The Event Journey For Broadcasters

Hello Pococha users,

Today, we’ll be talking about events that will help you grow as a broadcaster on Pococha!

We’ve introduced a variety of events since we launched the app in the US.

The number of events has increased gradually and finally, we have a set of events for users in each Rank with different goals on Pococha.

Now, it’s time to discuss how you can use these events to develop your broadcasting skills and enjoy Pococha more!

What is the Event Journey?

Pococha holds a series of events for all Ranks to enter and enjoy competitions with a fair chance of winning.

The moment you decide to become a broadcaster, your journey begins!

Different events are designed for each Rank and broadcasters will compete only with other broadcasters at a similar level. So you don’t need to worry about going against top broadcasters when you start.

As you compete in events, you’ll need to form a broadcasting strategy and communicate with your viewers more. So naturally, your broadcasting skills will improve, and you will become a better broadcaster!

Event Categories on Pococha

Beginner: E Rank

In your first month as a beginner broadcaster, you can join PocoTraining. You can test how Pococha events work and gain some supporters who love to help the Pococha community! If you win, you can get a special badge on your thumbnail, so other users will know you are a talented newbie!

You can also join the PocoChallenge! Work with your viewers and other broadcasters to complete missions and collect Coins! Your supporters can get Coins for supporting you as well. By joining the PocoChallenge, you can strengthen your community to prepare for the next step.

Advanced Beginner: D Rank

Once you advance as a broadcaster and reach D Rank, your choice of events will increase! You can join:

  • Pococha Profile events to decorate your profile page
  • Food events for luxury food or specially designed food gifts, and
  • Pococha Merch events for special Pococha swag and tools to improve the quality of your broadcast

If you reach D Rank within a month, you can also join the Rookie of the Month. This event will award the top 3 rookies with a special trophy.

Competent: C Rank

As you hit C Rank, you can now join advertisement events to gain more exposure to the Pococha community. Instagram events are available for B~C Rank broadcasters, and winners will be introduced to the community through Pococha’s official Instagram with a specially designed event graphic.

Proficient: B Rank

A big change happens at B Rank! Now, you can join advertisement events for introducing yourself outside of Pococha. POCOSPOT is an event in which winners can earn a spot on a public billboard in and around major US cities. Billboard spots go to different regions each month, so you can check the event announcement page every month and join the event when your desired location is in the spotlight.

Expert: A Rank

When you hit A Rank (the top Rank on Pococha) you’ll be able to join our biggest event, the Hall of Fame! This event determines the top 3 broadcasters on Pococha every month and awards them with a gorgeous gift set including a trophy, a dedicated interview article, and an advertisement spot on external media such as the LA Times or a Hollywood billboard.

Utilize Pococha Events to Achieve Your Dream!

You can become a broadcaster and join this supportive community with just a few taps on Pococha!

Once you get comfortable broadcasting, you can start thinking about your goals not just on Pococha, but your life goals that Pococha can help you to achieve.

Pococha events can bring you an exclusive experience you don’t see in everyday life. Use them as a stepping stone not just for Pococha, but for experiencing new things and leading a fulfilling, exciting life! ❤️

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