Items from last year.

These Items were designed with the help of Pococha users during a recent POCOLAB event in September!

Here’s a snapshot from that online event.

We encourage our broadcasters to think of unique and amazing Item reactions for when these Items are sent! We can’t wait to see!

▌Release Information

2022/12/05 – 2022/12/25 23:59 (PST) Limited time

【New Christmas Items】

  • Poco Present 1225 Coins
  • PocoMint 1 Coin
  • What’s Snowin’ On? 155 Coins
  • Come Together 555 Coins

【Returning Christmas Items】

  • Wreath 111 Coins
  • Happy Holidays 555 Coins
  • Winter Fireworks 1,080 Coins

Every month, we send out a survey about the Items in the application announcement.

Please let us know what you think and help us improve future Items.

Enjoy these holiday Items!

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