July 4 Items & New Viewer Event

Celebrate the 4th of July with new US-exclusive Items, a viewer-exclusive profile event, and a sneak peak of our next POCOLAB!

It’s almost time for the Fourth of July! 🥳

Are you ready to celebrate with brand-new user-created Items and a first-ever viewer-exclusive profile event?! If so, continue reading below!

New 4th of July Items Created by YOU!

Earlier this year, our users attended the very first POCOLAB: Item Co-Creation Event to help us create some new Fourth of July Items! The event was a resounding success, and resulted in three fantastic new Items 🎆

During our creation journey, we asked our attendees to share their favorite 4th of July memories. These memories brought us so much joy that we thought you’d love to hear them too!

Your Favorite Fourth of July Memories


“The fireworks and the music is the best part for me. Fireworks give you an exciting rush!”


“Setting up a BBQ at church with family. After we ate and had fun, we sat on a BEAUTIFUL hill and watched the fireworks together, little kids running around with sparklers.”


“Watching the fireworks with family — and that includes Poco fam too! I also make fire works out of rubber bands.”

💎Luxe🦁Lady L💎👑**:**

“It’s the day before my dad and I’s birthday, so it’s like an Eve for me. Every year is amazing. Love the cookouts and parades and of course fireworks and all the electric sliding!”

The Alex Show☕️🥐🎬**:**

“Many of my family members serve or have served in the US Military and I am very proud of their service. 4th of July is a big deal to my family, especially when my grandfather was alive. He served in the US air force and I remember every year we would go watch the fireworks together as a family from the San Diego Bay where he would hold his hand in a salute the entire time the fire works display was going on until it was over. I was young when he passed away, so I just recall looking up at him and watching him in the dark night with different color lights from the fireworks reflecting on his face with his salute.”


“My favorite Fourth of July memory is when my family would have a big party together. We would enjoy each other and enjoy good food. I miss it even more now that my grandmother is gone.”

Lady Bumblebee🐝.•.💙**:**

“BBQs, fireworks, and most importantly sparklers 🙂 And all the great memories with family and friends.”


“Taking my kids to see the fireworks and hearing the absolute awe and joy in their voice when they see the colorful displays.”


“Fireworks on Barren River Lake in Kentucky, followed by s’mores at Mama’s.”


“Attending picnic0style 4th of July fireworks with family and friends at Ft. Monroe.”


“My favorite memory of the Fourth of July was 1997 when I was ten years old. My parents had invited several families over for a potluck and copious amounts of fireworks. My dad insisted on buying with money purloined from my mother’s grocery budget. One Sunday after church, my dad and I sneaked to the local firework purveyor and purchased several boxes of fireworks. During the 4th of July celebration, we played patriotic music. My friends and I had sparkler battles while the sky was illuminated with dazzling colors juxtaposed to the pitch-black night sky, which created a core memory of American pride.”


“Going to the lake when my kids were young and watching the fireworks over the lake and the city skyline.”


“Growing up on 4th of July my family didn’t always get to eat good, but we always got to see the fireworks! I remember one 4th of July we had sugar cookies and Italian sausages lol but we made sure fireworks were always apart of the plan!”

🥶🔥Frozen Flames🥶🔥:

“Eating burgers with the fam and doing fireworks.”


“Probably last year, 2021. A day full of streaming, ending in a BBQ and fireworks!”

👑Queen sheeba👑:

“The fireworks and BBQ.”

New Items!

Thanks to our POCOLAB attendees, we have three new US-exclusive Items coming on Sunday, June 26th!

Here’s what our POCOLAB attendees voted on for each of these exclusive Items! We hope you love the results as much as we do! 🇺🇸🌟

July 4th Heart

  • Heart design (stars with stripes)
  • Shiny design (makes the 1 Coin heart feel more exclusive than the standard Heart Item)

Patriotic Hot Dawg

  • Hot dog presentation (as if it’s gifted from the viewer to the broadcaster)
  • American flag in the hot dog (which pops into the viewer’s hand once the hot dog is eaten)
  • Item text (”Sup, dawg?”)

4th of July Firework

  • Item style (Statue of Leo-berty with a city skyline)
  • Item coloration (sunset blues, purples and pinks on a dark night sky)
  • Firework designs (US flags with bright bursting stars)

4th of July Viewer Profile Event!

We’ve been hearing from the Pococha community that it would be exciting for viewers to have events just like broadcasters do. After all, the Pococha community wouldn’t exist without the fantastic viewers who show their love and support to our broadcasters!

Therefore, we’re introducing a very special profile event just for viewers! Viewers who use a certain amount of Fourth of July Items during the event period can receive a Standard, Special, or PREMIUM Profile!

The above is just a sneak peek at what the profile backgrounds may look like 😮 Stay tuned to see the final versions very soon!

Eligible Event Items

  • July 4th Heart
  • Patriotic Hot Dawg
  • 4th of JULY fireworks

Event Period

  • Sunday, June 26th @ 6pm PDT – Monday, July 4th @ 11:59pm PDT

Event Conditions There are 3 levels of profiles: Standard, Special, and Premium! The level you receive depends on the amount of Coins you use on the eligible Items.

  • 6000 Coins achievement: Premium Profile
  • 2000 Coins achievement: Special Profile
  • 500 Coins achievement: Standard Profile

Important Notes

  • Profile backgrounds are currently being designed! The official final versions will be announced very soon.
  • Profile backgrounds will be sent via the app in late July.
  • Profile backgrounds can be changed from the Settings screen in the app.

Coming Soon: Halloween POCOLAB!

If you missed out on the July 4th POCOLAB, now’s you’re chance to help us make some brand-new, extra spooky Halloween Items! 🎃

What’s the POCOLAB?

The POCOLAB is a co-creation event that allows users to help us create future app content! Our first POCOLAB was a Fourth of July Item Co-Creation Event, which users attended via Zoom. During the event, attendees were broken out into groups to:

  • Discuss their thoughts & feelings about the Fourth of July
  • Discuss what Items they’d like to see most for the holiday
  • Vote on which Item styles, text, colors, and designs they want created
  • Discuss how broadcasters and viewers can use these Items to the fullest

How Can I Attend the Next POCOLAB?

Our next POCOLAB: Item Co-Creation Event will be Halloween Item-themed, and is coming this August! Keep your eyes peeled in the coming weeks for Item preference surveys and event sign-ups to be sure you don’t miss out! 👀

Happy 4th of July to the Pococha community! Here’s to the first of many fabulous events steered by you, our lovely users! 🥂

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