Build the Dedicated Community of Your Dreams! How to Double Your Core Fans

For POCO ACADEMY Story #2, we interviewed Miss knockout and Filmmakerchick, who doubled their Core Fans during the program!

Core Fan Increase in 2 months!

  • Miss knockout: 41→83
  • Filmmakerchick: 34→81


POCO ACADEMY is a program where broadcasters work with a Pococha mentor to be successful on Pococha!

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What can you learn from this article:

Pococha: Miss knockout, and Filmmakerchick, welcome! Are you familiar with each other already? I’m guessing you may have already seen each other’s broadcasts before?

Miss knockout: Yes, I definitely have checked out her broadcasts — she is awesome!! I love her cooking broadcasts, and how she interacts with everybody who joins. She has such a magnetic personality that it makes me never want to stop watching her! Her broadcasts are action-packed from start to end; I love it!

Filmmakerchick: I thought the same about you! I’ve loved Miss knockout from the very first time I watched her. Her personality is so charismatic that every time I go in her broadcasters, I end up staying much longer than intended! She always wears interesting outfits that are visually exciting. I love the sound effects she uses for Core Fans too!

Pococha: Thank you both! How great that you are already such big fans of each other! Now, let’s dive into the interview where we can explore more of your POCO ACADEMY learnings!

Tips#1 Celebrate the moment when viewers become Core Fans in a unique and engaging way!

Pococha: In the POCO ACADEMY, we spoke quite a bit about the importance of Core Fans and the opportunities that “Coring Up” presents. Could you talk about some of your favorite Core Fan celebration tips?

Filmmakerchick: Sure! During my lessons in the POCO ACADEMY, we talked a lot about Core Fan prizes, Core Fan celebrations, and so on. These Core Fan celebrations were really helpful in improving my viewer interactions.

I still remember the very first day we implemented the Core Fan board — I noticed an instant change! This has become one of the biggest motivations for viewers to become my Core Fans. I always celebrate when somebody becomes a Core Fan or hits a higher Core Fan level using this board.

Filmmakerchick’s Core Fan Celebration
Filmmakerchick’s Core Fan Board

Miss knockout:
I celebrate that as well! We actually have a specific song that we use just for Core Fans! Since it’s such a great time to show appreciation to viewers, I tried to make it as special to that viewer as possible!

Pococha: Thank you; that’s wonderful! And where you reward or celebrate Core Fans, what types of prizes are you giving your viewers?

Tips#2 Create Core Fan Prizes that are Unique to You!

Miss knockout: My mentor taught me the importance of showing appreciation to every Core Fan, but also showing more appreciation for higher level Core Fans. That is when I first started implementing Core Fan raffles! Every time somebody becomes a 1K Core Fan, they get one entry ticket for the raffle. They get an extra one every time they hit 1K higher! This way, even though everyone gets the chance to win the raffle, I can show more appreciation to those who spend more time and money in my broadcasts. The prizes for my raffles are created by me!

I enjoy graphic design, so I like creating T-shirts, coffee mugs, and key chains. These prizes can be a special keepsake that viewers will always remember, especially since they’re unique to me and my broadcasts. It’s also an incentive to come back for my broadcasts everyday to increase their chances of winning!

Miss knockout’s Core Fan Prizes

Filmmakerchick: Creating Core Fan prizes was helpful for me as well! Everyone always wanted cookies or brownies as prizes because I cook them all the time in my broadcasts. I felt conflicted when they told me this! Even though they love my cooking broadcasts and expressed their wishes for trying my food, I didn’t have a chance to give it to them.

My Pococha mentor told me that these could be great incentives as Core Fan prizes. That’s because it helps viewers feel much closer to me when they get those prizes which have been handmade with love. That’s why I chose them as my Core Fan prizes, and they’ve been very successful so far! I usually give out brownies for my top supporters of the month, and cookies as the prize for a Core Fan raffle. Viewers can get raffle tickets every time when they become 1K Core Fans or hit higher Core levels!

Filmmakerchick’s Cookie Raffles
Filmmakerchick’s Brownies for Top Supporters

I also added a goodie bag for the second raffle to motivate my viewers to hit higher Core Fan levels earlier in the month as well.

