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Today we’ll be introducing more details on the upcoming Family update and providing answers to questions that were submitted after the first blog post was published.

We also organized some of the information from the previous Q&A into easy-to-understand tables.

Up until now, the Family feature allowed up to a maximum of 3 Families. Following the update, Families will be consolidated into 1 Family and you’ll be able to create multiple chatrooms.

We’ve also added functions that let you use quotes, reactions, and mentions in the chatrooms.

Reminder: After the September release, past Family chats will no longer be available. If there is anything you wish to save, please take screenshots or videos before the update.

Please make sure to first ask the Family, message poster, and broadcaster if it’s alright to screenshot/video.

💡 Please check out the first blog post about the Family update which has important changes and an overview of the upcoming new features!

These 4 points are covered in the previous blog:

  • An overview of the multi-channel* function
  • Viewing/posting access for individual channels and the maximum amount of channels that can be created
  • The 3 new chatroom functions
  • Q&A about the switchover to the new Family
  • The multi-channel function allows you to create multiple channels (chatrooms) based on the level of the Family creator.


Today we’ll be bringing you more information about the upcoming functions. We’ve broken up the information into 6 sections.

  1. Changing Family Settings
  2. Available Settings for Members of the New Family
  3. Changes to Current Functions
  4. Transferring to the New Family
  5. Notifications for Families and Individual Channels
  6. Additional Q&A

1. Changing Family Settings

After the update, two new Family settings will be A. “Notification Settings for Individual Channels” and B. “Mark All Family Messages as Read”.

  • You will also be able to set viewing/posting access. Since information about this feature has been included in the previous blog post, it has not been mentioned here.

The updated Family feature will have icons of the Families you’ve joined. By tapping on the icon, you can see the Family’s Category Rankings and channels.

This new Family can have up to 20 channels (chatrooms). You can also designate who can view and post in each channel.

Tapping on a channel will open up a chatroom similar to the current Family chat function.

If there’s a new post, a blue badge will appear on the top right of the Family icon.

Furthermore, if there are new posts in various channels and your notifications are on, there’ll also be a blue badge next to the corresponding channel.

Regardless of whether you have notifications turned on or off, channels with unread messages will be bolded.

Find out how to change your notification settings below in section 5.

Tap on the “…” mark to open up Family settings.

  • This is what the Family creator sees. If you are not the Family Creator, “Choose Assistants” will not show up and instead of “Disband Family” you will see “Leave Family”.

A. Notification Settings for Individual Channels

Tap on “Notification Settings” to check the notification settings for the Family and individual channels.

If “Accept Notifications” is off, it will automatically turn notifications off for all of the Family channels.

Turning this on will allow you to see the notification settings for individual channels and you can turn those off and on individually.

You can also adjust your notification settings in individual channels. Click the three lines at the top right of the channel to change your settings.

  • This is what the Family creator sees. If you are not a Family creator, “Permission to View and Post” and “Delete Channel” will not be available.

On this page, you can select “Channel Notification Settings” and adjust your settings here.

B. Mark All Family Messages as Read

This lets you mark all the unread messages in the Family as read.

Using this function will make the blue badges that were mentioned earlier disappear.

Using this feature will make the blue badges marked in the red box disappear.

2. Available Settings for Members in the New Family

We have gathered the different settings that Family creators, assistants, and members can adjust for each Family and individual channels in the following 2 tables.

Family Settings

🔼 = Can be done sometimes under certain conditions.

*1 The user that made the Family is the Family creator.

*2 Unread messages in the Family/Channel will be marked by a blue badge in the Family function. Use “Mark All Messages as Read” to mark all channels as read.

*3 Tapping on “Members” will allow you to see a list of all the Family members.

*4 Only the Family creator can make new channels.

Channel Settings

*1 Aside from the “△” for deleting messages, only those with viewing and posting access will be “○”. Those without viewing or posting access will be “-”.

Only the Family creator can change viewing/posting access. If you have viewing access, viewing/reactions will be “o”. If you have posting access, posting/quotes/mentions/deleting messages will be “o”.

*2 Only the Family owner and assistants with posting access can delete messages.

