Q&A: How To Support Broadcasters & Enjoy Pococha

Thank you to everyone who submitted feedback & questions to our recent blog – How To Support Broadcasters & Enjoy Pococha.

We have reviewed all your questions and are responding to the most frequently asked questions about this blog.

Please take a look! If you have further questions, don’t hesitate to contact our customer support team.

  1. Q: How does a viewer become a supporter?
  2. Q: What is the point of having a rank meter?
  3. Q: Is it important for viewers to work together to support the broadcaster?
  4. Q: When and how often should I support the broadcaster?
  5. Q: How should I choose a broadcaster to support?
  6. Q: How does the new Family feature work?
  7. Q: Will Pococha be offering more kinds of prizes/rewards to viewers in the future?

Q: How does a viewer become a supporter?

On Pococha, a supporter is any viewer who contributes to the goals of the broadcaster or the fan community!

Usually, a supporter is someone who sends Items to the broadcaster and helps them increase their Rank or win Events. But a supporter does more than just send Items, they also help create goals, manage the Family, collaborate with other viewers, and more.

These Items turn into Support Points that help the broadcaster achieve their goals, and also turn into Diamond rewards that the broadcaster can convert into Pococha Coins or real cash.

Q: What is the point of having a rank meter?

Great question!

We actually cover this topic in detail in a recent blog – Why Should I Broadcast At End Time?

Remember, Pococha is like a communication gaming app in which communities of broadcasters and their supporters compete with each other to achieve goals. In any competition, there must be rules and judgment criteria in order for winners to be chosen.

The Rank Meter creates a fair environment in which all users compete on an even playing field and there can be a clear winner. The End Time of the meter also provides a moment for winners to celebrate with their fans.

Many users may say “But I do not want to be competitive”. We address this concern in a recent blog, Why Do Rank Meters Move?. Pococha is a place for communities that WANT to compete and celebrate victories together.

Instead of viewing the Rank System as the enemy, we encourage our users to redefine it as a great tool to inspire your supporters to rally around. These victories (or defeats) serve as a way for the community to bond and deepen its connection.

Remember, even if a broadcaster does not achieve their desired goal on the meter, they will still receive all normal amounts of Engagement Diamonds from the support their viewers created, regardless of the broadcaster’s Rank. Victories on the rank meter are only for increasing the broadcaster’s Rank. In this way, support is not “worthless” even if the broadcaster may not reach their meter goal.

It is also important to remember that a creator must be competitive on any platform they are on, not just Pococha.

Q: Is it important for viewers to work together to support the broadcaster?

Yes, Pococha is a team sport!

If one truly wants to see their favorite broadcaster and community succeed, it is necessary to collaborate with all members of that community. Once user’s firepower of support cannot sustain a broadcaster by themselves, but others can help!

So, it is important to practice community management with the broadcaster and the other viewers. Talk about goals, create strategy for each day and for Events, and determine the strengths of each Family member!

Q: When and how often should I support the broadcaster?

Great question.

If you a supporter who wants to see the broadcaster increase their Rank and succeed on Pococha, it is important to be consistent about when and how you support!

On Pococha, the rank meter and End Time have been created to allow broadcasters and viewers to achieve daily goals and to celebrate victories regularly. So it is important to try and support as often as possible, usually daily. When a break is needed, the broadcaster and viewers should work together to decide which days to use a Freeze Pass.

It is also important for the viewer to watch and support a broadcaster right before the Rank Meter results are finalized, which is right before End Time. Supporting around End Time is the best way to help ensure the broadcaster can achieve their daily goals.

Q: How should I choose a broadcaster to support?

There are many different kinds of broadcasters on Pococha. So it is important to discover and support the one that works best for you!

First, try to find a broadcaster who has similar interests as you. It is especially important for a broadcaster to be able to talk with a viewer about engaging topics!

Next, focus on broadcasters who are motivated to increase their Rank and succeed on Pococha. This way, a viewer’s support will be a lot more meaningful to them.

Finally, ask the broadcasters what kinds of recognitions and benefits they provide to their supporters. Then you will know what to expect when becoming a top supporter for that community.

Q: How does the new Family feature work?

The Family feature was updated in late October!

We sent out many announcements to users beforehand detailing how the new feature would work. However if you missed those announcements, we will link to the blogs here!

Announcement #1 – New Family Chat Coming Soon!
Announcement #2 – Family Chat Extra Updates
Announcement #3 – Family Chat Updated Timeline

This new Family feature combines all members of previous Families into one Family, and allows the creator to make up to 20 chat rooms! Users can now also tag, reply to, and react to messages in the chat.

To learn how to best utilize these new features, we suggest reading the blog articles above!

Q: Will Pococha be offering more kinds of prizes/rewards to viewers in the future?

The rewards for viewers should always come from the broadcaster! The broadcaster creates unique and personalized benefits and rewards for their supporters.

However, Pococha does want to create moments when broadcasters can better recognize the efforts of the viewer. So, we are thinking about making the Core Fan effect better, so the broadcaster and viewer can have more fun sharing a moment. We will release more details if changes are made.

We are also looking into a new kind of Event that will reward and recognize viewer’s efforts for their support. We are working on finalizing the details for this, and will announce when it is ready.

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