Q&A: Strategy For Success: Events

Thank you to everyone who submitted questions about our recent blog, Strategy For Success: Events!

In the blog, we’ll be answering some of our users’ most asked questions!

  1. Q1: I can’t earn enough Event Points to win a prize in an Event, so why should I still compete?
  2. Q2: I don’t know which Event to enter, how should I choose?
  3. Q3: There aren’t enough winners. When will there be more Stages, Divisions, and types of Events?

Q1: I can’t earn enough Event Points to win a prize in an Event, so why should I still compete?

We cover the answer to this question in detail in the blog, but we’re happy to discuss it again!

Remember, there are more benefits to competing in an event than just winning a prize. You can gain tangible benefits from an Event as long as you enter the event, inspire your viewers to support you, and continue to work hard until the last moment.

These benefits include:

  • A chance to get viewers excited for a new & bigger competition.
  • Creating unforgettable moments during the Event that a Family can bond over and become closer.
  • Usually, broadcasters can earn a higher amount of Support Points than normal due to increased support from viewers.
  • Appearing on the Event ranking list creates a great opportunity to be seen by other users on the app.
  • Supporters can showcase their loyalty by becoming PocoKnights of the broadcaster.

Plus, many more benefits!

Win or lose, a community becomes closer and stronger during a Pococha Event. So why wouldn’t you compete?!

Q2: I don’t know which Event to enter, how should I choose?

Great question!

Here are some quick tips on deciding the right Event to sign up for:

  1. Find an Event with a theme or prize that matches your goals.
    1. If you’re looking to be discovered and seen by many, try winning one of the billboard events! Provide your supporters with a passionate story about why you want to win.
  2. Ask your supporters to help you pick!
    1. You can’t win an Event without your amazing supporters, so check with them about which Event they want to support you in.
  3. Choose an Event that works well for you & your supporters.
    1. Events can take a lot of energy for the broadcaster and the viewer. This is because broadcasters should try to broadcast each day of the Event if they are trying to win. Be sure to time your competition in an Event with the time when your supporters can try their hardest and give it their all.
  4. Choose the Event in which you have the best opportunity to win.
    1. Look at the other broadcasters who are competing and gauge how well you think you can perform.
    2. Look at the amount of Stages and Divisions in an Event. More Stages and Divisions means there will be more winners!

Q3: There aren’t enough winners. When will there be more Stages, Divisions, and types of Events?

Pococha is always trying out new types of Events to bring to users, as well as different kinds of prizes and opportunities for winners. Pococha usually announces new types of Events during our regular Round Table events. Attend the next one to learn if any new Events are coming!

The amount of Divisions for an Event is decided by the amount of users who signed up for the Event. We want to make sure that there is the correct amount of broadcasters to create an exciting and fair competition. If more users sign up, there will be more Divisions!

Strategy For Success: Events!

Today we’re going to to talk about another useful tool for becoming a successful broadcaster – Events!

Events are competitions on Pococha that usually last longer than one day and provide exclusive opportunities and prizes for users. In Ranking Events, winners can receive prizes such a profile backgrounds, Poco merch, and even their photo on billboards across the country. Another exciting Event is the Family Clash, in which Family members can create bonuses by sending a specific kind of Item. Another type of Event, the Poco Challenge, rewards both broadcaster and top viewers with Coins for completing missions. And for beginners, we have the PocoTraining and Rookie of the Month Events!

In this blog we’ll be mainly focusing on Ranking Events, in which participants are ranked according to their performance (such as 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc.)

What are the benefits of participating in an Event?

Many users think Events are not worth participating in unless there is a chance of getting 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place. But actually, there are many more benefits to participating in Events than just the top prizes. Let’s discuss!

1. Win or lose, the community becomes stronger

A professional broadcaster must broadcast regularly and frequently. Often, they can have trouble creating exciting momentum that will inspire their viewers to increase support. This is where an Event can help!

Events can be a medium to large sized goal for your community to rally around together. Competing on the Rank Meter is important, but since it occurs daily it may not excite supporters as much. Creating a goal such as “Let’s try to win this event” can provide a new type of goal to energize your fans.

Even if you don’t win the Event, it doesn’t mean your effort was worthless! Every famous sports team has experiences losses. But instead of giving up, they fight are until the end and work harder for the next one.

Use Events as an opportunity to work hard with your community, then reflect on your performance and improve for the next Event. Plus, you’ll never win if you don’t try! And you won’t be able to try hard unless you practice with your supporters.

2. A chance to earn more Support Points than normal

Regardless of the result, you can earn more Support Points if you could make it an exciting goal for your community.

Even if you get 10th, 20th, or 100th place, the hard work of your supporters will likely lead to more Support Points than average during the Event period. This can have great benefits for increasing Rank, earning Time Diamonds, and hitting bonuses!

3. Win exclusive Event prizes & experiences

The higher your Rank, the more exciting Events you can enter that have unique and exclusive prizes.

We call this the Event Journey!

What types of prizes do we choose?

We want prizes that the users cannot normally receive elsewhere! Instead of just giving away a trophy, for instance, we want to give away an incredible experience that the broadcaster can share with their supporters.

This is why we have many prizes like the billboard that create an amazing and memorable experience for everyone. Prizes that provide a sense of honor and accomplishment to the community.

As Pococha grows, we will continue to create new kinds of Events with a wide range of prizes that will cater to the dreams & goals of all our broadcasters.

Event Strategy

To win a Pococha Event, you need to have a strategy!

And whether you win or not, it’s important to take the Event seriously to bond with your viewers. Here’s 3 of our favorite tips for Events.

When you decide to sign up for an Event, it is important to be ready to broadcast each day during the Event period so you can earn as many Event Points as possible.

Winning broadcasters don’t just worry about the last day, they get a head start by broadcasting every day and pushing hard the whole time.

Also, during the Event, many broadcasters write “participating in XX Event!” in their username or on their profile picture. This makes it easy to show your commitment and determination towards an Event and show viewers you are in it.

Have you heard of “Snipe Time”?

It’s the last half hour of an Event. The most competitive time when broadcasters try to strategically have their viewers send Items so they can sneak up on or stay ahead in the competition.

Just like End Time determines the Rank Points on the Rank Meter, Snipe Time and the end of an Event determines which place everybody will be in!

So what is the best way to use Snipe Time to your advantage? Create a strategy with your Family! Many broadcasters ask their Family members to send certain Items at exact moments to try and snipe the meter.

Finally, try not to randomly block viewers in your broadcast just because they are not doing anything. As long as they are not harassing you, they could end up contributing to your success – not only during the Event but in the future as well.

To get the most support from viewers during an Event, the viewers need to be excited about the Event and serious about winning it.

To do this, it is important to be able to talk about the reasons you want to participate in the event and how excited you are when you imagine receiving the prize.

It’s hard for viewers to care about a broadcaster’s goal if it is not trying as hard as possible! Consider it your job to speak to your viewers and moticate them to want to help you win the Event.

