How To Use Pococha Features To Be Successful

Hello users!

Pococha has many unique features such as Rank System, Family feature, etc.

Each one can be mastered and utilized as a way to manage your fan community and increase support!

Today, we’ll be reviewing the importance of our 7 top features, and how each one can be used to deepen the connection inside a community.

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Here’s our top 7 tips!

Tip #1 – Use the Rank Meter as a way to set collaborative goals between broadcasters and viewers

Pococha is a communication gaming app where communities of broadcasters and their supporters can compete to win victories and achieve collaborative goals.

The Rank System is the criteria by which the competition is judged. Broadcasters who are able to create more support than their competitors will earn Rank Points that help increase their Rank. As their Rank increases, they’ll gain access to bigger Events, earn bigger rewards, and more notoriety. ** A creator must be competitive on any platform. But on Pococha, we allow the competition to be out in the open instead of behind the scenes. This is what the Rank System is for!

The Rank Meter is a great way to measure and increase support!

Instead of creators asking directly for money from supporters, the Rank System creates a way for broadcasters to set collaborative goals with their viewers. For example, a broadcaster can say “My goal is to get to A Rank” or “Let’s get a +1 on the meter today!”.

The Rank Meter also allows users to receive instant feedback about how they are performing. To increase Rank on Pococha, a broadcaster must be earning more support than others in their Rank. The Rank Meter shows exactly this information! Use it to your advantage.

Tip #2 – Ranking lists are another great way to create collaborative goals

The Rank Meter is one way for broadcasters to create goals for their community. Another way is to use the ranking lists on Pococha.

Type of Ranking List:

  • Statistic Ranking
  • Item Ranking
  • Family Ranking

The first two lists, Statistic & Item Ranking, compare the broadcaster (or viewer) to all other users on Pococha. Rank Meter Ranking compares the broadcaster to the other broadcasters they are competing with on the meter. Family Ranking compares statistics of members inside a Family to each other!

Statistic Ranking

Statistic Ranking compares the Support Points, Fan Noise, or Core Fans of one broadcaster to all others. It can also compare the Fan Noise of individual viewers to all other viewers.

This ranking can be found by clicking the crown icon in the top right of the Home page.

Support Point ranking can be filtered by Daily, Weekly, or Monthly rankings. Fan Noise & Core Fans are only ranked by Monthly.

Finally, Pococha currently releases a Weekly Ranking and Monthly Ranking article. We list the highest ranking broadcasters alongside their top supporters. Appearing on this list can be a great reward for both broadcasters and viewers!

*To appear on this page, a certain percentage of the total support that the Broadcaster receives must be from viewers registered in the same country as such Broadcaster.

Tip: Find your current ranking on the Statistic List, and create a goal to increase it!

Item Ranking

Item Rankings can also be found by clicking the crown icon on the Home page.

There is an Item Ranking for every Item on Pococha! It shows which broadcasters have collected the most of that Item. Often, there are many Items that are not used as much as others. This creates a great opportunity to create an easier goal!

First, choose an Item to be your goal. It can be a daily, weekly, or monthly goal.

Next, create a passionate story about why you want to go after that Item. For example – “I want to be #1 this week in the Panda Item because pandas are my favorite animal!”

Finally, share your new goal and story with your supporters during your broadcasts.

Tip: During a broadcast, ask your supporters which Item Ranking they want to chase after!

Family Ranking

Inside each Family on Pococha, there is another Ranking list!

This list shows the statistics of all the members inside a Family. There are three main categories – Items, Comments, & View Time.

Family Rankings are a great chance to create individual goals for your supporters. Try rewarding the top viewers in each category at the end of the month.

Example of Great Goals:

  • Statistic – “Let’s aim to be #3 most Core Fans for December!”
  • Item – “Let’s try and be #1 with High Five Items today!”
  • Family – “My top 3 supporters who watch the most hours this month will win the prize from me!”

Don’t only have one goal, try to have as many as possible!

Tip #3 – Create a unique set of benefits for your different levels of Core Fans!

Core Fans are a special type of supporter who have proven themselves to be committed to helping the broadcaster. Since these viewers are your most valuable asset, it is important to make them feel valued.

There are different levels of Core Fans, so a broadcaster should have different sized benefits for each level.

For example when a viewer becomes a Core Fan for the first time, think of a special way to thank them. A good reward is one an experience that the viewer cannot receive anywhere else!

Then, create bigger rewards and benefits that will incentivize supporters to reach higher levels.

Did you know, Core Fans also create a Support Point bonus for the broadcaster?

The more Core Fans a broadcaster has, the bigger multiplier bonus they will receive on all Support Points. For example, a broadcaster with 10 Core Fans will receive a 3% bonus on all Support Points. And 15 Core Fans will give a 4% bonus!

The multiplier Core Fan bonus will affect all Support Points for the rest of the month. So the earlier broadcasters can achieve this bonus, the longer it will affect their Support Points. That means more Support Points to help the Rank Meter.

