How To Use Pococha Features To Be Successful

Hello users!

Pococha has many unique features such as Rank System, Family feature, etc.

Each one can be mastered and utilized as a way to manage your fan community and increase support!

Today, we’ll be reviewing the importance of our 7 top features, and how each one can be used to deepen the connection inside a community.

For those who don’t like to read, we’ve also created a video explaining the blog!

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Here’s our top 7 tips!

Tip #1 – Use the Rank Meter as a way to set collaborative goals between broadcasters and viewers

Pococha is a communication gaming app where communities of broadcasters and their supporters can compete to win victories and achieve collaborative goals.

The Rank System is the criteria by which the competition is judged. Broadcasters who are able to create more support than their competitors will earn Rank Points that help increase their Rank. As their Rank increases, they’ll gain access to bigger Events, earn bigger rewards, and more notoriety. ** A creator must be competitive on any platform. But on Pococha, we allow the competition to be out in the open instead of behind the scenes. This is what the Rank System is for!

The Rank Meter is a great way to measure and increase support!

Instead of creators asking directly for money from supporters, the Rank System creates a way for broadcasters to set collaborative goals with their viewers. For example, a broadcaster can say “My goal is to get to A Rank” or “Let’s get a +1 on the meter today!”.

The Rank Meter also allows users to receive instant feedback about how they are performing. To increase Rank on Pococha, a broadcaster must be earning more support than others in their Rank. The Rank Meter shows exactly this information! Use it to your advantage.

Tip #2 – Ranking lists are another great way to create collaborative goals

The Rank Meter is one way for broadcasters to create goals for their community. Another way is to use the ranking lists on Pococha.

Type of Ranking List:

  • Statistic Ranking
  • Item Ranking
  • Family Ranking

The first two lists, Statistic & Item Ranking, compare the broadcaster (or viewer) to all other users on Pococha. Rank Meter Ranking compares the broadcaster to the other broadcasters they are competing with on the meter. Family Ranking compares statistics of members inside a Family to each other!

Statistic Ranking

Statistic Ranking compares the Support Points, Fan Noise, or Core Fans of one broadcaster to all others. It can also compare the Fan Noise of individual viewers to all other viewers.

This ranking can be found by clicking the crown icon in the top right of the Home page.

Support Point ranking can be filtered by Daily, Weekly, or Monthly rankings. Fan Noise & Core Fans are only ranked by Monthly.

Finally, Pococha currently releases a Weekly Ranking and Monthly Ranking article. We list the highest ranking broadcasters alongside their top supporters. Appearing on this list can be a great reward for both broadcasters and viewers!

*To appear on this page, a certain percentage of the total support that the Broadcaster receives must be from viewers registered in the same country as such Broadcaster.

Tip: Find your current ranking on the Statistic List, and create a goal to increase it!

Item Ranking

Item Rankings can also be found by clicking the crown icon on the Home page.

There is an Item Ranking for every Item on Pococha! It shows which broadcasters have collected the most of that Item. Often, there are many Items that are not used as much as others. This creates a great opportunity to create an easier goal!

First, choose an Item to be your goal. It can be a daily, weekly, or monthly goal.

Next, create a passionate story about why you want to go after that Item. For example – “I want to be #1 this week in the Panda Item because pandas are my favorite animal!”

Finally, share your new goal and story with your supporters during your broadcasts.

Tip: During a broadcast, ask your supporters which Item Ranking they want to chase after!

Family Ranking

Inside each Family on Pococha, there is another Ranking list!

This list shows the statistics of all the members inside a Family. There are three main categories – Items, Comments, & View Time.

Family Rankings are a great chance to create individual goals for your supporters. Try rewarding the top viewers in each category at the end of the month.

Example of Great Goals:

  • Statistic – “Let’s aim to be #3 most Core Fans for December!”
  • Item – “Let’s try and be #1 with High Five Items today!”
  • Family – “My top 3 supporters who watch the most hours this month will win the prize from me!”

Don’t only have one goal, try to have as many as possible!

Tip #3 – Create a unique set of benefits for your different levels of Core Fans!

Core Fans are a special type of supporter who have proven themselves to be committed to helping the broadcaster. Since these viewers are your most valuable asset, it is important to make them feel valued.

There are different levels of Core Fans, so a broadcaster should have different sized benefits for each level.

For example when a viewer becomes a Core Fan for the first time, think of a special way to thank them. A good reward is one an experience that the viewer cannot receive anywhere else!

Then, create bigger rewards and benefits that will incentivize supporters to reach higher levels.

Did you know, Core Fans also create a Support Point bonus for the broadcaster?

The more Core Fans a broadcaster has, the bigger multiplier bonus they will receive on all Support Points. For example, a broadcaster with 10 Core Fans will receive a 3% bonus on all Support Points. And 15 Core Fans will give a 4% bonus!

The multiplier Core Fan bonus will affect all Support Points for the rest of the month. So the earlier broadcasters can achieve this bonus, the longer it will affect their Support Points. That means more Support Points to help the Rank Meter.

Great Core Fan Benefit Examples:

  • .5K Mini-Fan – Viewer gets a quick 10 second thank you dance.
  • 1K Core Fan – Viewer gets their name on the supporter wall.
  • 10K Core Fan – Viewer gets access to an exclusive Family chat.
  • 20K Core Fan – Viewer receives a personalized thank you video message, and their name on broadcaster’s profile.

Tip #4 – Use Events as a way to hype up the Family for a larger type of competition

While the Rank Meter is a type of daily competition on Pococha, we have competitions that last longer than one day! They’re great ways to create a larger goal that will excite the community.

These longer competitions are called Events. Each Rank is able to register and compete in different kinds of Events. Higher Ranks get access to compete in Events with bigger prizes.

Try using Events as a way to win prizes and experiences to share with your community. For example, a broadcaster can win a trip to New York and then broadcast their experience with their supporters while they are visiting.

It is important to explain why you want to win the Event! Events are a chance for broadcasters to share their goals more deeply.

For example, if the broadcaster wants to win POCOSPOT LA event, the broadcaster can explain why this is important for her. Maybe she wants to receive offers to be on TV – “This billboard is a chance for me to be seen by casting directors!”

Some Events have special rules, like the Panda Clash Event, in which only Family members can provide an extra bonus to the broadcaster’s score. These events are a great way to talk strategy with your Family, and encourage non-Family viewers to join the Family during the Event.

Even if you are not close to winning an Event, it is important to not stop and not give up! Events are exciting, especially in the very last moment. For example, if you are in 12th place, try inspiring your Family to work hard and try to get to 11th place.

Even if the broadcaster doesn’t win an Event prize, they will still receive all 100% of their normal Engagement Diamonds, Time Diamonds, and Performance Bonus. So the extra effort will be worthwhile!

We will cover how to use Events in another blog coming soon!

Tip #5 – Take advantage of creative ways to use your profile message

A feature that is often forgotten is a Pococha profile!