In this way, create collaborative goals with your supporters!

Try something like “Let’s win this Event so we can experience the prize together!.”

In other words, make it “our goal” not just “my goal”. To create these goals together, it’s important to ask your Family about ideas & strategy and to use the Family chat for planning.

Again, Events aren’t just about winning!

It’s important to always try to win the prize, but again, Events are not just about winning. It’s for the community. So regardless of the result, your community management & growing together is the most important part.

If you lose, let’s say, “Thanks for all your support. I hope we can try again together next time.”

The bonds you formed and the strategies you tried out will only make it easier next time!

Look forward to more types of Events

As we mentioned, as the Pococha community grows we will continue to create new types of Events with different kinds of prizes & experiences.

We are also considering Events where a broadcaster has the ability to share their prizes with their top supporters. Stay tuned for more information soon.

Expand Your Brand: Kaleila J.’s Journey to A5!

Looking for top tips on how to beat the competition and build your brand on Pococha? If so, then this article is for you!

For POCO ACADEMY Story #3, we interviewed Kaleila J., a recent graduate of the program. Her tenacity on Pococha and beyond helped her rise from E1 to A5 Rank in just 3 MONTHS — and she’s only just getting started!

Continue reading to follow Kaleila’s journey to success and learn how you could do the same! ❤️

Learn from A5 broadcaster Kaleila J. for top tips about streaming on Pococha!


POCO ACADEMY is a program where broadcasters work with a Pococha mentor to be successful on Pococha!

Want to become a star graduate like Kaleila J.?

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What can you learn from this article:

Pococha: Welcome, Kaleila! Thank you so much for taking the time to tell us about your incredible journey thus far! So: how you got started as a broadcaster?

Kaleila: To be honest, I wasn’t completely sure what Pococha was when I started! But I knew that it was a way to grow your community, and I was interested in developing my personal brand of dance, fitness, and entertainment. So I went it for it, having never been a broadcaster before. I didn’t expect to love it, and now it’s the #1 app that I’m using! I used to be an avid Instagrammer, but now it’s just all about Pococha.

Pococha: Do you think your career leading up to Pococha helped prepare you as a broadcaster?

Kaleila: Yes, I do! But Pococha has opened a lot of new doors to me. It’s taken some time to get to where I am now, both professionally and on Pococha!

Above: Kaleila at an early dance audition

Kaleila: Dance and fitness have always been my passions. I’ve been to more auditions than I can count, and have always received dozens of “no”s for every “yes”. But learning to keep my head up and take that in stride helped make me more resilient. Now I’m at A5, and my personal brand and career are growing as well!

Above: Kaleila J. leading a Dance Fitness Instruction Video @ Steezy

Kaleila: Overall, I’ve tried to always be open to learning. Everything evolves, from dances to music to even Pococha. I never would have thought everything would lead to Pococha, but I think it perfectly reflects my career so far. It’s a continuation of everything I’ve been building. Until now, I’ve been a voice for other people, and a vessel for other folks’ creativity. Now, I love showcasing my own brand and creativity as an influencer on Pococha.

Pococha: What do you think makes Pococha such an appealing platform for you?

Kaleila: I saw the opportunity in Pococha because it felt like, with some other social sites, it’s hard to grow because of the algorithm and other influencers. On Pococha, I saw the growth that was easy to measure. It also just seems fair! Like I’m putting in the work, and I’m seeing results.

Pococha: Well, it’s also because of what you’ve put in that you’ve seen growth — after all, you did go from E Rank to A5 Rank in just 3 months, and now you’ve been at A5 for weeks! What has changed from when you first started broadcasting to now?

Kaleila: I feel way more confident in my content and in my brand. Pococha has helped make me aware of catering to my audience. And it’s the whole package – the set-up of the video, the sound quality, engaging all of my viewers whether they’re new or coming back — everything’s improved, I think.

The regularity is a big part of that too. I’ve been consistent since the beginning, so that hasn’t changed, but I think the results of consistency take time. Now I’m just really seeing the return.

Pococha: Let’s dive into some specific tips and strategies, then! One thing that makes you stand out from the pack are your Item responses. Could you tell us a bit about your approach?

Kaleila: Overall, Items are the biggest form of communication. It shows that the viewer is receiving the message, so I want to reward that.

Usually I do some kind of action with an Item, because I need them to physically see whatever it is that I do. Most of the time I’m dancing for an Item, but the bigger the Item, the bigger the dance. Items are support, appreciation, and an example of a viewer’s engagement and enjoyment. It makes me want to celebrate them right way. Maybe I say something like, “Send a Heart if you’re enjoying the broadcast!” and they DO it! That’s wild! That’s what I’m here for – otherwise I’m talking to a brick wall!

Pococha: I love that philosophy! Are there any Items you particularly like?

Kaleila: I love the PocoRangers; they’re just so epic, and they have a lot going on on-screen. Spaceships and Fairytales are good too, because it shows they’re rich! *laughs* If someone sends one of those, I go all out and give them a headstand. Those people are basically sponsoring the broadcast for a period of time, so I love to get really hyped up. It doesn’t get any higher than that unless you’re a PocoKnight, which I’ve never gotten before. I hope to get one when I enter the Hall of Fame someday!

Pococha: Now, we can’t get through this article without me asking: you also have Baby Daddies and Baby Mamas in your community, right? How did those happen?

Kaleila: The Baby Mama and Baby Daddy thing – it’s grown more than I thought! *laughs* Basically, if people send Items over 1000 Coins, then they become a Baby Mama or a Baby Daddy, and they get a baby sticky note with their name on it. It’s playful and fun, and I think this app rewards that kind of imagination. I’ve found a lot of success in being unconventional.

Kaleila: It’s evolved, too – I started off just using sticky notes… Then I evolved to printing out baby faces… Now I’ve even got REAL baby dolls for people who are my Baby Mamas and Baby Daddies. They even joke with me about them being in daycare while I’m broadcasting! It’s so funny.

Pococha: It feels like your broadcasts are extremely well-composed too — you make great use of audio and visuals. What’s your approach to using these aspects to enhance your broadcasts and your brand?

Kaleila: Well, I learned from my previous experience as an online dance instructor that my broadcast should be clean and intriguing visually. But it took me a while to find my Pococha broadcast style.

You need interesting stuff to give people something nice to look at, and convince them to stay in the first place. I’d say:

  • Implement colorful or thematic decor
  • Use flattering or eye-catching lighting
  • Use signage, like the scrolling sign I have to display viewer names.
  • Broadcast from a dedicated stream area that’s neat and tidy
  • Use music or sound effects to set the mood and make things more lively and interactive
  • Decorate for special events or holidays (I got a Christmas tree this year — I’ve never had one before, but I did it just for Pococha!)

Overall, I’d say put in the effort and energy that you want to receive back. If you want to take broadcasting seriously, show your viewers that you take it seriously. Dress for the job you want, not the job you have!

