Learn Viewer’s Psychology – Viewer Survey Report

Hello Pococha broadcaster!

Have you ever received an Item, but didn’t know what to do with it or how to react?

Recently, we sent a survey to our viewers to collect their opinions and feedback about Items!

We will share the report with you. It will help us understand the psychology of viewers and offer techniques for improving communication.

Here are the report results!

  • What situations do viewers like using Items?
    • Top Answer – “Rank Meter Timing”
    • Runner Up – “When I want to see an Item Reaction”.
  • Advice – If a Viewer uses an Item, be sure to provide them with an Item reaction! They will be happy to see it.
  • How does a viewer decide which broadcast they are going to watch?
    • 60% of viewers say they select a broadcast based on the Item reactions of the broadcaster!
    • Advice – This is your chance to show your individuality. Try to come up with your own item reactions that are different from the other broadcasts.
  • 91% of viewers would like to see other Item reaction variations from a broadcaster.
    • Advice – Viewers do not want the same reaction for all Items. Be sure to switch up your reactions and offer lots of different reactions for different Items.
  • Advice – While saying “Thank you” and “I appreciate it” are important, we recommend adding one more action to your reaction!
  • Let’s look at some examples from other broadcasters.
  • 60% of Viewers feel a sense of familiarity with the broadcaster’s reactions
    • 83% of Viewers are happy with reactions that make them feel closer to the broadcaster.
    • Advice – This shows that Viewers want a close and friendly relationship with the broadcaster. Talk to them like they’re your friends and family!

Other Tips:

  • 60% of viewers enjoy private Item reactions that are directed only at them.
    • Advice – Be sure to make the viewer feel special when you react to their Item!
  • 88% of viewers enjoy hearing their name as part of the item reaction.
    • Advice – Use an Item as a way to begin a conversation with a viewer – starting with saying their name!

Thank you for reading! Be sure to look out for more Viewer Survey Reports, so we can learn all about our amazing supporters opinions!

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