Great Core Fan Benefit Examples:

  • .5K Mini-Fan – Viewer gets a quick 10 second thank you dance.
  • 1K Core Fan – Viewer gets their name on the supporter wall.
  • 10K Core Fan – Viewer gets access to an exclusive Family chat.
  • 20K Core Fan – Viewer receives a personalized thank you video message, and their name on broadcaster’s profile.

Tip #4 – Use Events as a way to hype up the Family for a larger type of competition

While the Rank Meter is a type of daily competition on Pococha, we have competitions that last longer than one day! They’re great ways to create a larger goal that will excite the community.

These longer competitions are called Events. Each Rank is able to register and compete in different kinds of Events. Higher Ranks get access to compete in Events with bigger prizes.

Try using Events as a way to win prizes and experiences to share with your community. For example, a broadcaster can win a trip to New York and then broadcast their experience with their supporters while they are visiting.

It is important to explain why you want to win the Event! Events are a chance for broadcasters to share their goals more deeply.

For example, if the broadcaster wants to win POCOSPOT LA event, the broadcaster can explain why this is important for her. Maybe she wants to receive offers to be on TV – “This billboard is a chance for me to be seen by casting directors!”

Some Events have special rules, like the Panda Clash Event, in which only Family members can provide an extra bonus to the broadcaster’s score. These events are a great way to talk strategy with your Family, and encourage non-Family viewers to join the Family during the Event.

Even if you are not close to winning an Event, it is important to not stop and not give up! Events are exciting, especially in the very last moment. For example, if you are in 12th place, try inspiring your Family to work hard and try to get to 11th place.

Even if the broadcaster doesn’t win an Event prize, they will still receive all 100% of their normal Engagement Diamonds, Time Diamonds, and Performance Bonus. So the extra effort will be worthwhile!

We will cover how to use Events in another blog coming soon!

Tip #5 – Take advantage of creative ways to use your profile message

A feature that is often forgotten is a Pococha profile!

The profile contains all sorts of ways to show gratitude to supporters, and to manage one’s community. It’s likely the first place new viewers will visit, and is a great place for important information.

Be sure to create a profile that makes you unique and makes the user want to follow you.

Great Profile Tips:

  • Try writing the names of your top supporters on your profile. This is a great reward for them!
  • Write a brief but impactful description about who you are. This is a great way to interest new viewers!
  • Write your short term and long term goals in your profile! Let viewers know how far you want to go.
  • Write your regular broadcast schedule in your profile, so viewers know when they should watch you.
  • Write your broadcast history. (Event winning history, Rank up history when you achieved each Rank). It can inspire the viewer that you are a BC who works hard to rank and how committed you are.

Tip #6 – Use Family as a second place where your community can interact, which will deepen their connections

When not interacting in a broadcast, a community can communicate inside of the Family chat feature! Having an active & interactive Family is important for creating a sense of unity across supporters!

Additionally, broadcasters can assign special roles to supporters inside the Family. Family Assistants can moderate chats, manage Family members, and even be part of exclusive chat rooms.

The newly updated Family chat provides members up to 20 different chat rooms. We encourage Family creators to pick special topics for each chat room, or to create exclusive rules for who can chat in each one.

Examples of Great Topics:

  • Main Chat Room/General Chat
  • Motivation Quotes
  • Screenshots From Daily Broadcasts
  • Event Strategy Talk
  • Broadcast Schedule & Announcements
  • Top Supporter Thank You Shoutouts!

Family creators can also set rules for which types of users can see or post in each chat room. Try creating a room for only Assistants, or only 1K Core Fans. These exclusive rooms can make the viewer want to become a Core Fan so they can get access to the secret channel.

Examples of Exclusive Rooms:

  • 1K Core Fan Chat Room
  • 20K Core Fan Chat Room
  • Admins Only Chat Room

Finally, remember to use the Family Ranking List inside the Family to motivate members to try and compete for certain benefits. We suggest creating special rewards for the Family members at the top of daily, weekly, and monthly rankings.

Tip #7 – Use the block function to keep a Family healthy and avoid toxicity

We want Pococha to be a place filled with positive & supportive communities. While competition exists, we think it can be done with respect like good sportsmanship in a game.

However, there may be some users that try to spread negativity and act toxic inside communities.

Here’s some great tips for maintaining a healthy community:

  • Read Pococha’s Rulebook, and report/block users who violate it.
  • Create your own rules for your community, and enforce these rules. Show viewers you are serious about a good environment.
  • Don’t hesitate to block viewers that are causing negative behavior.

However don’t block viewers without a good reason!

Many viewers that you think are bots are actually just shy viewers. Try reaching out and getting them to talk. You must be patient with new viewers, it is rare they give comments on their own without the broadcaster talking to them.


We hope you enjoyed reading this blog and learning more about how Pococha features can be used to achieve success!

We would appreciate if you could provide feedback about your experience! Additionally, please send us any questions you had about this blog – we will answer them in a follow up Q&A blog!

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