Pococha: You seem to have such a unique connection with your community! It seems like you all share inside jokes, common interests, and connect on a very deep level. What do you think are the benefits of focusing so much of your communication and efforts on the viewers?

Kaleila: That’s what it’s all about, right? I pay special attention to my viewers as much as possible; it’s what I’d want if I were them. I remain very present in my broadcasts and reward the people who ask real questions and are actually engaging. That way I’m reinforcing the behavior I want other viewers to copy. But I’m also meeting new people all the time while catering to regulars, so it’s a huge conversation. It’s tough to multitask!

Kaleila: Overall though, I want new viewers to feel like they belong as soon as possible. Because if your Top 5 people leave the forever, you’ll still have new folks coming in to support you. I don’t want to rely on specific viewers to keep the show going. There are real people behind the usernames, so if people show up, you want to show them your gratitude.

People don’t have to swipe their cards and spend their Coins; it’s a choice. Support will always rotate, but people come back if they feel special.

Pococha: It’s a miracle you keep all of this straight in your head! How do you keep it up on days where it’s tough to stay present or you’re low on energy?

Kaleila: It’s true; being present requires a lot of energy. Being a broadcaster requires a lot of energy! You have to be aware of everything.

I do take my breaks, though – I use those Freeze Passes on the weekend, and sometimes use that time to plan my content in advance. I also handle my everyday life stuff on the weekend so that I can have a set broadcasting schedule. Don’t push for the Meter one day if it’ll hurt your health in the long run. Set boundaries, and you’ll keep a higher energy overall.

Pococha: Some other broadcasters have trouble finding the motivation or time in the day to broadcast. What helps you stay so consistent?

Kaleila: The Meter, honestly. I was afraid of it, before! I was so scared of ranking down. Because if you don’t stream, then you lose your Rank. You have to be consistent if you want to do well. It’s a good thing if you really want it, and you have to really want it to make it work. Self-motivated people will do well on Pococha. You gotta have a goal.

If you’re just broadcasting for fun, that’s great too – it’s a great way to meet people and do something in your spare time. But no one’s going to force you to go live, and nobody’s gonna keep you on here. So what keeps you motivated?

Kaleila: But also, with the community aspect of Pococha, there are people I’m building real relationships with, so the Meter isn’t everything. You can always rank back up, and sometimes it’s good to get that negative — so that it can fire up the community with me again! If I’d just been there finding success all day, I don’t think people would have become as attached to me or our community.

People want to help me hit my goals because they’ve seen my failures, not just my successes. I’d recommend that for other broadcasters too – take those negatives and turn it into a positive.

Pococha: You’ve already had such an amazing journey on Pococha! All things considered. why do you think your community loves to support you so much?

Kaleila: Oh gosh — I don’t know the real reason why, honestly! *laughs* I hear that some people like my drive, some people like my energy — I’m sure they all have their reasons. More than anything, I think people see me working hard, and that makes them want to work hard too. But then it’s like a cycle too, because them using Items and working hard in our community motivates me in return again! It’s a great cycle!

This app allows you to grow your community, but you also get to give back to that community. You’re giving on this app, not just receiving. Even when I don’t reach my goals, it has become fulfilling in a different way.

Pococha: Thank you so much for all of your wonderful tips, Kaleila! Any last words of advice?

Kaleila: Find your passion on Pococha. Better yet: if you’re passionate about something, then bring it to Pococha. That’s your brand! Also, you gotta have a goal, and you gotta share that goal. If you want to be #1 on Pococha, then that’s your goal: make it known, and pave your own path to get there. Do it your way, because Pococha rewards creativity.

Also, you have to motivate yourself to get up every day and hit that broadcast button. Maybe it’s not just one thing that motivates you — maybe it’s a lot of things. But you have to find the goal that drives you. Find what makes you happy. Get creative. Then, go live!

Thank you so much to Kaleila J. for offering her wonderful wisdom in this interview! If you want to see more of Kaleila, you can find her at the following places:

On Pococha: Kaleila J.

Website: kaleilaj.com

Want to become a star broadcaster like Kaleila J.?

Kaleila J. was a valedictorian graduate from the POCO ACADEMY — and you could be too!

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Sneak Peek: New December Items!

Who’s ready for our new round of Items? Being released this month!

Pococha is a place where viewers support and communicate with a broadcaster by sending Items. We hope to help increase the culture of using Items by releasing Items that users enjoy and use to communicate with each other.

So, recently we have released a lot of new Items with this in mind. Here’s a look at all the Items we released in October & November.

Items From Last Months

New December Items

And here’s a look at all the amazing Items we’ll be releasing in December!

Items To Make Events & Meters More Exciting

We’ll be releasing 2 new Items that are perfect to use during exciting Pococha moments.

  1. We Can Do It!
  2. We Are Winning!

Estimated Release Date: Dec 20 5:00 PM PST

Pococha can always be fun, but the most exciting moments on Pococha often happen during Events or when competing on the Rank Meter.

We got an incredible response to the new PocoRanger Items which were released last month. So we have decided to create more! These Items had popular phrases that inspired and motivated the broadcast to win!

So, we are adding 2 more types of this kind of Item!

We Can Do It!

Previously we released our USA-themed Uncle Sam Item – “We Want YOU!” So of course we had to release the similar “We Can Do It” Item as well!

This Item frames the face of the broadcaster and proclaims “We Can Do It”. Let’s get spirited for this one!

We Are Winning

This Item is perfect for using when you’ve pulled ahead in the competition. Just moved up from 2nd to 1st place? Time to use the new “We Are Winning” Item. The flames look just like Support Point fire!

Popular Japan Items Are Now In The US !

We’ve heard users want some of the different Items that are popular on Pococha Japan. So we are bringing some to the US!

  1. Bubble Blast
  2. Poco-Stache

Estimated Release Date: Dec 20 5:00 PM PST

Here’s a great Item that broadcasters can pretend they are wearing in real life!

Blow Bubbles!

When “Bubble Blast!” is used, let’s cheer at the screen!


When “Poco-Stache” is used, the broadcaster can try to fit their eyes and nose into the Item!

New Slang Items

Estimated Release Date: Dec 25 5:00 PM PST.

Thank you for using the Slang Items released in September!

A few months ago we asked users to submit ideas for new slang Items. So we have created 5 new Items based on your ideas!

Instead of typing the phrase in the comments, try using the slang Item instead!

Funny Face Challenge & Score Board

Estimated Release Date: Dec 25 5:00 PM PST.

From the Item Reaction Challenge series comes the Funny Face Challenge! These reaction challenges are a great way to interact with the broadcaster and make them try something.

When this Item is sent, the broadcaster will have to try and make the funniest face they can.

Then, we’ve created scorecard Items that the viewer can send to rate how funny the broadcaster’s face was!

Happy New Year!

Estimated Release Period: Dec 31 12:00 AM PST – Jan 3 11:59 PM PST

Let’s celebrate New Years 2023 with fireworks!

Fireworks will be available only for a limited time, so enjoy them and celebrate with your friends while you can!

