New Thanksgiving Items Have Arrived!

Thanksgiving is right around the corner!
Are you ready to celebrate with brand-new user-created Items?

These 3 new Items will join our already amazing lineup of Items.

  • PocoPie (NEW) – 1 Coin
  • What’s Shakin? (NEW) – 88 Coins
  • Family Gathering (NEW) – 888 Coins

All these amazing seasonal Items will be available only for a limited time, so enjoy them now!

Release Period: Nov 10 – Nov 24

Which Item are you most excited for? Let us know on social media!

What’s the POCOLAB?

The POCOLAB is a co-creation event that allows users to help us create future app content! During the event, attendees were broken out into groups to:

  • Discuss their thoughts & feelings about Thanksgiving
  • Discuss what Items they’d like to see most for the holiday
  • Vote on which Item styles, text, colors, and designs they want created
  • Discuss how broadcasters and viewers can use these Items to the fullest

Here’s a screenshot selfie from the Thanksgiving event! During this event, we spent 2 hours discussing, voting, & developing the new Items you see! We hope you will join the next POCOLAB event.

Round of applause for our attendees who helped us create these Items! 👏👏👏

How Can I Attend the Next POCOLAB?

Currently we do not have a POCOLAB on the calendar, but we intend to bring it back. Keep your eyes peeled for Item preference surveys and event sign-ups to be sure you don’t miss out! 

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