Meet the PocoRangers

Protectors of the broadcaster!

Hello! Thank you for continuing to enjoy & use Pococha.

Pococha is a communication gaming app in which broadcasters and their supporters work together the compete and win against other fan communities. So, we would like to create some new Items that help hype up the broadcast and encourage others to support with Items.

We hope you enjoyed using the football Items we released recently. How did you like them? Let us know your feedback!

It is especially important to hype up the broadcast in the final moments before End Time and at the end of an Event. So, we wanted to create Items that did just that!

It’s time, finally, to reveal the NEW PocoRangers!









Meet The Red PocoRanger

He’s here to heat up the broadcast, it’s the Red PocoRanger!

Use the Red PocoRanger to get everyone “fired up” and scorch the other teams. Get the fire of enthusiasm started and burning hot.

Meet The Blue Ranger

Next up, we have the Blue PocoRanger – the master of water & ice!

She’ll inspire the community to “make it rain” in the broadcast. Send the Blue Ranger when it’s time to get the Items flowing!

When To Use PocoRanger Items

Use the new PocoRangers right before End Time or the end of an Event. They’re the best way to hype up the broadcast and inspire others to support.

With the PocoRangers, the broadcaster will always be protected!

The Red & Blue PocoRanger Items will be arriving on Oct 25!

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