The profile contains all sorts of ways to show gratitude to supporters, and to manage one’s community. It’s likely the first place new viewers will visit, and is a great place for important information.

Be sure to create a profile that makes you unique and makes the user want to follow you.

Great Profile Tips:

  • Try writing the names of your top supporters on your profile. This is a great reward for them!
  • Write a brief but impactful description about who you are. This is a great way to interest new viewers!
  • Write your short term and long term goals in your profile! Let viewers know how far you want to go.
  • Write your regular broadcast schedule in your profile, so viewers know when they should watch you.
  • Write your broadcast history. (Event winning history, Rank up history when you achieved each Rank). It can inspire the viewer that you are a BC who works hard to rank and how committed you are.

Tip #6 – Use Family as a second place where your community can interact, which will deepen their connections

When not interacting in a broadcast, a community can communicate inside of the Family chat feature! Having an active & interactive Family is important for creating a sense of unity across supporters!

Additionally, broadcasters can assign special roles to supporters inside the Family. Family Assistants can moderate chats, manage Family members, and even be part of exclusive chat rooms.

The newly updated Family chat provides members up to 20 different chat rooms. We encourage Family creators to pick special topics for each chat room, or to create exclusive rules for who can chat in each one.

Examples of Great Topics:

  • Main Chat Room/General Chat
  • Motivation Quotes
  • Screenshots From Daily Broadcasts
  • Event Strategy Talk
  • Broadcast Schedule & Announcements
  • Top Supporter Thank You Shoutouts!

Family creators can also set rules for which types of users can see or post in each chat room. Try creating a room for only Assistants, or only 1K Core Fans. These exclusive rooms can make the viewer want to become a Core Fan so they can get access to the secret channel.

Examples of Exclusive Rooms:

  • 1K Core Fan Chat Room
  • 20K Core Fan Chat Room
  • Admins Only Chat Room

Finally, remember to use the Family Ranking List inside the Family to motivate members to try and compete for certain benefits. We suggest creating special rewards for the Family members at the top of daily, weekly, and monthly rankings.

Tip #7 – Use the block function to keep a Family healthy and avoid toxicity

We want Pococha to be a place filled with positive & supportive communities. While competition exists, we think it can be done with respect like good sportsmanship in a game.

However, there may be some users that try to spread negativity and act toxic inside communities.

Here’s some great tips for maintaining a healthy community:

  • Read Pococha’s Rulebook, and report/block users who violate it.
  • Create your own rules for your community, and enforce these rules. Show viewers you are serious about a good environment.
  • Don’t hesitate to block viewers that are causing negative behavior.

However don’t block viewers without a good reason!

Many viewers that you think are bots are actually just shy viewers. Try reaching out and getting them to talk. You must be patient with new viewers, it is rare they give comments on their own without the broadcaster talking to them.


We hope you enjoyed reading this blog and learning more about how Pococha features can be used to achieve success!

We would appreciate if you could provide feedback about your experience! Additionally, please send us any questions you had about this blog – we will answer them in a follow up Q&A blog!

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Updated Event Division Logic

Divisions will now be decided after the number of participants is confirmed.

Thank you for using Pococha!

The Event division allocation system will be changed starting with Events that have an entry period in December and after.

Previously, the number of divisions for an Event was determined at the time of Event entry.

Now, the divisions will be decided after the number of participants in the event has been determined. By doing so, we hope to prevent eliminate inequalities between divisions by ensuring the correct amount of participants in each division.

Why the Change?

The challenge with the current event system is that there is a difference in the number of participants from one division to another, resulting in inequality between divisions.

For example, one division may have 4 participants who have to compete for prizes. But another division may only have 2 participants in which both win prizes without having to compete.

Therefore, to solve this issue, we will change to the system in which the number of divisions is decided after the number of participants is determined.

Details of the new Event division logic

The three main points of the new division allocation system are as follows

1. The number of divisions will be determined based on the number of participants at the end of the entry period so that there will be no variation in the number of participants among the divisions.

2. The participating broadcasters will be randomly allocated to each division, based on the decided number of divisions.

3. The number of divisions will not be disclosed in advance.

After the new division allocation system is applied, the event will start 10 hours after the entry period ends.

During this time, the number of divisions will be determined and the number of divisions will be made public at the event’s start.

The specific event entry period and event start date and time will also be listed on each event page.

※ ”The number of broadcasters per division” will be adjusted so that there is at least 1 more broadcaster in each division than there are winning spots.

※ The number of divisions will be adjusted so that it does not exceed the pre-determined number of divisions. The number of divisions will not be disclosed in advance.

We want to create as fair an environment for competition as possible at the event.

We believe that Events are a great memory for and part of the story of the diverse communities on Pococha.

That is why we want to create an environment where competition is as fair and competitive as possible for the events that bring the broadcaster and viewers together.

We will continue to analyze the situation and consider the necessary measures to make the competitive environment of the event as equal as possible.

Q&A From Round Table #8

Hi everyone!

Thank you to everyone who attend our Round Table #8 event. We’re pleased to hear so many users excited about the new Items, Events, and updates!

In this blog, we will provide a review of the Round Table event and answer questions submitted to us!

Here’s an overview of the topics we covered:

  1. Recap of Family Feature
    1. New Family Abilities
    2. Why The Changes?
    3. Tips For Using The New Family
    4. Family Notification Settings:
    5. Family Permission Settings:
  2. New Items
    1. Yellow PocoRanger
    2. Holiday Items
    3. New Family Items
    4. Let’s Talk About Items!
  3. New Events
    1. Hall of Fame: Grand Championship
  4. Other Updates
  5. Updated Core Fan Effect
  6. Pococha Blogs
    1. Blog – Why Should I Broadcast At End Time?
    2. Blog – How Can I Increase Support From Viewers?
    3. Blog – How To Enjoy Pococha & Support Broadcasters
  7. Q&A From Users
    1. Q: More A rank events with less repeat winners.
    2. Q: Can we get more stable meters?
    3. Q: How long do you expect the changes put in place this summer to last?
    4. Q: How do you expect us to build more support when 90% of our support comes from other broadcasters?
    5. Q: How come we as broadcasters don’t benefit at all from the PocoChallenge, towards our meters, we get no extra diamonds or even more coins.
    6. Q: Can we have the green boxes reward up to 20 coins instead of 10?

Recap of Family Feature

The new Family Feature was released in October!

But we have heard from some users that they still do not understand it. So, we would like to provide a quick recap of the changes and also offer ideas on how to use it well!

New Family Abilities

  • Converted up to 3 old Families into 1 combined Family.
  • Up to 20 chat rooms can be created, each for a different purpose!
  • Users can now directly reply to messages, react with emojis, and also tag other users.
  • Set who can view & post in each chat room.
  • See Category Rankings for up to 300 members.
  • Set notification settings for each chat room.

