Item Reaction Awards #2 – Winners!

We have another Item Reaction Award results to announce!

What are the Item Reaction Awards?

Broadcasters that demonstrate unique & creative Item reactions can win amazing Pococha prizes!

The reactions can be submitted not only by the broadcasters themselves, but also by their viewers. Our team has selected the best videos among all the amazing submissions sent by you.

The winning broadcasters will receive a commemorative trophy with their name engraved on it, and will be promoted on the homepage of the app!

If you’re a Pococha broadcaster, we highly recommend watching and learning from these Item reactions – they’re a great way to increase support from your viewers!

1st place: Ventura

She was very skilled at differentiating the reactions between large, medium and small Items.  The reaction to the small Item “Run Run” was very quick. At the same time, the performance was excellent! 

She used preplanned hero props for about a minute in a very timely manner! Another important evaluation point is the feeling of closeness, created by calling out the viewer’s name over and over, while also making a heart sign with her hands by the end, and thus creating a sense of familiarity with the viewer. This broadcaster was extremely well prepared with a myriad of items, like no other! 


Here’s what Ventura had to say about the reaction!:

My and my daughter did special things to react the items. One of my top viewers love the Dance Floor item, that she did one only for him. I also mention his name during the reaction cause he can feel special. We also do together a blue ranger mask to always react PocoRanger   and remember the Japanese rangers films. The Ranger symbol with glitter also helps to give more shine!  Plus I had a fun time with my lovely daughter doing this, and my viewers also love to know this. 


2nd place: TrisMarie 

She expressed her gratitude for about 40 seconds for the “Show Appreciation” large Item, giving compliments to the viewer like “I can’t do it without you, will you be by my side forever?” And making a heart mark with her hands, expressing her gratitude many times to the viewer who sent the item, and giving them a special connection that no-one else can experience. A beautiful expression! We wonder if other viewers got jealous of the reaction the viewer received! 


Insert TrisMarie‘s own comments here

This video got my whole chat hyped up because I took the reaction and “ran” with it, to their delight!

3rd place : Jemi got soul 

Overall, her reactions to the Items were very good. It was great that pancake props were prepared in advance for her reaction to the 5-Coin pancake Item, and the performance for the pancake Item was also well prepared. For better or worse, the reaction to this small Item was a bit over the top, so we put it at 3rd place. 

The 55-coin “Show me your best dance move” Item got a worthy original dance performance, matching the beat of this Item’s song. Viewers that were watching could ask to make changes to the dance, so they got very excited with the possibility to interact with the broadcaster. 

Special Prize: Kaleila J.

This broadcaster gave us an original 30 second dance upon receiving the  “Show me your best dance move” Item, which costs only 55 coins. Since it was such a small Item, it did feel a bit too much for the side of the Item, although there was an original dance with her whole body and saying the viewer’s name repeatedly, giving them a satisfying performance. At the end, she made a heart mark gesture, called the listener again and conveyed her gratitude. Good to know: About 80% of the people answered that they would be happy if you called the listener’s name, so how about doing that?

Special Prize: Miss Knockout

Two medium Items and two small items were sent during a short interval of time, but her response was admirably flexible and versatile. Moreover, since medium Items get priority over small Items, the response was nicely discernible between large, medium and small Items. The Item “wooah/Rah rah” received a one minute dance and rap full of originality, added with a “thank you” specifically calling out the viewer’s name with an expression of gratitude.


Special Prize: CEO of Cougartown

Here the reaction to the “Heart Hands” Item followed the instructions nicely. 

Example: To firmly call the viewersr’s name, make a heart symbol with both hands, then move the heart symbol back and forth many times. Meanwhile, the during her reaction to the ROFL small Items, it looked like she tickled the Item’s image with a finger, showing an original and discernible performance for large, medium and small items. A very good performance!


In summary, every awarded broadcaster delivered a wonderful performance that showed the strong and unique connection between the streamer and the viewer. If you didn’t receive an award this time, we hope that you feel inspired and to be creative in the next Item Reaction Awards! Please be sure to join us next time!

Here are the winners of the first annual Item Reaction Awards

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