Bold, Brave, and Beaming: The Success Story of IamKaren!

We interviewed IamKaren who reached Rank A5 through POCO ACADEMY!
Let’s take a closer look at what she has done since July to move up from B3 to A5!


POCO ACADEMY is a program where broadcasters will work with a Pococha mentor to be successful on Pococha!


5 Secrets for Ranking Up

Now, let’s dive into the interview!

PocochaTeam: Welcome Karen! Thank you for participating in POCO ACADEMY.
After you completed the program, can you tell us what you focus on most while broadcasting?

Karen: Absolutely! I would say 5 things that are very important and I will always be aware of.


Viewers are spending money to send items in the first place, so viewers who send bigger items deserve more attention and appreciation from me.

Therefore, I try to give priority to the music I play during the broadcast to the viewers who sent items. Also, I try to make item reactions bigger when the number of coins gets bigger to show greater appreciation.

It is important to create item reactions based on the viewer’s point of view, and think about how would they enjoy sending items and feel appreciated.


It is important to always show appreciation to your viewers. Don’t forget that they are spending their precious time and money on our broadcasts.

I thank viewers for sending items, for becoming Core Fans, for hitting higher Core Fan levels, for staying in my broadcast for a long time, for leaving hashtags, and for the many other actions they take that are contributing to my broadcast.

There are many occasions to thank them as well. The moment they join the broadcast, the moment they send us an item, after the end time, etc. I always send a thank you note to our family members after the broadcast as well as during the broadcast. I thank everyone, especially those who have supported me a lot or became a Core Fan by name.


You should always be in a GOOD mood when you start the broadcast.
I think that is one way to show respect to my viewers.

Some viewers like silly dancing, while others prefer serious conversation. I change the content of the broadcast to suit what they are looking for each time, from the viewer’s perspective.

It is important to always think from the viewer’s point of view, but at the same time to have standards and boundaries for your broadcast.
Make sure to clearly indicate any behavior that is not accepted in your broadcast.
If you want to maintain a long-term relationship with them, you have to make them clear.


It is very important to always be honest and real to your viewers.

I started broadcasting with just one viewer.
Some days it was just the two of us talking for several hours.

From the beginning, no matter who it was, I always tried to be honest and real and get to know them. I asked a lot of questions to know about them better, I have been consistent in being authentic and telling viewers, “I will be in A5 Rank”.
I think it’s the broadcaster’s responsibility to share with the viewers about your goals.

And even when I had conflicts with the viewers, I always try to solve the problem with them. I have never stopped my effort to try to understand any viewer. Otherwise, it would be disrespectful to the viewer. If we end without any agreements, it will not lead to a long-term relationship.
When I am struggling with ranking up, I ask my viewers, “What should I do? We need to hit A5 together. We need to talk to each other and get through this together.”


Even though I try to understand and create long-term relationships with every viewer, it’s not going to be successful every time. That’s why I’m so grateful to my top viewers who went through a lot of struggles together, and who have been constantly supportive, and understanding who I am.

Because we have always talked together, I have always been honest and real, and they know me in many different aspects, so there is no need to make things up. We share not only the positives but also the negative feelings together.
I think this has led to a long-term relationship.

Most of the time I give them more attention and appreciation because they earn it.
A lot of them have a signature song, so I play that song when they join my broadcast.
They have priority when they send big items, they earn it.

Sometimes new viewers say, “Don’t favor them”.
But that’s not true. I try to treat everyone with honesty, and I appreciate any kind of support.
However, it would be disrespectful to those who are more supportive if I do not show them the appreciation and attention they deserve. I am maximally grateful to them for spending their precious money and time on my broadcast.

This time we interviewed IamKaren, who has grown brilliantly!
Stay tuned for the next interview!

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