Why The Changes?

Having users create up to 20 chat rooms allows for more focused and deep discussions. New chat features allow for more ways to engage, increasing interaction.

Plus, having an active & interactive Family is important for creating a sense of unity across supporters!

Tips For Using The New Family

Create topics for each chat room, including Pococha topics! Having each chat room serve a different purpose will provide users more things to chat about.

Here’s some ideas for chat room topics:

Different topics of conversation

  • Main Chat Room/General Chat
  • Motivation Quotes
  • Pet Photo Sharing

Pococha Topics!

  • Event Strategy Talk
  • Broadcast Schedule & Announcements
  • Broadcast Screenshots
  • Top Supporter Thank You Shoutouts!

Chatrooms For Special Members

  • 1K Core Fan Chat Room
  • 20K Core Fan Chat Room
  • Admins Only Chat Room

Family Notification Settings:

Please note, automatic message notifications for Family members have been turned off after the update. These were turned off due to the high amount of new channels that were created, which may have overwhelmed users with too many messages.

Please ask your Family members to turn on automatic notifications and select which chat room they want to receive updates from!

Family Permission Settings:

Family creators can also decide which members can post or view each channel!

Permission settings can be created for groups of users (like Assistants or Core Fans) or they can be created for individual users.

Use these settings to your advantage and get creative with the types of chat room you can create. For example, create a chat room were everyone can see the messages, but only 1K Core Fans can post!

New Items

We have some exciting new Items coming out soon, but first, we wanted to look back at all the awesome Items we’ve released since the last Round Table.

Which is your favorite?

  • 2 PocoRanger Items
  • 3 Combo Items
  • 3 Halloween Items
  • 3 Thanksgiving Items
  • 1 Tell Me You Love Me Item

Yellow PocoRanger

Now, onto our coming soon Items.

First, we’re announcing a new PocoRanger Item – the Yellow PocoRanger!

He’s lightning fast and ready to rumble up the Family. Use the yellow ranger to hype up your crew to battle for victory.

Estimated Release Date: Tue Nov 22

Holiday Items

Winter is upon us, and that means it’s time for holiday Items! Get in the holiday spirit with our 4 limited-time holiday Items – created by users at the PocoLab!

From the small PocoMint heart to the huge PocoPresent, these new Items are sure to warm up any broadcast.

Estimated Release Date: Mon Dec 5

New Family Items

Looking for a way to hype up and congratulate the entire Family?

We’re creating 2 new Items that will do just that!

  • “We Can Do It!”
  • “We Are Winning!

More details coming soon!

Expected Release Date: Dec 20

Let’s Talk About Items!

We would like to keep the number of Items around 100.

Remember, the purpose of an Item is for communication between users and for broadcasters to show gratitude to their supporters with an Item reaction!

If the amount of Items is too high, it becomes hard to remember all of them. So we plan to continue introducing new Items that promote conversation and remove Items that are not used often or do not promote communication.

We plan to remove around 15 Items around the end of the November.

If there are beloved Items that are removed, we would like to bring them back on special occasions!

New Events

Now, here’s some updated information about a new Event coming soon!

Hall of Fame: Grand Championship

We announced this event at the previous Round Table, but now we have information about the prizes!

The winner of this new Hall of Fame will win:

  • A trip to New York.
  • An interview and shoot from a professional videographer.
  • Their face on a billboard in the Times Square neighborhood.
  • Special profile background for their top supporters.

Other Updates

We have one other exciting new update!

Updated Core Fan Effect

We want to help users congratulate those who become Core Fans. So we are improving the Core Fan effect!

The effect will now be shown to all users in a broadcast, not just the new Core Fan. The effect is fancier with POCOTOMO characters.

The effect encourages everyone to congratulate the new Core Fan.

Estimated Release: December

Pococha Blogs

Recently we have been releasing lots of new articles on our blog site –

These blogs are a great resource for Pococha users looking to learn about the app and discover top tips.

We suggest reading these blogs in their entirety!

Blog – Why Should I Broadcast At End Time?

This blog covers the ins & outs of End Time, and explains why it is so important!

Pococha is an app where broadcasters compete against each other with their Families to celebrate victories together. In order for competition to take place, there must be a set of rules that everyone abides by.

End Time creates a 24hr period in which all users can compete, with a clear group of winners at the end.

Some users say they do not want to compete. In this blog we also discuss why Pococha thinks competition is the best way for communities to grow bigger and stronger.

Blog – How Can I Increase Support From Viewers?

This blog offers great insight into some of the best ways a broadcaster can increase support from viewers.

Most importantly, a broadcaster must ask for support and explain why it is important to the viewer.

We cover this topic and more in this blog!

Blog – How To Enjoy Pococha & Support Broadcasters

This is a blog directed at viewers on Pococha, but anyone can read it!

Throughout this article we explain the role of a viewer on Pococha. Viewers are kinda like the fans at a sports match. They cheer for their favorite player. Through victories and defeats, the viewer stays loyal to the fan community they have joined.

Unlike sports, however, the viewer’s support directly effects the outcome of the competition!

Most importantly, we cover the types of benefits a viewer can expect to receive as a result of their support towards a broadcaster.

Q&A From Users

During the Round Table, we help an open Q&A section during which users could ask questions, vote on which questions were the most important, and then receive an answer from the Pococha team.

Q: More A rank events with less repeat winners.

We have received feedback from some users that they would like more types of Events for A Rank broadcasters. We hear you!

Currently, our Event team is looking into new types of Events that can be created for all Ranks.

However, the amount of Events and the amount of divisions in each Rank is a result of the amount of competition occurring in events. If more users begin to compete in Events, we will be able to create more chances for winners. Currently we see many broadcasters entering Events but not actually competing in them.

We plan to post a blog soon that discusses the top tips for how to win and enjoy events, keep a lookout for it!

Q: Can we get more stable meters?

We tend to get this question at every Round Table, but we are happy to answer it again!

Those who ask this question tend to have a misunderstanding of the Pococha Rank system. The Rank meter movement is not controlled by Pococha. Instead, it is a direct result of the behavior of competing broadcasters.

The Rank meter is like the score of a sports game. When one team scores more points, the competing team must work hard to gain even more points.

Some users say that this is unfair because it makes broadcasting worthless if the goal is not achieved. But we hope users understand that the broadcaster still earns 100% of their normal Engagement Diamonds, Time Diamonds, and Performance Bonus regardless of how they perform on the meter.

The meter is merely the daily competition that determines which Rank each broadcaster should be in, based on the size of support their viewers can send.

We cover this topic in great detail in two of our recent blogs, we encourage all to read them!

Q: How long do you expect the changes put in place this summer to last?

In July 2022, some changes were made to Pococha to address some problems we had been seeing.

First, comments and claps were changed to no longer effect Support Points. Originally, we wanted to reward broadcasts that had high engagement from viewers. However, we found that this type of feature began to be abused and used to cheat. Instead of promoting real and genuine conversation in broadcasts, many viewers would “spam the chat” to try and create as many Support Points as possible.