  • Channels that you do not have viewing access to will not show up in Families. Currently, you can see that certain channels exist even without access, but this will not be the case after the update.

3. Changes to Current Features

Take a look at the following table to see how the number of Families and Family members will change with the update.

*1 Information about how Category Ranking data will be transferred can be found in section 4. *2 Check here to learn about how many Families can be created.

4. Transferring to the New Family

Take a look at the following table to learn about how data regarding the number of assistants, Category Rankings, etc. will be transferred.

*1 Past chat logs will be unavailable after the September update. This is because we have created a completely new Family function and won’t be able to pull those chat files over. We apologize for the inconvenience but please take screenshots or videos of any chats that you wish to save before the new Family function is released (September). Please check out this blog post for more details.

5. Notifications for Families and Individual Channels

As was mentioned in section 1, you can change your notification settings for each channel in the new Family function.

You can also change notification settings by Family with “Family Notifications” and “Channel Notifications”.

This way you can easily enable or disable push notifications and which channels have blue badges next to them.

Take a look at the table below to see the different instances where notifications are available based on whether the broadcaster, you, or others have posting access.

After the update, the default notification setting will be “off”. Please be sure to adjust your settings after the update.

Push notifications and blue badges when a new post is made while Family notifications and channel notifications are “on”.

  • This refers to when other users are speaking using quotes and then mention you in the replies.

Push notifications and blue badges when someone makes a new post with Family notifications “on”/channel notifications “off”.

  • If Family notifications are “on”, a blue badge will appear next to the Family icon when new posts are made in one of the Family channels.

Push notifications and blue badges with Family notifications “off”/channel notifications “on” and Family notifications “off”/channel notifications “off”.

In this situation, the Family notification setting takes priority so all push notifications for individual channels be “off”.

Additional Q&A

Last but not least, we’ll be answering questions that were sent to us following the July post.

Q. Will the maximum number of assistants change?

No. All current assistants will be automatically transferred to the new Family. For example, you had 7 assistants separated among 2 Families. All 7 assistants will be assistants in the new Family.

Q. After the update, will the Family be a Core Family or an Open Family?

If you have at least one Open Family prior to the update, the new Family will be an Open Family. If you have only one Family that is either a Core Family or an Open Family, the new Family will be the same type as what you had set for that Family.

Q. After the update, will we be able to see the posts we made before the release?

No. The app will be under maintenance for several hours for the release. After maintenance, the Family function will be automatically updated for all users.

Q. Why can’t assistants make channels?

This is to accentuate that the broadcaster is ultimately the one who creates the broadcasts. Family members should cooperate with each other to actualize the broadcaster’s goals and steer them in the right direction.

If more people are able to create channels, people may end up creating a ton of random channels and trouble might pop up without the broadcaster knowing. That’s why we thought it best to give only the Family owner the authority to create channels for this release.

However, if a lot of people speak up about wanting to let trusted assistants have that authority or wanting to have more freedom to create channels so viewers can have more fun, we’ll consider updating in the future to allow the broadcaster to pass on that authority.

Q. Will the conditions for seeing the Rank Meter change?


If the Family has 15 members or more, then only Family members can see the Family broadcaster’s Rank Meter. If there are 14 members or less, then anyone can see the broadcaster’s Rank Meter.

Q. Will there be premade channels immediately after the switchover? What about viewing and posting access?

Depending on the level of the Family owner, the number of channels they start out with after the change will be different. Family owners at levels 10 – 24 will have 1 channel. At level 25 and above, they will have 4 channels. (Please note that, at level 25 and above, it is still possible to create more channels.)

All Family members will start off with full access to all channels. The default channels will be something along the lines of:

1 Channel = General Chat

4 Channels = General Chat, Welcome, Brainstorm, Announcements

It will be necessary for the broadcaster (Family owner) to change the channel names and edit viewing and posting access. You can also delete the default channels and create new channels instead, but it will still be necessary to set the name and access privileges.

Q. Will we still be automatically removed if we don’t watch broadcasts for 10 days in a row?


Q. Will the conditions for Family auto-removal change?

No. If users do not watch any broadcasts for 10 consecutive days or if they do not make the conditions for being a Core Fan, they will be automatically removed from the Family.

Please check here for more details.

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