5 Tips For Asking For Support From Viewers


Recently we have received many questions from broadcasters concerning the best ways to increase support from viewers. So we’d like to provide some insight & tips!

Often we hear:

  • How can I turn a viewer into a supporter?
  • I don’t know how to ask for support.
  • Asking for support doesn’t fit my broadcasting style.

We’d like to address these and more!

For this article, we have prepared both a short video and an infographic to help explain!

We’ve also created a feedback survey HERE. Please submit any questions you have that you would like the Pococha team to answer!

Why Is Asking For Support Important?

Broadcasters need support from viewers to achieve their goals!

Pococha isn’t a social media app, or even a normal live streaming app! Pococha is like a communication gaming app in which rewards are given to broadcasters who use viewer support to win competitions. Broadcasters are creators looking to become the next generation of influencers. To reach this level, it is essential for broadcasters to create a community of supportive viewers who can work together to reach common goals.

Some broadcasters think it may be greedy or unnatural to ask for support. But we think this is because they don’t emphasize with the mindset of the viewer!

A viewer WANTS to create a meaningful relationship, and takes pride in helping the broadcaster achieve their goals. Additionally, a good broadcaster provides numerous benefits to viewers as gratitude for their support. When the viewer supports, the broadcaster can make them feel gratified. In turn, this makes the viewer continue supporting and can even increase their support.

If a viewer does not want to support, it is likely they have not discovered the benefits of creating a relationship with the broadcaster. A relationship must be established before a broadcaster can ask for support. Let’s help them out!

Sometimes we also hear from broadcasters that asking for support is “not their style”. Let’s get one thing straight, there’s no one correct way to ask for support!

Every Pococha community is different, and there are many kinds of broadcaster and viewer personalities. So, each method of asking for support should be slightly different. If you are a singing broadcaster, find a way to incorporate your talent into benefits for the viewer. For example, sing the viewer a personalized song when they reach Core Fan status.

What Makes A Viewer Want to Support?

Viewers want to support a creator who proves they have what it takes to reach the top!

A broadcaster who continues to create large goals and tries hard to achieve them is the most likely candidate to earn larger support from viewers.

We know that sometimes it is hard to ask for support, or that sometimes it may not seem effective, but it is an essential part of being a successful broadcaster – results will come! At their core, the best broadcasters are passionate & effective communicators. Therefore, it is fundamental for viewers to understand the goals of a broadcaster.

If the viewer does not know or understand the broadcaster’s goals, they do not have a reason to send support! Likewise if the viewer does not feel a close & personal connection, they are a lot less likely to send support.

Some broadcasters say it is hard to get viewers to send support. This first hurdle might be the toughest, but it is also the most rewarding. We’d like to provide some tips to help turn a first-time viewer into a long-time supporter!

5 Tips For Increasing Viewer Support

Here are 5 tips that will help create a supportive community where viewers are more likely to help.

But first, we recently released a blog for viewers titled “How To Enjoy Pococha & Support Broadcasters”. We encourage broadcasters to read the blog and discuss it with their community! It covers the benefits of being a supporter on Pococha.

Tip #1 – Develop A Close Relationship

As we saw in the results of our viewer research, viewers want to feel a close connection to the broadcaster!

It is hard to ask for support before this relationship has been initiated.

Here’s some great ways to begin getting to know each other:

  • Greet new viewers by name, ask them questions, learn who they are.
  • Check the viewer’s profile see if you can quickly learn their interests.
  • The next time the viewer returns, tell them you remember them and bring up something you talked about. (We suggest taking notes on viewers)
  • The first time a viewer sends support (a heart, small Item, etc) be sure to show a huge amount of appreciation!
  • Think from the viewer’s point of viewer – How would you want the broadcaster to react if you took effort to send an Item?

Tip #2 – Share Goals With Viewers

Once the viewer has gotten to know you as a person, then you can begin to discuss your goals.

A good goal is one that the viewer can help achieve, and that can be completed inside Pococha. A broadcaster can also share their life goals, but it’s important to inform the viewer how they can help by using Pococha.

A good goal is also one that is created with the help of the viewers! Always work together as a Family to create your goals.

For example, a broadcaster’s life goal might be to become a popular cosplay artist. So they can tell the viewer “In order to reach that goal, I want to become A Rank on Pococha – this will create fame and opportunities for me!”

Here’s some other helpful tips:

  • When you share your goal, pretend you are a politician who is running for office. Turn your goal into a dramatic speech that will win over the hearts of the viewer.
  • Create daily, weekly, and monthly goals. This will give viewers long-term goals to aspire for, and short-term goals to practice and keep busy.
    • A daily goal could be “Let’s get +1 on the meter” or “Let’s collect 20 Panda Items”.
    • A monthly goal could be “Let’s reach B Rank!” or “Let’s get 30 more Core Fans”
  • When creating your goals, don’t do it by yourself! Be sure to hold regular conversations with your viewers about what kind of goals you should be achieving together.
  • Post your goals in the background of your broadcast, on your profile, and inside your Family chat!

Tip #3 – Tell The Viewer How They Can Help

Let viewers know that Pococha is a game where BCs can win competitions by receiving support from viewers. To be an effective supporter, the viewer needs to know how to support within the rules of the Pococha game! For example, they must know how their support translates into Support Points, Rank Meter position, Event Points, and more.

Now that you’ve shared your goal with the viewer, you can create the steps necessary to reach that goal. If your goal is to increase Rank, tell viewers that you need to achieve a +1 on the meter. In order to do this, ask your viewers to come support you right before End Time. This way they can be present to help ensure reaching the goal and to celebrate the victory together.

Tip #4 – Start With Small, Then Big Goals

Not all viewers can start sending large Items right away, or help ensure success in an Event. But it is still important to create smaller goals for them!

Give the viewer some “training wheels” goals where they can feel successful and meaningful.

Small Goal Examples:

  • Open 2 PocoBoxes
  • Send 100 Likes
  • Reach 100 Fan Noise by watching & commenting

Once the viewer feels successful with small goals, they will be ready for larger goals!

Large Goal Examples:

  • Become a Core Fan
  • Become a PocoKnight
  • Become a top supporter in the Family

Tip #5 – Create Clear Benefits For The Viewer

If the viewer does not know what kinds of benefits they can receive from their relationship with you, they are unlikely to support!

Be sure to set out clear benefits and different benefit levels based on the amount of support.

For example:

  • Tell new viewers want kind of recognition they can receive when they become a Core Fan.
  • Have unique Item reactions for viewers that create an experience they cannot receive elsewhere.
  • After the month is over, create a special way to thank your top supporters.
  • Turn super supportive viewers into Family Assistants.


We hope you enjoyed reading this blog.

We would appreciate if you could provide feedback about your experience! Additionally, please send us any questions you had about this blog – we will answer them in a follow up Q&A blog!

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