This lead to a majority of chats being in-authentic conversations. Then, broadcasters who were not abusing the feature would feel left behind because they were not spamming. This kind of behavior was beginning to lead to most of Pococha focusing on spamming and not genuine conversation – which is what Pococha is for!

At this time, we do not plan to bring back this feature. However, we are researching alternative methods that may reward broadcasters for high engagement broadcasts but that do not allow for cheating behavior.

Secondly, we reduced the number of Ranks as well as the amount of Time Diamonds for each Rank.

Previously there was not enough support and competition for additional Ranks to make sense. There were not many broadcasters in each Rank, and many broadcasters had difficulty reaching high Ranks and staying there.

So we redesigned US Rank system to be a better fit for the current number of broadcasters and supporting viewers. Since the average amount of viewer support for each Rank was lowered, the amount of Time Diamonds for each Rank was also lowered.

Time Diamonds are not a “payment” from Pococha. Instead, they are an alternative way that broadcasters earn rewards from their viewer support. Instead of all support turning into Engagement Diamonds, Pococha turns some of that support into Time Diamonds that can create a more stable kind of reward for the broadcaster.

In the future, the amount of Ranks and size of Time Diamond rewards can increase if the amount of support on Pococha increases.

Q: How do you expect us to build more support when 90% of our support comes from other broadcasters?

Pococha is a platform that rewards broadcasters for getting support from their viewers – not other broadcasters.

In our opinion, a community that is primarily broadcasters supporting each other is not one that will benefit the broadcaster in the long run.

The current functions and rules of Pococha are intended to encourage and reward the communities in which broadcasters earn support from viewers. So we want our broadcasters to focus on these types of relationships.

If you are unable to maintain a certain Rank without support from other broadcasters, then we do not think that is the correct Rank for you. Remember, Rank shows the size of support a broadcaster is getting from their viewers. Try focusing on tips and techniques that will increase your support from viewers, not broadcasters!

Q: How come we as broadcasters don’t benefit at all from the PocoChallenge, towards our meters, we get no extra diamonds or even more coins.

PocoChallenge is an event where broadcasters can work towards common goals with their viewers.

By doing these activities, broadcasters can deepen the emotional connection between their viewers. Also, they can teach new viewers how to use Pococha features such as commenting, liking, opening PocoBoxes, etc).

Finally, broadcasters and their top supporters can both earn Coins each time they complete the missions together.

We hear your feedback that PocoChallenge activities used to contribute to a broadcaster’s meter, but no longer do. We do not think this change effects broadcasters meters really. This is because previously, all broadcasters could earn Support Points from the meter which made the rank meter more competitive and move more.

If you earn say 1000 points from PocoChallenge, then all other broadcasters could also earn those 1000 points and this would negate any advantage you had.

Q: Can we have the green boxes reward up to 20 coins instead of 10?

We think the current number of coins and amount of boxes is the correct amount to serve the purpose of the PocoBoxes!

PocoBoxes are a reward to attract new viewers! They are like a stepping stone for new viewers, to make it easier for them to begin supporting the broadcaster.

We see a behavior where some viewers act like bots and only try to open the boxes, and do not engage with the broadcaster. Increasing the Coin amount may lead to an increase in this behavior.

Build the Dedicated Community of Your Dreams! How to Double Your Core Fans

For POCO ACADEMY Story #2, we interviewed Miss knockout and Filmmakerchick, who doubled their Core Fans during the program!

Core Fan Increase in 2 months!

  • Miss knockout: 41→83
  • Filmmakerchick: 34→81


POCO ACADEMY is a program where broadcasters work with a Pococha mentor to be successful on Pococha!

👇 Learn More Here! 👇

What can you learn from this article:

Pococha: Miss knockout, and Filmmakerchick, welcome! Are you familiar with each other already? I’m guessing you may have already seen each other’s broadcasts before?

Miss knockout: Yes, I definitely have checked out her broadcasts — she is awesome!! I love her cooking broadcasts, and how she interacts with everybody who joins. She has such a magnetic personality that it makes me never want to stop watching her! Her broadcasts are action-packed from start to end; I love it!

Filmmakerchick: I thought the same about you! I’ve loved Miss knockout from the very first time I watched her. Her personality is so charismatic that every time I go in her broadcasters, I end up staying much longer than intended! She always wears interesting outfits that are visually exciting. I love the sound effects she uses for Core Fans too!

Pococha: Thank you both! How great that you are already such big fans of each other! Now, let’s dive into the interview where we can explore more of your POCO ACADEMY learnings!

Tips#1 Celebrate the moment when viewers become Core Fans in a unique and engaging way!

Pococha: In the POCO ACADEMY, we spoke quite a bit about the importance of Core Fans and the opportunities that “Coring Up” presents. Could you talk about some of your favorite Core Fan celebration tips?

Filmmakerchick: Sure! During my lessons in the POCO ACADEMY, we talked a lot about Core Fan prizes, Core Fan celebrations, and so on. These Core Fan celebrations were really helpful in improving my viewer interactions.

I still remember the very first day we implemented the Core Fan board — I noticed an instant change! This has become one of the biggest motivations for viewers to become my Core Fans. I always celebrate when somebody becomes a Core Fan or hits a higher Core Fan level using this board.

Filmmakerchick’s Core Fan Celebration
Filmmakerchick’s Core Fan Board

Miss knockout:
I celebrate that as well! We actually have a specific song that we use just for Core Fans! Since it’s such a great time to show appreciation to viewers, I tried to make it as special to that viewer as possible!

Pococha: Thank you; that’s wonderful! And where you reward or celebrate Core Fans, what types of prizes are you giving your viewers?

Tips#2 Create Core Fan Prizes that are Unique to You!

Miss knockout: My mentor taught me the importance of showing appreciation to every Core Fan, but also showing more appreciation for higher level Core Fans. That is when I first started implementing Core Fan raffles! Every time somebody becomes a 1K Core Fan, they get one entry ticket for the raffle. They get an extra one every time they hit 1K higher! This way, even though everyone gets the chance to win the raffle, I can show more appreciation to those who spend more time and money in my broadcasts. The prizes for my raffles are created by me!

I enjoy graphic design, so I like creating T-shirts, coffee mugs, and key chains. These prizes can be a special keepsake that viewers will always remember, especially since they’re unique to me and my broadcasts. It’s also an incentive to come back for my broadcasts everyday to increase their chances of winning!

Miss knockout’s Core Fan Prizes

Filmmakerchick: Creating Core Fan prizes was helpful for me as well! Everyone always wanted cookies or brownies as prizes because I cook them all the time in my broadcasts. I felt conflicted when they told me this! Even though they love my cooking broadcasts and expressed their wishes for trying my food, I didn’t have a chance to give it to them.

