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We have heard many requests to create more blogs for viewers on Pococha, so let’s do it!

We often hear questions like:

  • How can viewers enjoy Pococha?
  • What ways can I support a broadcaster?
  • What kind of benefits can a viewer receive?

We’d like to answer these questions and more!

For this article, we have prepared both a short video and an infographic to help explain!

We’ve also created a feedback survey HERE. Please submit any questions you have that you would like the Pococha team to answer!

Viewers are the core of Pococha!

On Pococha, viewers don’t only “view” things. Instead, they are supporters who discover their favorite broadcaster and work together to achieve goals and enjoy experiences beyond everyday life.

Pococha is not only a live streaming app, it is like a communication gaming app where a broadcaster and their supporters come together to compete against other communities. Through these victories (and sometimes losses), the supporters and broadcaster become closer and develop a deeper relationship.

It is important for a viewer to create a relationship with not only the broadcaster, but also with the other viewers! When viewers work together it creates a stronger community. In fact in order to win Events and Rank up, we think it is absolutely crucial for viewers to collaborate & strategize together.

The more a viewer supports and communicates with a broadcaster, the more recognition they will receive for their efforts. A broadcaster will show greater appreciation and spend more time with the viewers who contributed the most to victories.

On Pococha, broadcasters have a daily competition known as the Rank Meter. So it is important for the viewer to watch and support each day! We’ll talk more about the Rank Meter in a bit.

Imagine that your favorite broadcaster is like a player on your favorite sports team. And that the viewers are the sports fan. The fans cheer together for their favorite team. The fan’s cheering helps motivate the broadcaster to win the competition, and together the can share a feeling of victory. The fan also creates connections with other fans, who work together to cheer louder.

Actually unlike a sports game, the supporters on Pococha are in charge of the outcome of the competition! This is why competing on Pococha is truly a unified effort from both the broadcaster and the fans.

Even if a fan’s favorite team loses, they do not give up! They return for the next competition and cheer even louder. And ultimately, even an experience of losing can create a memory that strengthens the bonds of the community.

How can a viewer can support a broadcaster and their community?

There are many ways a viewer can support a broadcaster, but we’ll focus on 4 main ways today – helping the broadcaster become an influencer, Ranking up, Events, and Engagement Diamonds!

On Pococha, a broadcaster earns rewards as a direct result of how much viewer support they are receiving. The more support that viewers contribute, the more rewards the broadcaster will receive in return.

Currently, Pococha is not taking any commission fees from the support sent from viewers. This means that the maximum amount of rewards is being given to broadcasters from viewers’ support.

1) Help the broadcaster become an influencer

First, a broadcaster on Pococha is looking to become a new top influencer! As a part of the fan community, a viewer can contribute to the success and popularity of their favorite broadcaster!

By continuously participating and being interactive in broadcasts, a viewer is already helping the broadcaster begin to achieve this goal!

2) Help the broadcaster Rank Up

The best way viewers can support a broadcaster is by helping them Rank Up!

Reaching a higher Rank will earn more recognition, opportunities, and bigger rewards for the broadcaster.

How can a viewer help the broadcaster Rank Up? By generating Support Points!

Each day, a broadcaster competes against other broadcasters to see who can gain the most Support Points. The broadcasters who best prove they can work with their supporters to generate the most Support Points will receive Rank Points and eventually Rank Up!

So, it’s important for viewers to be ready to go into battle with their favorite broadcaster every day. It’s especially vital for viewers to watch, interact, & support the broadcaster right before End Time – since this is when the results of the daily competition (the Rank Meter) are decided.

To learn more about the daily Rank Meter, read our recent blog “Why Do Rank Borders Move?”

3) Help win Events

Another way viewers can help a broadcaster succeed is by supporting a broadcaster during an Event!

There are many different types of Events, we encourage viewers to work together with the broadcaster to determine which is the best fit and which has a good chance of victory!

If a broadcaster is far behind in a competition, it is still important to work hard to create as much support as possible. That way the team can be ready to work hard next time!

Winning an Event can be a great way for a broadcaster to earn fame & recognition on Pococha, and earn unforgettable experience prizes outside the app.

4) Earn rewards for the broadcaster

A viewer’s support can also turn into Diamond rewards for the broadcaster. As a broadcaster ranks up and wins events, their Diamond rewards will also increase!

When a viewer sends an Item to a broadcaster, it turns into Support Points. Each day, a broadcasters amount of Support Points will earn them a reward of Engagement Diamonds. The broadcaster can convert Engagement Diamonds into real cash or Pococha Coins.

Earning Engagement Diamonds for the broadcaster by sending Items is probably the most direct way a viewer can send support, and the broadcaster is sure to show gratitude to those who contribute.

To learn more about how broadcasters earn rewards as a result of viewer support, read our recent blog “Learn The Pococha Rewards System”

What kind of benefits can viewers earn?

Viewers can earn many kinds of benefits as a thank you for their support!

Core Fan & Fan Noise

One of the coolest rewards on Pococha for viewers is the ability to become a Core Fan and collect Fan Noise.

The level of a viewer’s Fan Noise represents their size of support to the broadcaster each month. When a viewer reaches 1000 Fan Noise, they will become a Core Fan of the broadcaster. Each broadcaster has a cool & unique way that they reward their Core Fans. Some give special thank you messages or even gifts. Often, broadcasters have a Family chat this is only for their Core Fans!

Additionally, viewers will gain access to special icons & comment colors as they gain more Fan Noise. For example, a 40K Core Fan will have a special rainbow effect on all their chat comments!

Special Recognition

Finally, one of the most personal rewards for viewers can be the different kinds of recognition they can receive from broadcasters.

Broadcasters provide this recognition and rewards to viewers in many ways!

Here’s some great ways we’ve seen broadcasters do this:

  • Putting the supporter’s name on a special board or on their wall.
  • Putting the supporter’s name in their profile.
  • Creating a special exclusive song or dance just for the viewer.
  • Creating a special video message to send to the viewer.
  • Giving the viewer a shoutout on their social media.
  • And many more creative ways!


Another cool reward for viewers can be unlocked when they become a PocoKnight of their broadcaster during an Event. A PocoKnight is a type of guardian who has sworn to protect and support the broadcaster all the way through an Event.

Viewers who are PocoKnights gain access to 3 exclusive Items that are available no where else. PocoKnights also earn the most recognition and gratitude from a broadcaster after an Event.


We hope you enjoyed reading this blog and learning more about how viewers can enjoy Pococha!

We would appreciate if you could provide feedback about your experience! Additionally, please send us any questions you had about this blog – we will answer them in a follow up Q&A blog!

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