Pococha Success Blogs

Hello Pococha!

Recently we have created many blogs that contain different strategies and tips for being successful on Pococha. We’ve decided to summarize and include them all here!

We think it is important for users to read each blog and understand how they can help. Some blogs are written for viewers, some are for broadcasters. But we think it is important to read them all.

Here’s a quick summary of each blog!

  1. Learn The Pococha Rewards System
  2. Why Do Rank Borders Move?
  3. How To Support Broadcasters & Enjoy Pococha
  4. Why Should I Broadcast At End Time?
  5. How To Increase Support From Viewers
  6. Understanding Pococha’s Features
  7. Strategy For Success: Atomic Family

Learn The Pococha Rewards System

This blog discusses the rewards that a broadcaster can earn on Pococha.

Broadcasters earn diamond rewards as a direct result of the amount of viewer support they earn. Pococha does not “pay” it’s broadcasters. They are not employees of the company. Instead, broadcasters are creators using the Pococha platform to increase the size of their fan communities and earn rewards from viewer support.

Currently, Pococha is not taking any sort of commission fee or cut from broadcaster’s rewards. Currently, the maximum amount of rewards is being provided to broadcasters.

As broadcasters become bigger influencers, the app will grow with them increasing the size of rewards.

Users also submitted questions about this blog, which we have answered in the Q&A blog!

Why Do Rank Borders Move?

This blog discusses the factors that determine the movement of the Rank Meter.

Rank on Pococha shows the relative amount of support a broadcaster has, compared to other users on the app. So in order to increase Rank, a broadcaster must be earning more Support Points than the other broadcasters they are competing against.

This is the function of the Rank Meter. It provides an even playing field for broadcasters to compete on, and see who can earn the most support. This is also why the rank meter moves. If a broadcaster earns more Support than you, the rank border will increase because you must now earn more Support Points to show you can earn more support.

Thus, Pococha does not decide the levels of the meter. Instead, the meter movement is determined directly by the actions of other broadcasters.

Rank Meters often move the most and the quickest right before End Time. This is because End Time is when the meter positions of broadcasters is decided. There can only be a certain percentage of broadcasters in each section of the meter, so users compete the hardest at the very last moments before the competition is decided.

A creator must be competitive on any platform, not just Pococha.

Instead of hiding the competition like other apps do, we believe that having competition out in the open is the best way for creators to grow their status and communities.

Users also submitted questions about this blog, which we have answered in the Q&A blog!

How To Support Broadcasters & Enjoy Pococha

This blog discusses the many ways a viewer can enjoy Pococha, be a part of a community, and help the broadcaster succeed!

We often hear questions like:

  • How can viewers enjoy Pococha?
  • What ways can I support a broadcaster?
  • What kind of benefits can a viewer receive?

We answer these questions and more.

Users also submitted questions about this blog, which we have answered in the Q&A blog!

Why Should I Broadcast At End Time?

This blog discusses why End Time exists, why it is important, and how it can be used as a tool to increase support and succeed.

We often hear questions like:

  • Why can’t I broadcast whenever I want?
  • Why do we have to compete each day?
  • What if I need breaks?

We’d like to answer these questions and more!

End Time period is the 24-hour time period during which broadcasters can earn Support Points. Once End Time has finished, broadcasters will earn or lose Rank Points depending on their performance on the Rank Meter. Once enough Rank Points are earned, a broadcaster can increase their Rank!

Users also submitted questions about this blog, which we have answered in the Q&A blog!

How To Increase Support From Viewers

This blog contains why it is important for broadcasters to share their goals and offer 5 great tips for increasing support from viewers!

Often we hear:

  • How can I turn a viewer into a supporter?
  • I don’t know how to ask for support.
  • Asking for support doesn’t fit my broadcasting style.

We address these questions and more!

Users also submitted questions about this blog, which we have answered in the Q&A blog!

Understanding Pococha’s Features

Pococha has many unique features such as Rank System, Family feature, etc.

Each one can be mastered and utilized as a way to manage your fan community and increase support!

In this blog, we’ll be reviewing the importance of our 7 top features, and how each one can be used to deepen the connection inside a community.

Strategy For Success: Atomic Family

Have you been a Pococha broadcaster for a while now, and are finding it hard to increase your Rank?

Do you have a decent amount of supporters but they don’t work together to help you achieve your goals?

In this blog, we’ll explain an important concept for broadcaster success on Pococha – the Atomic Family! Understanding & creating the Atomic Family is one of essential strategies to succeed as a top influencer on Pococha.

In order to earn income as a sustainable creator on Pococha, you need to increase your Rank, right? Well the most fundamental method to increase Rank is by creating and growing the Atomic Family.

Users also submitted questions about this blog, which we have answered in the Q&A blog!

We hope these blogs will help you understand Pococha better and use it to be successful!

Thank you

Rank Meter Ranking – A New Way To Understand The Rank Meter


Today we are announcing a new feature that is being added to Pococha this week.

The feature is called Rank Meter Ranking, and we think it will help users understand how the Rank Meter works!

Estimated Release Date: Thu Dec 15 PST

Release App Version: 5.24.0

Please note, nothing about how the Rank Meter works is being changed – it is the same! But this new feature will provide users with more information about the meter so they can understand it better and use the information to create more informed goals & strategies.

Let’s get started!

What is Rank Meter Ranking?

We often receive comments from users that the Rank system is difficult to understand, especially the Rank Borders. Rank Borders are the Support Point amounts that must be achieved in order to earn a certain amount of Rank Points. For example, the amount that is shown between +1 and +2 on the meter is the Rank Border.

So, on Dec 11, we will be releasing a new feature called “Rank Meter Ranking” to make the Rank system more intuitive and easier for your community to unite around the same goal.

Rank Meter Ranking is a new page where you will be able to see more details about the Rank Meter.

The new feature will allow users to see which broadcasters they are competing against on the Rank Meter. Particularly, the broadcasters who are ahead or behind them will be shown. Additionally, it will show the broadcasters who are directly above each Rank Border and the amount of Support Points they currently hold.

Accessibility of Feature:

  • The feature will be accessible by clicking “Current Meter Ranking” under a broadcaster’s Rank Meter on their profile.
  • The feature will only be accessible to those who can already see the broadcaster’s Rank Meter.
    • If a Family has 15 or more members, only the Family members will be able to access the feature.
  • If a Freeze Pass is activated, the feature will not be accessible.

Here’s a mock up of what it will look like!

*The above numbers are only for purposes of understanding, and do not represent actual values.

Additional Features:

  • The feature will show the following broadcasters:
    • The 3 broadcasters directly above and below the specified broadcaster.
    • The broadcaster with the highest amount of Support Points in the specified broadcaster’s Rank.
    • The broadcaster who is directly above each Rank Border level for the specified broadcaster’s Rank Class.
  • Broadcasters can see how many broadcasters are above them until the next Rank Border level.