My Pococha mentor told me that these could be great incentives as Core Fan prizes. That’s because it helps viewers feel much closer to me when they get those prizes which have been handmade with love. That’s why I chose them as my Core Fan prizes, and they’ve been very successful so far! I usually give out brownies for my top supporters of the month, and cookies as the prize for a Core Fan raffle. Viewers can get raffle tickets every time when they become 1K Core Fans or hit higher Core levels!

Filmmakerchick’s Cookie Raffles
Filmmakerchick’s Brownies for Top Supporters

I also added a goodie bag for the second raffle to motivate my viewers to hit higher Core Fan levels earlier in the month as well.

Filmmakerchick’s Goodie Bag

Pococha: Wow, that sounds like a lot of effort you put into these rewards! What motivates you to create these diverse prizes?

Miss knockout: I want to show them that I am so appreciative of them hanging out with me and spending their precious time and money in my broadcasts. I want them to remember all the good experiences they had with me and our community, and I want our connection to feel genuine and full of gratitude.

Filmmakerchick: Also, it motivates viewers to hit the higher Core Fan levels as well. Since I make cookies a lot in my broadcasts, it’s really nice to be able to say, “Hey, if you want these cookies, you can Core Up and give it a shot!” instead of having no way to earn these prizes or interact with my cooking. It’s a great way to motivate viewers to hit higher Cores and connect to my daily broadcasts!

Tip#3: Share Your Unique Prizes, Goals, and Incentives with Viewers at Every Moment!

Filmmakerchick: It’s important to share your prizes and goals with viewers constantly. Since we get new viewers every day, there will always be viewers who don’t know why we’re doing what we’re doing, or what opportunities they have. If we have a lot of prizes for Core Fans, there are many opportunities to naturally share them with my viewers. For example, if we will have a raffle for last month’s cookies tonight, I’ll mention this in my broadcasts and in my Family.

Whenever somebody Cores up, I’ll mention the raffle and let other viewers know as well. I try to tell and demonstrate these prizes to my viewers in as many ways as possible to entice them to Core up too!
Also, I like connecting my daily Core Fan goals to my overall monthly goals. For example, if I mention that I’m 2 more Cores away from the 55 Core Fan bonus, I mention that often to invigorate my viewers! It makes the reward feel closer and more attainable, which makes viewers more excited to contribute!

Miss knockout: I agree with Filmmakerchick. Every time somebody hit 1k Core, I put an entry into my raffle box. This is easy for other viewers to notice, and may make them jealous or more motivated to Core up themselves. Also, every time somebody becomes a Core Fan, I show appreciation to my Family in our Family chat! This is another way to notify viewers about the community’s achievements while advertising Core Fan prizes!

Miss knockout’s Family Chat

Also, I have this prop I use called my “Fat Gold Chain”! If somebody spends 1080 Coins to become my Core Fan, I write their name on a card, put it on the chain, and wear it until the end of the day. This is something visible and exciting that also makes people want to Core up!

Miss knockout’s Fat Gold Chain

Pococha: Some broadcasters find it uncomfortable or awkward to mention things like Core Fan prizes to their viewers. How did you create a strong relationship with your viewers that made it easy to integrate Core Fan prizes into your broadcasts?

Filmmakerchick: I like to think about the steps that viewers take when they come to my broadcasts. I can’t encourage new viewers to become Core Fans right away because we haven’t yet built that relationship. However, I can talk about it with returning viewers who know me and who are excited to be more involved in our community. So, I try to mention Core Fan prizes with regular viewers so that they have new avenues of support to explore. This also demonstrates the benefits to new viewers, and might entice them to become Core Fans too, down the line.

Miss knockout: Yeah, Filmmakerchick makes a great point! Also, I want to add that all viewers have different personalities: for some of them it’s better to mention Core Fan prizes outright, but others are too shy. So having a Core Fan board behind me makes it easier to share with my viewers, since I don’t have to mention it every moment like a broken record. Also, even though sharing these prizes verbally is important, the most important thing is to interact with your viewers every day, and let them have fun. Let them feel connected and appreciated every time they join your broadcast; in that way, they will want to Core up without you even mentioning it. I think broadcasters have to make viewers really love our broadcasts. We always have to take notes about our ideas and think about what we can do to let viewers feel more appreciated and connected. I always try to think about things from the viewer’s point of view when I do this.

Miss knockout’s Core Fan Board

Pococha: Thank you both so much for taking the time to share your learnings and opinions with us! I bet there are plenty of other broadcasters out there who will be inspired by your success and who will take your advice to heart.
If you are a broadcaster looking to double your Core Fans like Miss knockout and Filmmakerchick, then try these techniques and see how your community grows! Stay tuned for the next installment, where we’ll meet with even more successful broadcasters who have some great tips to share ❤️

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Here’s what the frames will look like!

Happy Thanksgiving from the Pococha Community Team! 🦃🥧🥔🌾👨‍👩‍👧‍👦🧡

Q&A: 5 Tips For Asking For Support From Viewers

Thank you to everyone who submitted feedback & questions to our recent blog – 5 Tips For Asking For Support From Viewers

We have reviewed all your questions and are responding to the most frequently asked questions about this blog.

Please take a look! If you have further questions, don’t hesitate to contact our customer support team.

  1. Q: My viewers don’t like when I talk about the Rank meter or my goals, and don’t like to see me stressed. What should I do?
  2. Q: Should I write my goals on my broadcast title?
  3. Q: How do I increase support during Events?
  4. Q: How fast can a broadcaster rank up?
  5. Q: Is there a way to poll my fans about what they want?

Q: My viewers don’t like when I talk about the Rank meter or my goals, and don’t like to see me stressed. What should I do?

It is important for broadcasters to create a relationship with viewers that is not just daily communication or performance, but rather a deep meaningful connection for the viewer.

Once this type of personal connection has been established, then the viewer will be a lot more likely to want to help support the broadcaster! Imagine if a stranger came up to you and ask for your help in achieving their goal. It is not very likely you would want to help them. However, if instead a close friend asked your to help them – you would be a lot more likely to help.

The same is true for your viewers. Once the viewer feels a deep connection to the broadcaster, they will want to hear about and help support the broadcaster’s goals!

Equally important is how a broadcaster shares their goal. They must be a good storyteller and win over the hearts of the viewers.

Here’s a few tips:

  • When sharing your goals, pretend that you are a politician running for office. In order to be elected by supporters, you must show them how passionate you are and tell a dramatic, convincing story.
  • Tell the viewer the reasons you want to become a big influencer on Pococha, and why your goals are important to you.
  • Ask your viewers what kinds of benefits they want to receive from supporting you. If your benefits are not enjoyed by the viewer, they will not want to support you. How will your viewers feel special and receive recognition and rewards that they cannot get from other broadcasters?
  • A broadcaster’s relationship with a viewer should not be a “one on one” relationship. Instead, it should be a “we” relationship about the viewer’s participation inside the fan community. Ask the viewer questions such as “How would you like to contribute to our Family?”

