Pococha Official Item List

Hello Pococha Users!

This is the Pococha Item Team.

To help our users learn & memorize all the amazing Items we have, we’ve created this official Item List!

This list contains all the current standard Items in each Coin category. We encourage both broadcasters and viewers to review the list so they can better understand, utilize, and react to each Item.

  • We will update this page as Items are replaced or updated.

How Are Items Used?

On Pococha, viewers often use Items when they want to communicate with broadcasters. So we have may Items that incorporate messages that the viewer can send to the broadcaster!

We hope that broadcasters will react to the Items that viewers send and get to know the viewers better.


  • By remembering how many Coins an Item costs, you can give special thanks to viewers for using expensive Items!
  • Choose your favorite Item or set your number 1 Item for the month to make it fun for your viewers to cheer you on!
  • Begin creating unique Item reactions for certain Items that are important to you. If viewers know you have a special reaction they cannot get anywhere else, they are more likely to send that Item!

We’ve also included the winning videos from the Item Reaction Awards: Contest #1 to give you some ideas.

Winning broadcasters receive a commemorative trophy as well as a feature on the top banner of the app.

If you see an Item Reaction Awards Contest going on, please don’t hesitate to join in on the excitement!

Giving shout-outs to viewers, opening up the conversation, using props— everyone put their own spin on things. Be sure to press play and learn from these pros!

We’re always looking to create new Items! If you have any suggestions, please join our Item Co-Creation Events!

Take a look at this reaction!

Check out these reactions!

Take a look at these reactions!

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