The Rank Meter Ranking will show broadcasters who are in the same Rank, but different Rank Classes. Rank is the group of Rank Classes (B Rank includes the Rank Classes B1, B2, & B3.)

Even though broadcasters in the same Rank will be competing on the same meter, the Rank Border levels will be different for each Rank Class.

For example, a B1 broadcaster, B2 broadcaster, and B3 broadcaster will all compete on the same Rank Meter. However the amount of Support Points they need to achieve a +1 will likely be different.

We will explain this in detail shortly!

Why didn’t Pococha show this ranking before?

As we have explained before, the Rank Meter is the area of competition between broadcasters. Each day, they compete to achieve Rank Points in order to Rank up.

Since only a percentage of broadcasters can earn Rank Points, broadcasters compete to try and earn these points. This competition causes the Rank Border levels to increase. Pococha does not increase these borders.

Even before this new feature was released, broadcasters were still competing with each other in the exact same way – the ranking was just hidden to users. We think that providing this information to users will make the Rank Meter easier to understand, and allow users to make smarter goals, strategies, and decisions!

Many users did not understand how other broadcasters were changing the Rank Borders of the meter. We hope this new feature will make it more clear.

Which broadcasters do I compete with, and how?

Before we explain the mechanics of the Rank Meter in detail, here’s a quick recap of some important terms!

  • Rank = The group of Rank Classes. (B Rank includes Rank Classes of B1, B2, B3)
  • Rank Class = The individual level (like B2 Rank Class)
  • Rank Border = The number shown between sections of the meter (like +1 and +2) that shows how many Support Points are needed to reach that section.

On Pococha, the size of enthusiasm and support that the viewers have for a certain broadcaster is represented as the broadcaster’s Rank (like B Rank). Within each Rank there are subdivisions called Rank Class (like B3 Rank). For example, a beginner broadcaster with a smaller amount of total support might be E1 Rank Class, while a more experienced broadcaster with a larger amount of support could be A5 Rank Class.

Rank Class can go up or down according to the amount of Rank Points that the broadcaster earns or loses each day. Rank Points are earned or lost depending on the daily amount of Support Points that the broadcaster earns compared to other broadcasters who are in the same Rank. The amount of Rank Points is decided when the 24-hr period of competition, known as End Time, comes to and end.

Due to the current size and ecosystem of the US app, broadcasters who are in different Rank Classes but the same Rank often compete on the same Rank Meter. For example, a B1 Rank broadcaster may be on the same meter as a B3 Rank broadcaster.

The current size of the US platform is too small for Rank Classes to only compete with the same Rank Class (like A2 competing only with A2). If the competition is too few broadcasters, it will create an undesirable experience for users because of highly volatile meters. Therefore, we created a temporary solution that allows the competition to be more stable. This is why broadcasters of different Rank Classes but the same Rank compete on the same meter (B1, B2, & B3 competing on same meter.)

However even though different Rank Class broadcasters on the same Rank Meter, they likely require a different amount of Support Points to reach each Rank Border level.

This is because the percentage of broadcasters who can earn Rank Points will be different for each Rank Class! Here’s some examples…

Example 1:

  • The percentage of B3 broadcasters who can earn a +1 is x%.
  • The percentage of B2 broadcasters who can earn a +1 is (x+y)%.
  • The percentage of B1 broadcasters who can earn a +1 is (x+y+z)%.

As you can see, the lower the Rank Class, the bigger the percentage of broadcasters who can be in a certain Rank Point range.

Example 2:

Let’s use an example with numbers!

*Please Note: These numbers are only used to help explain the mechanics of the Rank Meter, and do not represent actual or expected values.

  • A B3 Rank broadcaster might need to be in the top 10% of all B Rank broadcasters in order to get +2 Rank Points.
  • A B2 Rank broadcaster might only need to be in the top 20% of all B Rank broadcasters to get the +2.

As you can see, the lower Rank Classes have a slightly bigger percentage and therefore better chance of achieving a certain Rank Point. While the higher Rank Classes have a smaller percentage, they also enjoy bigger amounts of Time Diamonds and Performance Bonuses!

Broadcasters in the same Rank Class (like B3) will all have the exact same percentage ability of achieving a certain Rank Point.

For this reason, the same Rank Meter Ranking will show different Rank Borders depending on the broadcaster’s Rank Class. A B2 and B3 broadcaster may appear on the same Rank Meter, but the position and amount of say, the +1 Rank Border, will be different for each.

Remember, the amount of Support Points for each Rank Border is determined not by Pococha, but by the amount of competition and the amount of Support Points that broadcasters in each Rank are earning. The Rank Border percentages for each Rank Class stay the same, but the Rank Border levels will change based on broadcaster activity.

Please Note: If there are a small amount of broadcasters in a certain Rank, the Support Points at a Rank Border level could end up being the same for more than one Rank Class, even if the percentage of broadcasters who can reach that Rank Border level differs across each Rank Class.

We hope the new feature and these examples will help users understand the Rank Meter more intuitively!

Will the new feature increase bullying?

Some users may be concerned that the new feature could lead to an increase in bullying, since it shows which broadcasters they are in direct competition with.

We encourage all users to use the new feature in the spirit of healthy competition and good sportsmanship.

Remember, nothing has changed about the way the Rank Meter works. Broadcasters have already been competing directly with broadcasters before this feature.

Instead of causing jealousy or resentment, we hope this new feature will provide communities with new tools for creating goals & strategies!

As always, Pococha has rules against bullying & harassment, especially violent or abusive threats. Please report any violation you see, and the Pococha moderation team will take the appropriate action. We also encourage users to block those who are creating a negative or toxic environment.

What happens if a broadcaster uses a Freeze Pass?

If a broadcaster uses a Freeze Pass, they will be removed from the Rank Meter Ranking.

Broadcasters are allowed to used Freeze Passes up until the last hour before End Time. Many broadcasters use Freeze Passes at this moment to save their meters.

This means that the Rank Meter Ranking my change rapidly, especially right before the hour before End Time.

For example, if there are 10 broadcasters in above you on the ranking and they all suddenly use a Freeze Pass, they will be removed and your position on the ranking will change rapidly.

Additional Information

  1. The Rank Meter Ranking page is not automatically updated. You will need to reload the page yourself or re-access the page to check the status in real time.
  2. Sometimes it may appear that 2 or more broadcasters have the same amount of Support Points, however they could be different. This is because the Rank Meter Ranking page does not show decimal points. A user with 100.2 Support Points will appear higher than a user with 100.1 Support Points, even though the app will show them both having 100 points.
  3. Pococha has an Upper Stabilization Mechanism in place to ensure that users’ do not have a negative experience caused by a sudden increase in the Rank Border on a particular day. When a Rank Border is being affected by the Upper Stabilization Mechanism, the value of that Rank Border may be close to the value of the Rank Border below it. However, there is no change in the percentage of the other Rank Borders, so Broadcasters aiming for the lower Rank Border are not at a disadvantage than usual.

Thank you for reading.