Q: Should I write my goals on my broadcast title?

We sometimes see broadcasters putting goals in their broadcast. For example, titles like “Please help me get +1!” and “20 Core Fan Challenge!”

We think that it is not up to Pococha to decide if this is a good thing. Instead, the broadcaster should ask their viewers what they think! If your viewers enjoy seeing goals in the title and it is also bringing in new viewers, they it may be a good thing!

Most importantly however, we think it is more important to share discuss one’s goals in great detail during the broadcast. A title cannot win over the hearts of your viewers, so it is important to do so in the broadcast! We also suggest adding your goals to your Family chat and Pococha profile.

Q: How do I increase support during Events?

On Pococha, the daily goal for broadcasters and viewers is to compete on the Rank Meter. However, it is also important for communities to chase after bigger goals. This is how an Event can be used to increase Support! Events provide a way for a broadcaster and their viewers to win a bigger prize together.

Also, it is important for your viewers to understand that supporting during an Event will provide both Event Points AND Support Points to the broadcaster. This means that even if they do not win the event, the broadcaster will still receive all the normal amount of Support Points – helping them reach their other goals outside of the Event!

Even if you are in say, 10th place, for an Event and do not think it is possible to win – you can still use the Event as a way to increase support! Say to your viewers “We are in 10th place but we still have a chance to get 9th or 8th place!”. This can give the viewers a goal to continue supporting and not give up.

Q: How fast can a broadcaster rank up?

A broadcaster can earn a maximum of 2 Rank Points each day. Since 3 Rank Points are needed to increase Rank, a broadcaster can increase their rank by one level every 2 days.

However, remember that it is not always best to increase Rank as fast as possible. Sometimes broadcasters will increase Rank too fast, arrive at a level that their viewers cannot sustainably support, and then drop back down to a lower level. This can often be un-motivating and defeating!

It is better to work with your supporters, set a goal, and work towards that goal with healthy support from many viewers at a normal pace.

Q: Is there a way to poll my fans about what they want?

Thank you very much for your suggestion to have a poll feature. We will discuss if this kind of feature is something we will consider creating in the future.

There is no poll-feature currently on Pococha. But broadcasters can easily ask their viewers questions during a broadcast!

One great way to poll viewers is by asking them to send Items to vote. For example: Ask a question to the viewers. Then have them send a “Heart” Item to vote yes, and a “Music Notes” Item to vote no.

New Thanksgiving Items Have Arrived!

Thanksgiving is right around the corner!
Are you ready to celebrate with brand-new user-created Items?

These 3 new Items will join our already amazing lineup of Items.

  • PocoPie (NEW) – 1 Coin
  • What’s Shakin? (NEW) – 88 Coins
  • Family Gathering (NEW) – 888 Coins

All these amazing seasonal Items will be available only for a limited time, so enjoy them now!

Release Period: Nov 10 – Nov 24

Which Item are you most excited for? Let us know on social media!

What’s the POCOLAB?

The POCOLAB is a co-creation event that allows users to help us create future app content! During the event, attendees were broken out into groups to:

  • Discuss their thoughts & feelings about Thanksgiving
  • Discuss what Items they’d like to see most for the holiday
  • Vote on which Item styles, text, colors, and designs they want created
  • Discuss how broadcasters and viewers can use these Items to the fullest

Here’s a screenshot selfie from the Thanksgiving event! During this event, we spent 2 hours discussing, voting, & developing the new Items you see! We hope you will join the next POCOLAB event.

Round of applause for our attendees who helped us create these Items! 👏👏👏

How Can I Attend the Next POCOLAB?

Currently we do not have a POCOLAB on the calendar, but we intend to bring it back. Keep your eyes peeled for Item preference surveys and event sign-ups to be sure you don’t miss out! 

Q&A: Why Should I Broadcast At End Time?

Thank you to everyone who submitted feedback & questions to our recent blog – Why Should I Broadcast At End Time?

We have reviewed all your questions and are responding to the most frequently asked questions about this blog.

Please take a look! If you have further questions, don’t hesitate to contact our customer support team.

  1. Q: If I earned Support Points during the day but then I get -1 at the end of the day, I feel like I wasted my time. What should I do?
  2. Q: I think End Time is too early/late. Can we change the time of End Time or create more than one?
  3. Q: I don’t want to broadcast at End time. Can you let me broadcast at any time I want?
  4. Q: I find it difficult to find viewers when I broadcast at End Time.

Q: If I earned Support Points during the day but then I get -1 at the end of the day, I feel like I wasted my time. What should I do?

As explained in the previous blog, End Time (like the finish time of a game in sports), is a criteria that determines the result of a competition. Pococha is a place where a broadcaster and their community competes again other communities.

So, the results are not decided until the very last moment. Consider in sports when a player is winning in the first half of a game only to be upset in the last few minutes, the same thing can happen on Pococha. It is important to work hard until the very last moment to win the competition.

This is why we encourage the broadcasters to broadcast at End time.

However, even if a broadcaster does not win the competition or does not reach their goal, it is still worthwhile! This is because a broadcaster will still earn all the Diamond bonuses for that day – no matter what they scored on the rank meter.

Q: I think End Time is too early/late. Can we change the time of End Time or create more than one?

Currently, End Time is 8pm PST during Standard Time (Nov-Mar) and 9pm PDT during Daylight Savings Time (Mar-Nov).

This time was decided after we polled all users in a survey. You can check the results here.

We polled users to decide whether to move End Time earlier or leave it as it is, and the result was that 58.5% of the users wanted to keep the current End Time.

We understand that we have a diverse group of broadcasters, and that a different End Time could work better for some users. In the future, we would like to create multiple End Time periods so that users can choose the one that best fits their lifestyle. However, we cannot do so now because the number of broadcasters is currently too small to constitute multiple End Times that would each be a proper and healthy competitive environment.

If you just can’t broadcast at End Time, gather your Family and strategize how many Support Points will be needed to maintain your rank position. Then, collect those points earlier in the day.

Q: I don’t want to broadcast at End time. Can you let me broadcast at any time I want?

Broadcasters on Pococha can broadcast whenever they like, there are no restriction about this.

While it is not required for broadcasters to broadcast around End Time, we highly encourage it especially those who want to try to be an influencer on Pococha! This is because the results of the Pococha competition are decided at End Time.

Broadcasting right before the meter ends is one of the best ways to increase the amount of support from viewers. Working together, broadcasters and viewers can strategize during this period to achieve their goal.

As a result, whether you take -1 or +1, you can strengthen your bond with your viewers during End Time and create a good community in the long run. We believe this is an effective structure for your future as a creator.

Q: I find it difficult to find viewers when I broadcast at End Time.

Actually, during End Time is when the most viewers are using Pococha! There are about 2x more viewers online during End Time than earlier parts of the day.

