Summer 2022 Broadcaster Support-a-thon!

We are excited to announce the Broadcaster Support-a-thon for Summer 2022!

Nothing says Summer like music festivals!

As part of the “Pococha Summer Music Festival”, viewers can receive a Summer 2022 Top Fans Profile theme for a limited time!

The theme you receive will depend on how much you support broadcasters by using eligible music Items during the event.

Take this opportunity to support your favorite broadcasters more than ever and aim for Premium Profile!

■Eligible Event Items

  • Musical Notes (1 Coin) NEW!
  • Z’s In Tune! (5 Coins) NEW!
  • Keyboards (55 Coins)
  • Music Time (111 Coins)
  • Let’s Sing (111 Coins)
  • Tambourine (222 Coins)
  • Dance Floor (333 Coins)
  • Party (555 Coins)

■Event Period

August 25, 2022 00:00 – August 31, 2022 23:59 PDT

  • There is no need to sign up to participate in this event. Items used during the event period will be counted automatically.
  • Please keep track of your own points, your point amount will not be visible on Pococha.

■Event Conditions

There are three profile levels you can reach: Standard, Special, and Premium!

Your profile level and the profile theme design you will receive are determined by the number of Coins you spend on eligible music Items (listed above).

  • 6000 Coin = Premium profile
  • 2000 Coins = Special profile
  • 500 Coins = Standard profile
  • Profile themes will be sent via the app in mid to late September.
  • Profile themes can be changed from the Settings screen in the app.
  • Profile themes will be valid for six months.

■Click here to see the profile theme designs!

You can choose which of the three available designs you would like to receive.

  • After the event ends we will send out a survey so participants can choose their preferred theme.

Add the name of the broadcaster you are supporting to the Keywords on your profile!

Ex: “[broadcaster name] +❤️ or 👏 or ✨”

Ex: “[broadcaster name]’s top supporter”

In the future, we plan on holding events like this every once in a while.

Don’t miss out♪

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