Battle Bingo: Play Guide

Hi everyone! Here is the official play guide for our new game: Battle Bingo ~Beat the Rival Family~

Game Materials

Download the bingo card image below.

Discussion (10 minutes)

  • Before each round, Broadcasters and their Family must discuss and decide on 2 squares to attack and 1 square to defend.

Declaring Attack/Defense (5 minutes)

  • After deciding on squares, the Broadcaster declares their attack/defense to the Pococha management team via Instagram DM.
  • In your DM, please write the letter shown on the top left of each square on the bingo card.
    • I.e.) I will attack B and C, and defend E.
    • If you do not write the letters, your declaration will not be considered.
  • If the attack is successful, the declared square will be acquired.
  • If the defense is successful, you can prevent the opponent from acquiring the declared square.
  • If both Families declare the same square at any time during the game, the Family that sent more of the declared square’s Item will gain the square.

Battle Time (5 minutes)

  • During the battle, keep track number of items used by your Family members so that you can prioritize which square to attack/defend.

Note: Only squares declared for attack/defense are counted.

On the day of the event, a battle result web page will be prepared for each broadcaster. This page will be automatically updated after each battle. Be sure to share the URL with your viewers!

Tips to Win

Create a strategy.

Broadcasters and their Family need to work together and create strategies to win!

While the idea of the game is simple, a little strategy can go a long way. Secure your squares by predicting the opponent’s actions, or seize chances to turn the tables!

Even if you only have one square at the start of a game, boost your chances for a bingo with strategies.

Communication is key.

Battle Bingo is a game meant to increase communication between Broadcasters, their Family and to provide healthy competition between Families. So, strive for an environment where everyone can communicate openly and easily.

Broadcasters, remember to thank viewers who sent items, appreciate their strategy suggestions, celebrate wins and respect losses.

Viewers, encourage other viewers to connect with the broadcaster or reassure the broadcaster that your strategy will work.

But most of all, have fun!

Technical Tips

Use two devices during the event

It’s recommended to use two devices for this event: one for broadcasting, and the other for communication with the Pococha management team on Instagram.

In the case of using only one device, we recommend notifying your viewers before switching apps for a smooth viewing experience.

This will prevent any sudden confusion caused by a black screen appearing in your broadcast when switching apps.

Share battle result web page

Share the battle results web page after each round so Family members can actively participate in the game.

Post the page link on your profile or send it directly on the Family chat. Encourage viewers to keep track of the results and plan the next strategy together!

Interested in playing Battle Bingo? To read more about the rules and how to apply, click on the banner below.

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