We hope this blog has helped users understand the new Rank Meter Ranking feature.

If you have questions or concerns, please contact our Support team by using the in-app Contact Us features.

Q&A: Strategy For Success – The Atomic Family

Thank you to everyone who submitted questions about our recent blog, Strategy For Success: The Atomic Family.

In the blog, we’ll be answering some of the most asked questions!

  1. Q1: I have 3-4 viewers who really want to see me succeed, but they cannot always support a lot or send lots of Items. What can I do?
  2. Q2: I have individual supporters, but they don’t seem to work together. How can I help them?
  3. Q3: Currently I don’t have any supporters who I would consider part of my Atomic Family, how can I start?
  4. Q4: What is the best way to get new viewers?

Q1: I have 3-4 viewers who really want to see me succeed, but they cannot always support a lot or send lots of Items. What can I do?

That’s ok!

Having a small group of committed supporters is a great start, even if they cannot support a lot yet. The important thing is to keep them close by your side.

Start with giving them roles & responsibilities inside your community that do not require a lot of Coins.

  • Ask them to become an Admin
  • Give them the task of welcoming all new viewers
  • See if they can check the Rank Meter frequently

These tasks will give the viewer a sense of responsibility in the community and a feeling of unity.

Then, you can slowly give the viewer slightly bigger goals. Try things like:

  • “I am looking to be #1 in the Heart Item today, can you send one Item to help?”
  • “I am only 1 Core Fan away from a bonus, could you help by becoming one?”

Remember to create unique and valuable benefits for your viewers. If their goals are aligned with yours, then they will help in any way they can. Eventually, their small contributions will turn into larger ones.

Q2: I have individual supporters, but they don’t seem to work together. How can I help them?

As we mentioned, it’s much better to have lots of supporters who work together rather than only a few supporters who don’t.

This is because if an individual supporter cannot or decides to not support, it will greatly affect the success of the broadcaster.

Try encouraging your supporters to work together on goals and to communicate with each other in the broadcast and in the Family chat.

Tell your individual supporters the importance of working with other viewers and how important it is to you.

Don’t let one supporter start to feel jealous of other viewers or too protective of you. Explain to them that in order to achieve your goal you want to work together with the entire community, and the supporter should too.

If a viewer wants to be your only supporter or doesn’t want to work with others, they may not be a good fit for the community in the long-term.

Q3: Currently I don’t have any supporters who I would consider part of my Atomic Family, how can I start?

We discuss this in the article!

Here are the 5 steps to help turn a viewer into an Atomic Family member:

  1. Communicate with the viewer & provide certain levels of feedback
  2. Search hard to find the first few viewers who are on your side
  3. Share your goals
  4. Make goals personal for the viewer by assigning roles
  5. Listen to & trust your Atomic Family, don’t ignore them!

For more details about these steps, check out the 2nd half of the Atomic Family blog.

Q4: What is the best way to get new viewers?

Here’s some tips to try and get new viewers into your broadcast, and keep them there!

  • Add an eye-catching photo to your profile that will make viewers want to enter
  • Have Family members add interesting hashtags to your broadcast. These will be visible on the search page of Pococha and might entice a new viewer to join!
  • Promote each broadcast on your other social media channels, encouraging your follows to come check out Pococha.
  • Create a wide range of rewards and benefits for your viewers. Try having super exciting reactions whenever a viewer does something in your broadcast. And offer bigger rewards to viewers if they help support you for your goals.

Here’s a great article that talks about creating benefits for viewers!
5 Tips For Asking For Support From Viewers
Q&A: 5 Tips For Asking For Support From Viewers

Most importantly, viewers want to support a broadcaster who is motivated to be successful on Pococha and shows this during their broadcast!

Community Rulebook Reminder: Bullying & Harassment

Hi users,

Today we’d like to discuss the importance of a healthy & positive environment on Pococha and how we can work together to address bullying & harassment in the community.

Pococha is committed to providing a safe and secure environment for meaningful communication between users. Therefore, we do not allow any behavior that seriously harms others or makes them feel unsafe.

To prevent this behavior, we have created a list of rules, community guidelines, and violations. For example, we prohibit slander or violent/offense behavior.

Please read the following FAQ pages to understand Pococha’s rules.
Pococha Rulebook
Preventing Slander and Other Issues
Violent or Offensive Behavior

What is considered slander/harassment?

Pococha wants its users to enjoy conversations as freely as possible. However, we do not permit the use of false rumors or foul language that refers to others. Let’s look at some examples.

Example 1

  • A broadcaster tells their viewers “You shouldn’t go to their broadcast because that person is a XXXX (bad word or baseless rumor)”

This type of action could be considered slander.

We advise broadcasters to refrain from using any language or mentions which others may find hurtful.

A broadcaster saying something like “I only want you to support me, and not other broadcasters”, would likely not be considered slander.

Example 2

  • A viewer says ““He is a XXXXX and a very nasty person and I hate him too, so you shouldn’t go to his broadcast”

This could be considered slander.

What kind of bullying behavior is prohibited on Pococha?

The following other activities are not permitted in Pococha

  • Hurting other broadcasters and viewers by continuously stating the broadcast is “weird” or “boring” during the broadcast.
  • Persistently requesting actions that the other person does not want to do.
  • Discriminatory remarks about sexual orientation, race, disabilities, etc. Discriminatory remarks about gender, such as “You can’t do XX because you’re a woman/man.
  • Threatening behavior accompanied by demands, such as “If you don’t do something for me, I’ll badmouth you to hurt your reputation.
  • Making violent remarks to others, such as “I’ll come and beat you up,” or causing fear of physical harm.
  • Causing damage to photos, objects, etc. of a specific person, and actions that make people feel threatened or violated.
  • Spamming the chat with excessive repeated messages that disrupt the broadcast.
  • Posting a large number of meaningless comments aimed to disrupt a broadcast.
  • Actions that make you feel threatened, such as “I’m going to your house” or “I’ve found your address.

There are also instances where you might hurt others unintentionally. Please use the app in a manner that respects the feelings of other broadcasters and viewers.

Additionally, violent or offensive Behavior is prohibited.

For example:

  • Threats of violence to kill or blow up a building, such as “I want to burn that building down.” Saying assaultive remarks, such as “I’m going to beat you up”, even as a joke.
  • Suggesting membership in organized crime groups, such as “I’m a member of a gang, so if you go against me, you’ll get hurt.”
  • Threatening the safety of others, such as “walking around with a knife.”
  • Threatening to cause emotional abuse to others, such as bullying, harassing, etc.
  • Threatening to expose personal information about others, such as their physical addresses, emails, social media accounts, etc.

What should I do if I see a violation?

If you see any inappropriate behavior, please report it by using the report function in the app.]

If you are unsure how to report/block, please read our FAQ Dealing with Troublesome Users.

Reports will be checked in the order they were received. If it is determined that there is a problem, an appropriate response will be taken.

In our investigation, the accurate information you provide is critical. Therefore, please provide us with the facts as clearly as possible in your report.

