New Event is Arriving! Family Clash: Panda Party

Work with your Family to win the Family Clash: Panda Party!

Everyone’s favorite Item, Panda, is now the star of a new Event!

Here on Pococha, we believe a Family should work together to win an Event. So, we’ve created an Event to help broadcasters bring all their Family members together for a cause!

This new Event encourages building the team spirit of each Family with our beloved Panda Item. Broadcasters and viewers, work together to get this party going!

What do you need to do? The key to victory is to keep the panda rolling across the screen!

In this event, the “number of Panda Items used” by Family members* will add a bonus to the broadcaster’s Event Point score.

*Note: Viewers must join the broadcaster’s Family in order for their Panda to add a bonus to Event Points.

Winning broadcasters will receive a special in-app banner promoting their profile.

Broadcaster’s and their Family members can win matching profile backgrounds as well!

Which Family will be the top of Pococha? Let’s find out!

Both broadcasters and Family members can win a prize!

Winning broadcasters will be awarded a special in-app banner and profile background theme. This special banner will introduce your profile to all of Pococha – a great way to earn new followers!

Family members who use the Panda Item a specified number of times for the broadcaster during the event period can also win the special profile theme! Show off the support you gave to your broadcaster with this awesome profile!

Also, When Family members use a Panda Item in the broadcast, it will add Panda Bonus Points on top of the regular Event Point score. More pandas rolling across the screen means more bonuses!

Note: Event Points will still be earned even if you use non-Panda Items during the event period.

Pioneering Event

This event will be a “Pioneering Event,” which means a new experiment we have not even tried anywhere in the world on Pococha. It will also serve as a test run for future Pococha events.

Because this is a Pioneering Event, there may be some unexpected issues or inconveniences. We sincerely ask our community for helping us and working with us to develop the new event system which will strengthen our community while everyone has a fun experience!

We encourage all A Rank broadcasters and their Family members to join this party, so more users can participate in this innovation.

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