However, it is also true that End Time is when the most broadcasters are online. Still, this is a great time to be found by new viewers. So we will share some tips on how to attract viewers at around End Time and stand out from other broadcasters!

First of all, you need to get viewers in your Family to come to your broadcast. To do this, share your broadcast schedule in your Family chat, on your bio, and also during your broadcasts.

Also, when new viewers come in, you need to engage them and convince them to be your fans. For that, here are some tips from the lessons in PocoAcademy, our broadcaster training program!

Tip #1 Give priority to the new viewer and talk to him or her.

  • Stop the conversation going on in the broadcast for a moment to talk with the new viewer(s).
  • Keep in mind that new viewers have extremely short attention spans. It’s also VERY easy to scroll through broadcasters with just the flick of a finger! If you don’t address them quickly, they could leave before you greet them!

Tip#2: Call out the new viewer’s name when they entered your broadcast.

  • Show them that they are welcomed!

Tip #3: Introduce yourself!

  • Your name
  • Talk about your hobbies/special skills/content of your broadcast, etc.
  • Give them a quick intro/invite to the current conversation (ex: “We’re talking about ___ right now — what do you think?”)

Tip #4: Try checking the new viewer’s profile to see if you can quickly learn any of their interests from their profile picture or tags.

  • Tip: You may also be able to see other broadcasters that the viewer commonly watches on their profile. You can also use this to start a conversation!

Tip #5: Try asking a simple question to prompt the new viewer(s) to answer! This can be a simple question such as:

  • Where are you from?
  • Are you new to Pococha? If so, leave a thumbs up!
  • Have you ever been to (location)?
  • What’s your favorite food?
  • Do you like my hat?

Thank you for reading this blog!

Q&A: How To Support Broadcasters & Enjoy Pococha

Thank you to everyone who submitted feedback & questions to our recent blog – How To Support Broadcasters & Enjoy Pococha.

We have reviewed all your questions and are responding to the most frequently asked questions about this blog.

Please take a look! If you have further questions, don’t hesitate to contact our customer support team.

  1. Q: How does a viewer become a supporter?
  2. Q: What is the point of having a rank meter?
  3. Q: Is it important for viewers to work together to support the broadcaster?
  4. Q: When and how often should I support the broadcaster?
  5. Q: How should I choose a broadcaster to support?
  6. Q: How does the new Family feature work?
  7. Q: Will Pococha be offering more kinds of prizes/rewards to viewers in the future?

Q: How does a viewer become a supporter?

On Pococha, a supporter is any viewer who contributes to the goals of the broadcaster or the fan community!

Usually, a supporter is someone who sends Items to the broadcaster and helps them increase their Rank or win Events. But a supporter does more than just send Items, they also help create goals, manage the Family, collaborate with other viewers, and more.

These Items turn into Support Points that help the broadcaster achieve their goals, and also turn into Diamond rewards that the broadcaster can convert into Pococha Coins or real cash.

Q: What is the point of having a rank meter?

Great question!

We actually cover this topic in detail in a recent blog – Why Should I Broadcast At End Time?

Remember, Pococha is like a communication gaming app in which communities of broadcasters and their supporters compete with each other to achieve goals. In any competition, there must be rules and judgment criteria in order for winners to be chosen.

The Rank Meter creates a fair environment in which all users compete on an even playing field and there can be a clear winner. The End Time of the meter also provides a moment for winners to celebrate with their fans.

Many users may say “But I do not want to be competitive”. We address this concern in a recent blog, Why Do Rank Meters Move?. Pococha is a place for communities that WANT to compete and celebrate victories together.

Instead of viewing the Rank System as the enemy, we encourage our users to redefine it as a great tool to inspire your supporters to rally around. These victories (or defeats) serve as a way for the community to bond and deepen its connection.

Remember, even if a broadcaster does not achieve their desired goal on the meter, they will still receive all normal amounts of Engagement Diamonds from the support their viewers created, regardless of the broadcaster’s Rank. Victories on the rank meter are only for increasing the broadcaster’s Rank. In this way, support is not “worthless” even if the broadcaster may not reach their meter goal.

It is also important to remember that a creator must be competitive on any platform they are on, not just Pococha.

Q: Is it important for viewers to work together to support the broadcaster?

Yes, Pococha is a team sport!

If one truly wants to see their favorite broadcaster and community succeed, it is necessary to collaborate with all members of that community. Once user’s firepower of support cannot sustain a broadcaster by themselves, but others can help!

So, it is important to practice community management with the broadcaster and the other viewers. Talk about goals, create strategy for each day and for Events, and determine the strengths of each Family member!

Q: When and how often should I support the broadcaster?

Great question.

If you a supporter who wants to see the broadcaster increase their Rank and succeed on Pococha, it is important to be consistent about when and how you support!

On Pococha, the rank meter and End Time have been created to allow broadcasters and viewers to achieve daily goals and to celebrate victories regularly. So it is important to try and support as often as possible, usually daily. When a break is needed, the broadcaster and viewers should work together to decide which days to use a Freeze Pass.

It is also important for the viewer to watch and support a broadcaster right before the Rank Meter results are finalized, which is right before End Time. Supporting around End Time is the best way to help ensure the broadcaster can achieve their daily goals.

Q: How should I choose a broadcaster to support?

There are many different kinds of broadcasters on Pococha. So it is important to discover and support the one that works best for you!

First, try to find a broadcaster who has similar interests as you. It is especially important for a broadcaster to be able to talk with a viewer about engaging topics!

Next, focus on broadcasters who are motivated to increase their Rank and succeed on Pococha. This way, a viewer’s support will be a lot more meaningful to them.

Finally, ask the broadcasters what kinds of recognitions and benefits they provide to their supporters. Then you will know what to expect when becoming a top supporter for that community.

Q: How does the new Family feature work?

The Family feature was updated in late October!

We sent out many announcements to users beforehand detailing how the new feature would work. However if you missed those announcements, we will link to the blogs here!

Announcement #1 – New Family Chat Coming Soon!
Announcement #2 – Family Chat Extra Updates
Announcement #3 – Family Chat Updated Timeline

This new Family feature combines all members of previous Families into one Family, and allows the creator to make up to 20 chat rooms! Users can now also tag, reply to, and react to messages in the chat.

To learn how to best utilize these new features, we suggest reading the blog articles above!

Q: Will Pococha be offering more kinds of prizes/rewards to viewers in the future?

The rewards for viewers should always come from the broadcaster! The broadcaster creates unique and personalized benefits and rewards for their supporters.

However, Pococha does want to create moments when broadcasters can better recognize the efforts of the viewer. So, we are thinking about making the Core Fan effect better, so the broadcaster and viewer can have more fun sharing a moment. We will release more details if changes are made.

We are also looking into a new kind of Event that will reward and recognize viewer’s efforts for their support. We are working on finalizing the details for this, and will announce when it is ready.

