Q&A From Round Table #8

Hi everyone!

Thank you to everyone who attend our Round Table #8 event. We’re pleased to hear so many users excited about the new Items, Events, and updates!

In this blog, we will provide a review of the Round Table event and answer questions submitted to us!

Here’s an overview of the topics we covered:

  1. Recap of Family Feature
    1. New Family Abilities
    2. Why The Changes?
    3. Tips For Using The New Family
    4. Family Notification Settings:
    5. Family Permission Settings:
  2. New Items
    1. Yellow PocoRanger
    2. Holiday Items
    3. New Family Items
    4. Let’s Talk About Items!
  3. New Events
    1. Hall of Fame: Grand Championship
  4. Other Updates
  5. Updated Core Fan Effect
  6. Pococha Blogs
    1. Blog – Why Should I Broadcast At End Time?
    2. Blog – How Can I Increase Support From Viewers?
    3. Blog – How To Enjoy Pococha & Support Broadcasters
  7. Q&A From Users
    1. Q: More A rank events with less repeat winners.
    2. Q: Can we get more stable meters?
    3. Q: How long do you expect the changes put in place this summer to last?
    4. Q: How do you expect us to build more support when 90% of our support comes from other broadcasters?
    5. Q: How come we as broadcasters don’t benefit at all from the PocoChallenge, towards our meters, we get no extra diamonds or even more coins.
    6. Q: Can we have the green boxes reward up to 20 coins instead of 10?

Recap of Family Feature

The new Family Feature was released in October!

But we have heard from some users that they still do not understand it. So, we would like to provide a quick recap of the changes and also offer ideas on how to use it well!

New Family Abilities

  • Converted up to 3 old Families into 1 combined Family.
  • Up to 20 chat rooms can be created, each for a different purpose!
  • Users can now directly reply to messages, react with emojis, and also tag other users.
  • Set who can view & post in each chat room.
  • See Category Rankings for up to 300 members.
  • Set notification settings for each chat room.

Why The Changes?

Having users create up to 20 chat rooms allows for more focused and deep discussions. New chat features allow for more ways to engage, increasing interaction.

Plus, having an active & interactive Family is important for creating a sense of unity across supporters!

Tips For Using The New Family

Create topics for each chat room, including Pococha topics! Having each chat room serve a different purpose will provide users more things to chat about.

Here’s some ideas for chat room topics:

Different topics of conversation

  • Main Chat Room/General Chat
  • Motivation Quotes
  • Pet Photo Sharing

Pococha Topics!

  • Event Strategy Talk
  • Broadcast Schedule & Announcements
  • Broadcast Screenshots
  • Top Supporter Thank You Shoutouts!

Chatrooms For Special Members

  • 1K Core Fan Chat Room
  • 20K Core Fan Chat Room
  • Admins Only Chat Room

Family Notification Settings:

Please note, automatic message notifications for Family members have been turned off after the update. These were turned off due to the high amount of new channels that were created, which may have overwhelmed users with too many messages.

Please ask your Family members to turn on automatic notifications and select which chat room they want to receive updates from!

Family Permission Settings:

Family creators can also decide which members can post or view each channel!

Permission settings can be created for groups of users (like Assistants or Core Fans) or they can be created for individual users.

Use these settings to your advantage and get creative with the types of chat room you can create. For example, create a chat room were everyone can see the messages, but only 1K Core Fans can post!

New Items

We have some exciting new Items coming out soon, but first, we wanted to look back at all the awesome Items we’ve released since the last Round Table.

Which is your favorite?

  • 2 PocoRanger Items
  • 3 Combo Items
  • 3 Halloween Items
  • 3 Thanksgiving Items
  • 1 Tell Me You Love Me Item

Yellow PocoRanger

Now, onto our coming soon Items.

First, we’re announcing a new PocoRanger Item – the Yellow PocoRanger!

He’s lightning fast and ready to rumble up the Family. Use the yellow ranger to hype up your crew to battle for victory.

Estimated Release Date: Tue Nov 22

Holiday Items

Winter is upon us, and that means it’s time for holiday Items! Get in the holiday spirit with our 4 limited-time holiday Items – created by users at the PocoLab!

