Q&A: 5 Tips For Asking For Support From Viewers

Thank you to everyone who submitted feedback & questions to our recent blog – 5 Tips For Asking For Support From Viewers

We have reviewed all your questions and are responding to the most frequently asked questions about this blog.

Please take a look! If you have further questions, don’t hesitate to contact our customer support team.

  1. Q: My viewers don’t like when I talk about the Rank meter or my goals, and don’t like to see me stressed. What should I do?
  2. Q: Should I write my goals on my broadcast title?
  3. Q: How do I increase support during Events?
  4. Q: How fast can a broadcaster rank up?
  5. Q: Is there a way to poll my fans about what they want?

Q: My viewers don’t like when I talk about the Rank meter or my goals, and don’t like to see me stressed. What should I do?

It is important for broadcasters to create a relationship with viewers that is not just daily communication or performance, but rather a deep meaningful connection for the viewer.

Once this type of personal connection has been established, then the viewer will be a lot more likely to want to help support the broadcaster! Imagine if a stranger came up to you and ask for your help in achieving their goal. It is not very likely you would want to help them. However, if instead a close friend asked your to help them – you would be a lot more likely to help.

The same is true for your viewers. Once the viewer feels a deep connection to the broadcaster, they will want to hear about and help support the broadcaster’s goals!

Equally important is how a broadcaster shares their goal. They must be a good storyteller and win over the hearts of the viewers.

Here’s a few tips:

  • When sharing your goals, pretend that you are a politician running for office. In order to be elected by supporters, you must show them how passionate you are and tell a dramatic, convincing story.
  • Tell the viewer the reasons you want to become a big influencer on Pococha, and why your goals are important to you.
  • Ask your viewers what kinds of benefits they want to receive from supporting you. If your benefits are not enjoyed by the viewer, they will not want to support you. How will your viewers feel special and receive recognition and rewards that they cannot get from other broadcasters?
  • A broadcaster’s relationship with a viewer should not be a “one on one” relationship. Instead, it should be a “we” relationship about the viewer’s participation inside the fan community. Ask the viewer questions such as “How would you like to contribute to our Family?”

Q: Should I write my goals on my broadcast title?

We sometimes see broadcasters putting goals in their broadcast. For example, titles like “Please help me get +1!” and “20 Core Fan Challenge!”

We think that it is not up to Pococha to decide if this is a good thing. Instead, the broadcaster should ask their viewers what they think! If your viewers enjoy seeing goals in the title and it is also bringing in new viewers, they it may be a good thing!

Most importantly however, we think it is more important to share discuss one’s goals in great detail during the broadcast. A title cannot win over the hearts of your viewers, so it is important to do so in the broadcast! We also suggest adding your goals to your Family chat and Pococha profile.

Q: How do I increase support during Events?

On Pococha, the daily goal for broadcasters and viewers is to compete on the Rank Meter. However, it is also important for communities to chase after bigger goals. This is how an Event can be used to increase Support! Events provide a way for a broadcaster and their viewers to win a bigger prize together.

Also, it is important for your viewers to understand that supporting during an Event will provide both Event Points AND Support Points to the broadcaster. This means that even if they do not win the event, the broadcaster will still receive all the normal amount of Support Points – helping them reach their other goals outside of the Event!

Even if you are in say, 10th place, for an Event and do not think it is possible to win – you can still use the Event as a way to increase support! Say to your viewers “We are in 10th place but we still have a chance to get 9th or 8th place!”. This can give the viewers a goal to continue supporting and not give up.

Q: How fast can a broadcaster rank up?

A broadcaster can earn a maximum of 2 Rank Points each day. Since 3 Rank Points are needed to increase Rank, a broadcaster can increase their rank by one level every 2 days.

However, remember that it is not always best to increase Rank as fast as possible. Sometimes broadcasters will increase Rank too fast, arrive at a level that their viewers cannot sustainably support, and then drop back down to a lower level. This can often be un-motivating and defeating!

It is better to work with your supporters, set a goal, and work towards that goal with healthy support from many viewers at a normal pace.

Q: Is there a way to poll my fans about what they want?

Thank you very much for your suggestion to have a poll feature. We will discuss if this kind of feature is something we will consider creating in the future.

There is no poll-feature currently on Pococha. But broadcasters can easily ask their viewers questions during a broadcast!

One great way to poll viewers is by asking them to send Items to vote. For example: Ask a question to the viewers. Then have them send a “Heart” Item to vote yes, and a “Music Notes” Item to vote no.

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