Filmmakerchick’s Goodie Bag

Pococha: Wow, that sounds like a lot of effort you put into these rewards! What motivates you to create these diverse prizes?

Miss knockout: I want to show them that I am so appreciative of them hanging out with me and spending their precious time and money in my broadcasts. I want them to remember all the good experiences they had with me and our community, and I want our connection to feel genuine and full of gratitude.

Filmmakerchick: Also, it motivates viewers to hit the higher Core Fan levels as well. Since I make cookies a lot in my broadcasts, it’s really nice to be able to say, “Hey, if you want these cookies, you can Core Up and give it a shot!” instead of having no way to earn these prizes or interact with my cooking. It’s a great way to motivate viewers to hit higher Cores and connect to my daily broadcasts!

Tip#3: Share Your Unique Prizes, Goals, and Incentives with Viewers at Every Moment!

Filmmakerchick: It’s important to share your prizes and goals with viewers constantly. Since we get new viewers every day, there will always be viewers who don’t know why we’re doing what we’re doing, or what opportunities they have. If we have a lot of prizes for Core Fans, there are many opportunities to naturally share them with my viewers. For example, if we will have a raffle for last month’s cookies tonight, I’ll mention this in my broadcasts and in my Family.

Whenever somebody Cores up, I’ll mention the raffle and let other viewers know as well. I try to tell and demonstrate these prizes to my viewers in as many ways as possible to entice them to Core up too!
Also, I like connecting my daily Core Fan goals to my overall monthly goals. For example, if I mention that I’m 2 more Cores away from the 55 Core Fan bonus, I mention that often to invigorate my viewers! It makes the reward feel closer and more attainable, which makes viewers more excited to contribute!

Miss knockout: I agree with Filmmakerchick. Every time somebody hit 1k Core, I put an entry into my raffle box. This is easy for other viewers to notice, and may make them jealous or more motivated to Core up themselves. Also, every time somebody becomes a Core Fan, I show appreciation to my Family in our Family chat! This is another way to notify viewers about the community’s achievements while advertising Core Fan prizes!

Miss knockout’s Family Chat

Also, I have this prop I use called my “Fat Gold Chain”! If somebody spends 1080 Coins to become my Core Fan, I write their name on a card, put it on the chain, and wear it until the end of the day. This is something visible and exciting that also makes people want to Core up!

Miss knockout’s Fat Gold Chain

Pococha: Some broadcasters find it uncomfortable or awkward to mention things like Core Fan prizes to their viewers. How did you create a strong relationship with your viewers that made it easy to integrate Core Fan prizes into your broadcasts?

Filmmakerchick: I like to think about the steps that viewers take when they come to my broadcasts. I can’t encourage new viewers to become Core Fans right away because we haven’t yet built that relationship. However, I can talk about it with returning viewers who know me and who are excited to be more involved in our community. So, I try to mention Core Fan prizes with regular viewers so that they have new avenues of support to explore. This also demonstrates the benefits to new viewers, and might entice them to become Core Fans too, down the line.

Miss knockout: Yeah, Filmmakerchick makes a great point! Also, I want to add that all viewers have different personalities: for some of them it’s better to mention Core Fan prizes outright, but others are too shy. So having a Core Fan board behind me makes it easier to share with my viewers, since I don’t have to mention it every moment like a broken record. Also, even though sharing these prizes verbally is important, the most important thing is to interact with your viewers every day, and let them have fun. Let them feel connected and appreciated every time they join your broadcast; in that way, they will want to Core up without you even mentioning it. I think broadcasters have to make viewers really love our broadcasts. We always have to take notes about our ideas and think about what we can do to let viewers feel more appreciated and connected. I always try to think about things from the viewer’s point of view when I do this.

Miss knockout’s Core Fan Board

Pococha: Thank you both so much for taking the time to share your learnings and opinions with us! I bet there are plenty of other broadcasters out there who will be inspired by your success and who will take your advice to heart.
If you are a broadcaster looking to double your Core Fans like Miss knockout and Filmmakerchick, then try these techniques and see how your community grows! Stay tuned for the next installment, where we’ll meet with even more successful broadcasters who have some great tips to share ❤️

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