From the small PocoMint heart to the huge PocoPresent, these new Items are sure to warm up any broadcast.

Estimated Release Date: Mon Dec 5

New Family Items

Looking for a way to hype up and congratulate the entire Family?

We’re creating 2 new Items that will do just that!

  • “We Can Do It!”
  • “We Are Winning!

More details coming soon!

Expected Release Date: Dec 20

Let’s Talk About Items!

We would like to keep the number of Items around 100.

Remember, the purpose of an Item is for communication between users and for broadcasters to show gratitude to their supporters with an Item reaction!

If the amount of Items is too high, it becomes hard to remember all of them. So we plan to continue introducing new Items that promote conversation and remove Items that are not used often or do not promote communication.

We plan to remove around 15 Items around the end of the November.

If there are beloved Items that are removed, we would like to bring them back on special occasions!

New Events

Now, here’s some updated information about a new Event coming soon!

Hall of Fame: Grand Championship

We announced this event at the previous Round Table, but now we have information about the prizes!

The winner of this new Hall of Fame will win:

  • A trip to New York.
  • An interview and shoot from a professional videographer.
  • Their face on a billboard in the Times Square neighborhood.
  • Special profile background for their top supporters.

Other Updates

We have one other exciting new update!

Updated Core Fan Effect

We want to help users congratulate those who become Core Fans. So we are improving the Core Fan effect!

The effect will now be shown to all users in a broadcast, not just the new Core Fan. The effect is fancier with POCOTOMO characters.

The effect encourages everyone to congratulate the new Core Fan.

Estimated Release: December

Pococha Blogs

Recently we have been releasing lots of new articles on our blog site – www.pococha.blog.

These blogs are a great resource for Pococha users looking to learn about the app and discover top tips.

We suggest reading these blogs in their entirety!

Blog – Why Should I Broadcast At End Time?

This blog covers the ins & outs of End Time, and explains why it is so important!

Pococha is an app where broadcasters compete against each other with their Families to celebrate victories together. In order for competition to take place, there must be a set of rules that everyone abides by.

End Time creates a 24hr period in which all users can compete, with a clear group of winners at the end.

Some users say they do not want to compete. In this blog we also discuss why Pococha thinks competition is the best way for communities to grow bigger and stronger.

Blog – How Can I Increase Support From Viewers?

This blog offers great insight into some of the best ways a broadcaster can increase support from viewers.

Most importantly, a broadcaster must ask for support and explain why it is important to the viewer.

We cover this topic and more in this blog!

Blog – How To Enjoy Pococha & Support Broadcasters

This is a blog directed at viewers on Pococha, but anyone can read it!

Throughout this article we explain the role of a viewer on Pococha. Viewers are kinda like the fans at a sports match. They cheer for their favorite player. Through victories and defeats, the viewer stays loyal to the fan community they have joined.

Unlike sports, however, the viewer’s support directly effects the outcome of the competition!

Most importantly, we cover the types of benefits a viewer can expect to receive as a result of their support towards a broadcaster.

Q&A From Users

During the Round Table, we help an open Q&A section during which users could ask questions, vote on which questions were the most important, and then receive an answer from the Pococha team.

Q: More A rank events with less repeat winners.

We have received feedback from some users that they would like more types of Events for A Rank broadcasters. We hear you!

Currently, our Event team is looking into new types of Events that can be created for all Ranks.

However, the amount of Events and the amount of divisions in each Rank is a result of the amount of competition occurring in events. If more users begin to compete in Events, we will be able to create more chances for winners. Currently we see many broadcasters entering Events but not actually competing in them.

We plan to post a blog soon that discusses the top tips for how to win and enjoy events, keep a lookout for it!

Q: Can we get more stable meters?

We tend to get this question at every Round Table, but we are happy to answer it again!

Those who ask this question tend to have a misunderstanding of the Pococha Rank system. The Rank meter movement is not controlled by Pococha. Instead, it is a direct result of the behavior of competing broadcasters.

The Rank meter is like the score of a sports game. When one team scores more points, the competing team must work hard to gain even more points.