For example, don’t just say “I was bullied.” Instead, provide evidence of what statements were made, when and to whom. This will allow us to more reliably investigate and take appropriate action.

Finally, we advise not gossiping about things you heard from others.

Any actions that may lead to slander or problems for both the broadcasters and viewers may result in warnings, account feature restrictions, or other penalties.

Please see What to Do in Case of Violations for more details on how to deal with violations.

Thank you for reading and helping keep Pococha a safe and positive place for all!

New Core Fan Effect!

Hello users!

Today we’re happy to announce that the new Core Fan effect has been released.

We want to help users congratulate those who become Core Fans. So we are improving the Core Fan effect!

The new Core Fan effect:

  • Is shown to all viewers in a broadcast now, not just the viewer who became a Core Fan.
  • The effect becomes bigger, better, & has more POCOTOMO characters the higher the level.

Here is the Core Fan effect shown when a viewer becomes a 5K Core Fan and a 10K Core Fan. Look how the higher level adds more friendly POCOTOMO characters!

When you see the new effect appear in a broadcast, be sure to encourage everybody to congratulate the viewer!

Below you can see what the new Core Fan effect looks like at every level. We hope you’ll enjoy it!

Please Note: This new Core Fan effect will only be available to those who have Pococha app version 5.32.2 or newer.

Version 5.23.2 will be released on Dec 6 PST and will be reflected for users who have installed it.

  • A forced update will be performed on Dec 11 PST and will take effect for all users after that date.

Ask Pococha – Answer Time!

Hey users,

Thank you to everyone who submitted questions in the Ask Pococha survey!

Ask Pococha is a chance for the community to submit questions to the Pococha team. We will be providing answers to the most asked questions.

Please Note: There were some questions about individual account issues. We are not able to answer these in this blog, but please reach out to customer service by using the support feature in the app!

Here were the most asked questions, along with Pococha’s answer:

  1. Q1: Why does the meter move “so much”?
  2. Q2: How much does Pococha pay broadcasters?
  3. Q3: How does the Refer-A-Friend campaign work? Where can I enter my code to get free Coins?
  4. Q4: I notice some bullying on Pococha, what can I do about it?
  5. Q5: Why is End Time at the current time? Can it be changed?
  6. Q6: How do claps help broadcasters?
  7. Q7: How can I become a successful broadcaster?
  8. Q8: How can I join the PocoAcademy?
  9. Q9: How can I get more viewers?
  10. Q10: Will broadcasters be able to go live with each other or have battles?
  11. Q11: Does a Freeze Pass stop my meter position from falling? What is the best way to use a Freeze Pass?
  12. Q12: Does Pococha allow dating behavior inside the app?
  13. Q13: Where can I buy or win Pococha merchandise like hats, hoodies, etc?
  14. Q14: When does Pococha release new Items? How can I help create new Items?
  15. Q15: How can I get on the weekly Ranking list?

Q1: Why does the meter move “so much”?

We cover this topic in detail in two of our recent blogs. We encourage all users to read them!

Why Do Rank Borders Move?

Why Should I Broadcast At End Time?

Remember, Pococha is like a communication gaming app where communities of broadcasters and their supporters compete against other communities. Just like a sports game, healthy competition is an integral part.

The Rank Meter moves not because Pococha moves it, but because a broadcaster is competing against other broadcasters who are all earning Support Points to try and gain Rank Points. If you are a basketball team and your rival scores more than you, then your team must score again to win! The same is true for the Rank Meter.

If the Rank Meter moves “a lot”, it is likely because there is a lot of competition happening within your Rank. Remember, it is ok to Rank down! It is better to be comfortable at a Rank that truly represents the amount of support from viewers you can earn.

Q2: How much does Pococha pay broadcasters?

We cover this topic in great detail in a recent blog. We encourage all users to read it!

Learn The Pococha Rewards System

Broadcasters on Pococha are not like salaried employees at a job. Pococha does not pay broadcasters like a job. Instead, broadcasters are creators who use the Pococha app to gain support from their viewers.

Viewer support is then turned into Rewards for the broadcaster, most often in the form of Diamonds. The amount of Diamonds a broadcaster receives is directly proportional to the amount of viewer support they are earning.

Broadcasters can earn 3 types of Diamonds – Engagement Diamonds, Time Diamonds, and Performance Bonus. While all three are directly related to the size of viewer support, they are all given to broadcasters in different ways.

If a broadcaster wants to increase the size of Diamonds they are receiving, they must increase their rank by increasing the amount of support coming from viewers.

Engagement Diamonds are earned as a direct result of the amount of Items sent to the broadcaster each day.

Time Diamonds and Performance Bonuses are earned based on the Rank Class of the broadcaster. Since Rank Class is determined by how much viewer support the broadcaster is receiving, these are also directly affected by the amount of viewer support just like Engagement Diamonds.

Users can see the amount of Diamonds that can be earned at each Rank Class level by visiting our FAQ pages here!

Time Diamonds

Performance Bonus

Q3: How does the Refer-A-Friend campaign work? Where can I enter my code to get free Coins?

The Refer-A-Friend campaign is a way for new users and current users to both gain Coins for inviting new members to the Pococha family! Current users can invite up to 20 new users.

The current user and new user will both receive:
– 200 Coins when the new user enters the invitation code
– 500 Coins when the new user becomes a 1K Core Fan for the 1st time.

If you’re looking for how the campaign works, how to enter a code, or how to send your code to others, read our Refer-A-Friend blog here! Refer-A-Friend Campaign Blog

Q4: I notice some bullying on Pococha, what can I do about it?

Pococha has a clear policy about bullying/slander. If you see this behavior please report it using the in-app report functions. We also encourage users to block those who are creating a negative experience for the community.

Please read the FAQ articles below:
How To Prevent Slander & Other Issues
What To Do In Case Of Violations

We strictly prohibit users that give serious threats and comments such as “I will kill you”. We want to create a healthy environment with good sportsmanship.

Please read the Pococha Rulebook for an understanding of our community guidelines and violation rules.

If you do receive a serious toxic comment, please do report it. Even if a user reports someone, it does not lead to a ban or action immediately. Each report is investigated throughly before a decision is made. Reports will be checked in the order they were received. If it is determined that there is a problem, an appropriate response will be taken. Please note that we cannot share the results of your report.

We have also heard of users “falsely reporting” each other. Please know that a report does nothing unless there is a clear violation.

Please note that Pococha cannot moderate behavior that occurs outside of the app.

Q5: Why is End Time at the current time? Can it be changed?

End Time is the 24 hour period within which all broadcasters can compete. This 24 hour period needs to be the same for all broadcasters, otherwise the competition could not function.

We have a great blog about this!
Why Should I Broadcast At End Time?

The current End Time (8pm PST, 9pm PDT) was picked as it seemed to be the best time for ALL Pococha users. Some users want it earlier, some want it later.

