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Pococha is a community of Broadcasters and Viewers. We would like to support that community by deepening the communication with Items. When viewers are better able to communicate with Items, they will support more!

So, there are two new kinds of Items we are releasing: “Q&A Time” and “Slang” Items.

These Items will be arriving on September 20!

Q&A Time Item

The “Q&A Time” item helps to strengthen the relationship between broadcaster and viewer by encouraging the broadcaster to answer the viewer’s questions!

When using this Item, we encourage you to challenge the Broadcaster to answer your question during the period of the Item’s effect.


  • Sep 20 to Oct 5
  • 333 Coins

“Q&A Time” Item is a trial item and will only be available for a limited time.

Slang Items

“Slang” Items are Items created to make it easier for everyone to communicate with each other by creating items with phrases that are commonly used in everyday conversation!

This time, these slang Items were created based on users’ requests that we received in a survey!

You can use Slang Items to easily communicate phrases that you used to have to type in comments! Your message will be conveyed to the broadcaster in a more lovely way!

  • brb
  • LMAO
  • How Are You?
  • Facts
  • I’m Good
  • You’re Welcome
  • Bye
  • TRUE
  • Yay
  • IDK


  • Starting Sep 20
  • 10 Coins

※If you have any suggestions for future items that you think would make the item easier to use, please let us know in the survey

We’ll send you a feedback survey after the release period, so please let us know what you think!

Back By Popular Demand!

Also, we have decided to bring back the popular “Love Reaction Challenge” and “Thanks Reaction Challenge” and release them as permanent items!

We can’t wait to see all the amazing Item reactions again!

Enjoy the release of the new Items!

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