Some users say that this is unfair because it makes broadcasting worthless if the goal is not achieved. But we hope users understand that the broadcaster still earns 100% of their normal Engagement Diamonds, Time Diamonds, and Performance Bonus regardless of how they perform on the meter.

The meter is merely the daily competition that determines which Rank each broadcaster should be in, based on the size of support their viewers can send.

We cover this topic in great detail in two of our recent blogs, we encourage all to read them!

Q: How long do you expect the changes put in place this summer to last?

In July 2022, some changes were made to Pococha to address some problems we had been seeing.

First, comments and claps were changed to no longer effect Support Points. Originally, we wanted to reward broadcasts that had high engagement from viewers. However, we found that this type of feature began to be abused and used to cheat. Instead of promoting real and genuine conversation in broadcasts, many viewers would “spam the chat” to try and create as many Support Points as possible.

This lead to a majority of chats being in-authentic conversations. Then, broadcasters who were not abusing the feature would feel left behind because they were not spamming. This kind of behavior was beginning to lead to most of Pococha focusing on spamming and not genuine conversation – which is what Pococha is for!

At this time, we do not plan to bring back this feature. However, we are researching alternative methods that may reward broadcasters for high engagement broadcasts but that do not allow for cheating behavior.

Secondly, we reduced the number of Ranks as well as the amount of Time Diamonds for each Rank.

Previously there was not enough support and competition for additional Ranks to make sense. There were not many broadcasters in each Rank, and many broadcasters had difficulty reaching high Ranks and staying there.

So we redesigned US Rank system to be a better fit for the current number of broadcasters and supporting viewers. Since the average amount of viewer support for each Rank was lowered, the amount of Time Diamonds for each Rank was also lowered.

Time Diamonds are not a “payment” from Pococha. Instead, they are an alternative way that broadcasters earn rewards from their viewer support. Instead of all support turning into Engagement Diamonds, Pococha turns some of that support into Time Diamonds that can create a more stable kind of reward for the broadcaster.

In the future, the amount of Ranks and size of Time Diamond rewards can increase if the amount of support on Pococha increases.

Q: How do you expect us to build more support when 90% of our support comes from other broadcasters?

Pococha is a platform that rewards broadcasters for getting support from their viewers – not other broadcasters.

In our opinion, a community that is primarily broadcasters supporting each other is not one that will benefit the broadcaster in the long run.

The current functions and rules of Pococha are intended to encourage and reward the communities in which broadcasters earn support from viewers. So we want our broadcasters to focus on these types of relationships.

If you are unable to maintain a certain Rank without support from other broadcasters, then we do not think that is the correct Rank for you. Remember, Rank shows the size of support a broadcaster is getting from their viewers. Try focusing on tips and techniques that will increase your support from viewers, not broadcasters!

Q: How come we as broadcasters don’t benefit at all from the PocoChallenge, towards our meters, we get no extra diamonds or even more coins.

PocoChallenge is an event where broadcasters can work towards common goals with their viewers.

By doing these activities, broadcasters can deepen the emotional connection between their viewers. Also, they can teach new viewers how to use Pococha features such as commenting, liking, opening PocoBoxes, etc).

Finally, broadcasters and their top supporters can both earn Coins each time they complete the missions together.

We hear your feedback that PocoChallenge activities used to contribute to a broadcaster’s meter, but no longer do. We do not think this change effects broadcasters meters really. This is because previously, all broadcasters could earn Support Points from the meter which made the rank meter more competitive and move more.

If you earn say 1000 points from PocoChallenge, then all other broadcasters could also earn those 1000 points and this would negate any advantage you had.

Q: Can we have the green boxes reward up to 20 coins instead of 10?

We think the current number of coins and amount of boxes is the correct amount to serve the purpose of the PocoBoxes!

PocoBoxes are a reward to attract new viewers! They are like a stepping stone for new viewers, to make it easier for them to begin supporting the broadcaster.

We see a behavior where some viewers act like bots and only try to open the boxes, and do not engage with the broadcaster. Increasing the Coin amount may lead to an increase in this behavior.

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