Pococha also sent a survey to users asking if they wanted End Time earlier or later. The survey confirmed the results. Many users want the End Time earlier or later, and many want it to be the same. However the best time for the most amount of users is the current time.

As Pococha grows as a platform, it will be possible to create more than one End Time once there are enough competing broadcasters to create more fair environments. If and when this happens, a second or third End Time could be made much earlier or later. Let’s get more broadcasters on Pococha!

Q6: How do claps help broadcasters?

Claps are a way for viewers to show recognition to other viewers.

For example: When a viewer becomes a Core Fan, all the other viewers can hit the “clap” button to show a quick form of support and recognition!

Lots of constant clapping can also make the broadcast feel more exciting, which can help motivate the community to win!

Please Note: Claps do not contribute to Support Points.

Q7: How can I become a successful broadcaster?

Pococha is an app that rewards broadcasters who are best able to create a community, build connections with viewers, and inspire their community to achieve goals and win competitions!

If you’re just starting out, check out the Pococha Creator Hub. It’s your one stop shop for all the important info about how to be a good broadcaster.

Our blog site, Pococha.blog, has a ton of in-depth articles including top tips. We encourage users to read as many as they can, and stay tuned for new articles in the future.

Here’s some great articles to start!
5 Tips For Asking For Support From Viewers
How To Use Pococha Features To Be Successful
Build the Dedicated Community of Your Dreams!
How to Double Your Core Fans
Bold, Brave, and Beaming: The Success Story of IamKaren!

Another great way to become a successful broadcaster is to watch, study, and learn from the top Rank broadcasters on the app! Study how they react to Items & how they interact with fans. Join their Family and see how they communicate with viewers outside a broadcast! Find out what types of benefits they provide to their top supporters. Then, try out those strategies for yourself.

Q8: How can I join the PocoAcademy?

Great question! The PocoAcademy is an education program that broadcasters can join. They’ll get weekly check-ins with Pococha team members who will help them practice and hone in the skills to become a top broadcaster on Pococha!

96% of our PocoAcademy graduates increased their Rank, by an average of 3.8 Ranks! Graduates also saw an average increase of 16 Core Fans over the program.

Keep an eye out for PocoAcademy applications inside the app, any broadcaster can apply! Or apply now by clicking here!

Q9: How can I get more viewers?

Here’s some tips to try and get new viewers into your broadcast, and keep them there!

  • Add an eye-catching photo to your profile that will make viewers want to enter
  • Have Family members add interesting hashtags to your broadcast. These will be visible on the search page of Pococha and might entice a new viewer to join!
  • Promote each broadcast on your other social media channels, encouraging your follows to come check out Pococha.
  • Create a wide range of rewards and benefits for your viewers. Try having super exciting reactions whenever a viewer does something in your broadcast. And offer bigger rewards to viewers if they help support you for your goals.

Here’s a great article that talks about creating benefits for viewers!
5 Tips For Asking For Support From Viewers
Q&A: 5 Tips For Asking For Support From Viewers

Most importantly, viewers want to support a broadcaster who is motivated to be successful on Pococha and shows this during their broadcast!

Q10: Will broadcasters be able to go live with each other or have battles?

Pococha’s philosophy of live streaming focuses on the deep & meaningful communication that a broadcaster can have with many viewers.

When more than one broadcaster appears on the screen, the broadcasters often begin to start talking to each other. The focus of the communication is then taken away from the viewer, and becomes fixated between the broadcasters. This can create a negative experience for the viewer who no longer has the attention and direct connection with the broadcaster!

There are many live streaming apps, but Pococha chooses to focus on this type of broadcasting! We provide a place for broadcasters and viewers who are looking for that deep & focused communication between each other.

For this reason, we do not currently plan to add features where more than one broadcaster can appear on the screen.

Q11: Does a Freeze Pass stop my meter position from falling? What is the best way to use a Freeze Pass?

A Freeze Pass turns off a broadcaster’s meter, it does not “pause” a broadcaster’s position in place.

When a Freeze Pass is used, the broadcaster will not gain or lose any Rank Points for that day.

Some users think that they can get to a +2 position on the meter, and then use the Freeze Pass to stay at +2. This is not true and not how the Freeze Pass works! The Freeze Pass will turn off the user’s meter for the day, and they will not gain or lose any Rank Points.

Please read our Freeze Pass FAQ for a full explanation of the feature.

We cover some great ways to use Freeze Passes in this recent blog!
Why Should I Broadcast at End Time?

Q12: Does Pococha allow dating behavior inside the app?

Pococha is a live-streaming communication app that is made up of the fan community, or Family, consisting of the broadcasters and their viewers.
It is also a communication gaming app in the sense that the platform where a broadcaster and their supporters come together to compete against other communities.

As a platform, Pococha provides a place to connect the broadcaster with the viewers & or supporters of the broadcaster. The focus is intended to be on a group of users coming together to interact and achieve goals.

This is different from a dating app, which connects one person to another.

This is why Pococha does not have a 1 on 1 DM feature, and that all conversation is done inside the Family group chat.

When both the broadcasters and viewers use Pococha for dating purposes, there is a high risk of breaking apart the community. Broadcasters should avoid engaging in dating behaviors with their viewers, as this will can lead to disappointment from other viewer who may stop supporting you.

It is important for broadcasters to have a personal relationship with each viewer. But personal does not mean intimate or romantic.

For this reason, we strongly discourage dating behaviors inside of Pococha.

If a viewer is demanding to go on a date, or otherwise making any type of request that makes the broadcaster or community uncomfortable, we encourage users to block the user.

Q13: Where can I buy or win Pococha merchandise like hats, hoodies, etc?

Pococha has merchandise Events almost every month!

Winners of the Event will receive exclusive Pococha merchandise or items. Keep an eye out for the next Event!

Also, we plan to introduce a new type of Event where broadcasters can receive prizes that they can choose to share with their supporters. Stay tuned for more information.

Q14: When does Pococha release new Items? How can I help create new Items?

We frequently release new Items!

Typically, Pococha announces new Items first at their Round Table events. Join the next Round Table to be the first to hear about new Items.

Users can also have an input into creating an Item during our POCOLAB events. Many of our holiday Items were created by users! Currently, we do not have any POCOLAB events planned but keep an eye out for the next one.

Q15: How can I get on the weekly Ranking list?

The Weekly US Broadcaster Ranking List shows the broadcasters who have earned the most Support Points each week! There is also a Monthly Ranking List.

Currently, this weekly list shows the Top 30 broadcasters and each of their Top 3 supporters that week.

To get on the list, try to be one of the top 30 broadcasters!

*Please Note: To appear on the list, a certain percentage of the total support a broadcaster receives must be from viewers who registered in the same country as the broadcaster.

Also, there is a daily, weekly, and monthly rankings inside the Pococha app. This can be found by clicking the crown icon in the top right of the home page.

Thank you for all your questions!

We plan to have more Ask Pococha sessions in the future, but if you need an immediate question answered, please contact our support team by using the Contact feature inside of Pococha.

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