5 Tips For Asking For Support From Viewers


Recently we have received many questions from broadcasters concerning the best ways to increase support from viewers. So we’d like to provide some insight & tips!

Often we hear:

  • How can I turn a viewer into a supporter?
  • I don’t know how to ask for support.
  • Asking for support doesn’t fit my broadcasting style.

We’d like to address these and more!

For this article, we have prepared both a short video and an infographic to help explain!

We’ve also created a feedback survey HERE. Please submit any questions you have that you would like the Pococha team to answer!

Why Is Asking For Support Important?

Broadcasters need support from viewers to achieve their goals!

Pococha isn’t a social media app, or even a normal live streaming app! Pococha is like a communication gaming app in which rewards are given to broadcasters who use viewer support to win competitions. Broadcasters are creators looking to become the next generation of influencers. To reach this level, it is essential for broadcasters to create a community of supportive viewers who can work together to reach common goals.

Some broadcasters think it may be greedy or unnatural to ask for support. But we think this is because they don’t emphasize with the mindset of the viewer!

A viewer WANTS to create a meaningful relationship, and takes pride in helping the broadcaster achieve their goals. Additionally, a good broadcaster provides numerous benefits to viewers as gratitude for their support. When the viewer supports, the broadcaster can make them feel gratified. In turn, this makes the viewer continue supporting and can even increase their support.

If a viewer does not want to support, it is likely they have not discovered the benefits of creating a relationship with the broadcaster. A relationship must be established before a broadcaster can ask for support. Let’s help them out!

Sometimes we also hear from broadcasters that asking for support is “not their style”. Let’s get one thing straight, there’s no one correct way to ask for support!

Every Pococha community is different, and there are many kinds of broadcaster and viewer personalities. So, each method of asking for support should be slightly different. If you are a singing broadcaster, find a way to incorporate your talent into benefits for the viewer. For example, sing the viewer a personalized song when they reach Core Fan status.

What Makes A Viewer Want to Support?

Viewers want to support a creator who proves they have what it takes to reach the top!

A broadcaster who continues to create large goals and tries hard to achieve them is the most likely candidate to earn larger support from viewers.

We know that sometimes it is hard to ask for support, or that sometimes it may not seem effective, but it is an essential part of being a successful broadcaster – results will come! At their core, the best broadcasters are passionate & effective communicators. Therefore, it is fundamental for viewers to understand the goals of a broadcaster.

If the viewer does not know or understand the broadcaster’s goals, they do not have a reason to send support! Likewise if the viewer does not feel a close & personal connection, they are a lot less likely to send support.

Some broadcasters say it is hard to get viewers to send support. This first hurdle might be the toughest, but it is also the most rewarding. We’d like to provide some tips to help turn a first-time viewer into a long-time supporter!

5 Tips For Increasing Viewer Support

Here are 5 tips that will help create a supportive community where viewers are more likely to help.

But first, we recently released a blog for viewers titled “How To Enjoy Pococha & Support Broadcasters”. We encourage broadcasters to read the blog and discuss it with their community! It covers the benefits of being a supporter on Pococha.

Tip #1 – Develop A Close Relationship

As we saw in the results of our viewer research, viewers want to feel a close connection to the broadcaster!

It is hard to ask for support before this relationship has been initiated.

Here’s some great ways to begin getting to know each other:

  • Greet new viewers by name, ask them questions, learn who they are.
  • Check the viewer’s profile see if you can quickly learn their interests.
  • The next time the viewer returns, tell them you remember them and bring up something you talked about. (We suggest taking notes on viewers)
  • The first time a viewer sends support (a heart, small Item, etc) be sure to show a huge amount of appreciation!
  • Think from the viewer’s point of viewer – How would you want the broadcaster to react if you took effort to send an Item?

Tip #2 – Share Goals With Viewers

Once the viewer has gotten to know you as a person, then you can begin to discuss your goals.

A good goal is one that the viewer can help achieve, and that can be completed inside Pococha. A broadcaster can also share their life goals, but it’s important to inform the viewer how they can help by using Pococha.

A good goal is also one that is created with the help of the viewers! Always work together as a Family to create your goals.

For example, a broadcaster’s life goal might be to become a popular cosplay artist. So they can tell the viewer “In order to reach that goal, I want to become A Rank on Pococha – this will create fame and opportunities for me!”

Here’s some other helpful tips:

  • When you share your goal, pretend you are a politician who is running for office. Turn your goal into a dramatic speech that will win over the hearts of the viewer.
  • Create daily, weekly, and monthly goals. This will give viewers long-term goals to aspire for, and short-term goals to practice and keep busy.
    • A daily goal could be “Let’s get +1 on the meter” or “Let’s collect 20 Panda Items”.
    • A monthly goal could be “Let’s reach B Rank!” or “Let’s get 30 more Core Fans”
  • When creating your goals, don’t do it by yourself! Be sure to hold regular conversations with your viewers about what kind of goals you should be achieving together.
  • Post your goals in the background of your broadcast, on your profile, and inside your Family chat!

Tip #3 – Tell The Viewer How They Can Help

Let viewers know that Pococha is a game where BCs can win competitions by receiving support from viewers. To be an effective supporter, the viewer needs to know how to support within the rules of the Pococha game! For example, they must know how their support translates into Support Points, Rank Meter position, Event Points, and more.

Now that you’ve shared your goal with the viewer, you can create the steps necessary to reach that goal. If your goal is to increase Rank, tell viewers that you need to achieve a +1 on the meter. In order to do this, ask your viewers to come support you right before End Time. This way they can be present to help ensure reaching the goal and to celebrate the victory together.

Tip #4 – Start With Small, Then Big Goals

Not all viewers can start sending large Items right away, or help ensure success in an Event. But it is still important to create smaller goals for them!

Give the viewer some “training wheels” goals where they can feel successful and meaningful.

Small Goal Examples:

  • Open 2 PocoBoxes
  • Send 100 Likes
  • Reach 100 Fan Noise by watching & commenting

Once the viewer feels successful with small goals, they will be ready for larger goals!

Large Goal Examples:

  • Become a Core Fan
  • Become a PocoKnight
  • Become a top supporter in the Family

Tip #5 – Create Clear Benefits For The Viewer

If the viewer does not know what kinds of benefits they can receive from their relationship with you, they are unlikely to support!

Be sure to set out clear benefits and different benefit levels based on the amount of support.

For example:

  • Tell new viewers want kind of recognition they can receive when they become a Core Fan.
  • Have unique Item reactions for viewers that create an experience they cannot receive elsewhere.
  • After the month is over, create a special way to thank your top supporters.
  • Turn super supportive viewers into Family Assistants.


We hope you enjoyed reading this blog.

We would appreciate if you could provide feedback about your experience! Additionally, please send us any questions you had about this blog – we will answer them in a follow up Q&A blog!

Click here to take the survey!

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